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  1. I have often felt that within are all the elements, the Earth/ Body as it houses our spirit in matter, the lungs/Air, the Neuron's electrical impulses of our nervous system, and heart/fire, and the cerebral spinal fluid and blood being liquid in nature/waters, an I would feel the Ether may be the spiritual, just a thought. Thank you for sharing
  2. Hello Swaminathanvenkata, In my quest in trying to understand what is happening to me I posted here yesterday to try to get some help regarding some experiences I have had, one being shown a new Earth!. One of these experience, I was taken into space and I saw lots of eyes, and a male consciousness was talking (not words via spoken by the mouth, a feeling talking through the mind) to me, I was very confused still am if I am honest, anyway I was worried about the people down here (Earth) because we hear so many bad things, and I asked this consciousness what will happen to the people and the next thing I know I was a pair of these eyes and I was shown the Earth what looked like it separating in to Earths, and what I got was one old and one new, and the consciousness said all will be ok. I don't know if this helps, or if any of this makes sense to you, I was going to say if it does could you explain to me please, I can't answer any private messages because someone sent me a message before and when I tried to reply I was informed I have to write so many posts first, I think 30 posts. ( please excuse my lack of communication skills, and my computer skills are poor also). I have seen some of the new Earth, very beautiful.
  3. I came here some time back because I had some experiences I didn't understand what did happen to me, is still happening to me. I had a dream where I had a Diamond on the top of my head and it was bright, anyway this woman came to me because her husband was dyeing and the only way to save him was to give him the Diamond on the top of my head which was my life force is my understanding, so I gave this woman the Diamond on the top of my head to save her husbands life, and as I waited to die, I watched this man come back to life, but then just as I accepted the fact I was going to die, another Diamond grew on top of my head even bigger than the last one and it shone so brightly and I was ok/alive, well I woke up and I was sweating, this dream was so real. I never knew what meditation was but strange thing is, that day I went to the front door to find my friend was coming down the hill and when she came she said to me " do you want to come to meditation with me"!, but anyway many things happened since then, I am trying to make this short, but need help to understand what happened and what is happening to me. All this happened from when I cut myself off from the outside world and did ceaseless prayer, by body vibrates, and when I prayed the furniture I sat on moved and when I stopped the furniture would stop moving!, I stopped doing the prayer because I didn't know if I was doing something wrong. I have found myself up in space then all this information coming into my head, I became everyone, everywhere, everything, at first I was in my body then my body disappeared and I became a nothingness consciousness, like a void just space, there were these eyes and these other consciousness were there and I can remember asking what was going to happen to the people down there, at this point I became a pair of these eyes and was shown the earth, one separating from the other, and this male consciousness said everything will be ok, don't remember how I got up there, when I came back, or when it happened, I know this sounds strange. Since then I have had the same experience as the oneness for a few seconds but this time I had gold white light in my head and I became all there is, same as the experience in space, but down here and this time I was conscious, I connected like this twice a couple of seconds between them. At about this time I had other things happening, from about march to about july, my body was I had what the only way I can describe as very sensitive ( don't want to say here sexual in nature) and there was no break it was continual until I chose to lie down and try to sleep it off if I could, but as I lay my head down it was like an burst of massive energy inside my whole body, then my whole body not just my head filled with this light, white gold silvery light and it was like I had the cosmos inside me is what I felt it was, the oneness but bigger if you can understand what I mean!. Now I have had experiences where I have strange dreams, but very real, like sitting in the Galactic center watching the stars go by, waking up because I feel my side pearsed and water coming from my side, I even felt the bed but it was dry, and dreams of me giving birth!. I am hoping someone can tell me if this is normal, I have had my body hulk out inside, sorry this is the only way to explain it, and I have felt like my head is being stroked at times when I think of others in suffering, and other things but I will wait to see what the response is to this post is first. Please can someone enlighten me what all this means, the eyes what do they mean, the cosmic thing and the other stuff, it has been difficult for me to search about this because I didn't know what to call the experiences, and some experiences I am reluctant to put out there until I understand what it is all about. sorry for the long post and thank you for allowing me to share.
  4. Hello rinku010, I know this is not what you probably want to hear, but sometimes things happen in order for us to change our life path. I am sorry to feel how sad you are, I will say a prayer for you. Also put out positive thoughts, this will upift you and should bring some good changes for you.
  5. Hello veno, I have looked at what is samadhi, and this explains exactly what I felt, felt at one with everthing, was everywhere, knew everything all at once, and although I was in space it wasn't dark. I had a body at first, and then it disappeared when I seem to go with the flow, then I was like that, that was around me, the only way to explain it, is, Consciousness with no form, just space with an intelligence.
  6. Thank you so much veno for your guidance, I will now look up what samadhi is. Could you please tell me what this dream means, in the dream I had a Diamond on the top of my head, and a woman came to me because her husband was dying, but if I gave him the Diamond from off the top of my head, he would come back to good health, but I would die. So I took the Diamond off the top of my head and gave it to the woman, who gave it to her husband. I watched the man come back to life, as I was dying, then all of a sudden the Diamond grew back on the top of my head even bigger than before, and I also came back to life, and I had light all around me. I have had other dreams, of which have come to pass, this one I don't understand.
  7. Perhaps it is a higher Mind/Interlect/Consciousness, belonging to the Source of all, but accesable by all on the physical plane of existance, when the time is right for that individual to access it.
  8. We serve God by putting ourselves last, and serving others first, showing love, compasion and respect to all, treating others, how you would like to be treated.
  9. I use to think my mind/interlect was mine, until one day I found myself in a place of pure Consciousness, where I was shown all are connected, all is one, very dificult to put into words, and love that filled my whole being, I cant say body, because I never had one, just Consciousness.
  10. Hello Bija, I have posted somewhere else here, regarding Fluoride, because I am a new member, I am unable to post web addresses, so just google, Fluoride poison, also Google, David wilcock Pineal gland. Apparently, Fluoride calcifies the Pineal Gland and therefore prevents the function of the third eye. Also Google, Fluoride use in concentration camp, Fluoride was used in the concentration camps to dumb down the prisoners. I was also informed by a friend, that not all bottled water states if it has Fluoride in it. Also Google, Doctors sign petition against Fluoride in water. There is a recomended dose, but what is recomended safe for an adult, may not be for a child, and if 600 Doctors, signed a petition against fluoride being put in the water, we have to ask, how safe is it?.
  11. Thank you for sharing Rohitbehal.
  12. God is a loving creator, and as Gods creative energy moves through everything, because God is God, then what we do with that energy given to us by God, does not make God the one that is good or bad. However, we have the free will and responsibility to choose what/where we put that energy too, for good or for bad. If a man/woman has bad karma, it doesn't stop another from reaching out and showing kindness, lightening the burden of somone less fortunate.
  13. There is a website regarding Fluoride poison that I would like to share, and it points out, that Fuoride was used in the WW2 to dumb down the prisoners, well worth researching. On a spiritual note, it is also said that Fluoride calcifies the Pineal gland making it dificult to activate the third eye, look up David Wilcox. The informaton regarding Fluoride poison can be found if you Google the title, Fluoride poison, hence why you should not swollow large amounts. Just a thought, if we are using items with fluoride, and in addition, it is in the water, then is it a safe dose, if safe at all, as the body weight of people/children would differ.
  14. Although these books are not Ayurvedic, I hope they will help someone. Food Your Miracle Medicine Author Jean Carper Also The Edagar Cayce Companion compiled by B. Ernest Frejer, some sections of this book provides remedies for ailments, The Encyclopaedia Of Healing Foods, By The Authors of The Encyclopaedia Of Natural Medicine, DR Michael Murry and DR Joseph Pizzorno with Lara Pizzorno.
  15. Jumble, I hear/feel the your pain in your heart, and I am so sorry to hear of any being in suffering, but try and be strong, have faith, that these things will come to an end, I was shown this. I was not sure what a Jnanis is, but I hope you don't mind if I reply to you, I just felt compeled to answer you, if only to give you hope.
  16. If someone gives up the eating of meat, are they then able to sing the Krishna mantra. Please excuse my ignorance, I am newly learning, regarding knowledge of Hinduism. Thank you
  17. I am not saying this is why Krishna is blue, but I thought I would share this with you. There is a man who by using colidal silver turned his skin blue, unfortunatly I am unable to post the url because I am new to this forum, however it can be found on the youtube. There are many wonderful unxplained things in and out of this world/dimensions/Universe, all for us to explore together, and given to us with love by a wonderful caring Creator/Source of all, who is known by many names.
  18. I would be most gratful if someone could explain, the experience I have posted above, is this experience I have described, kundlini awakening, and if yes, is it normal to affect the physical objects also.
  19. Thank you Sephiroph, and you make perfect sence, just difficult to adjust at first because of previouse limited Consciousness, of which now greatly expanded, and "I am" truly thankful.
  20. Please forgive my ignorance, but what does 'upanayanam' mean.
  21. There is no death, I was raised as a Christian, but some things did not seem correct, and I thought, why should I turn to man for the truth when I can go to the source itself, so I did. The method I used was ceasslesss prayer, also stopped Eating meat, stopped smoking, gave up all material life, tv etc and one day, I got the shock of my life. I found myself engolfed in pure love, in space, and in the presence of what people call God, this experience caused me great conflict at first, because of what I was taught as a Christian, the presence I was in (God) did not have a body, just is, was, and always will be. I was shown many things, IE, Earth is an illusion, we are all connected, and not to worry about anything as all will be well, I had other things happen after this experience, visions, I was shown Earth giving birth to a new Earth. I have some friends who suggested I should look up Hinduism because of other things I am still experiencing. Please forgive me for the long post, but I am trying to undestand all that I have been shown and experiened.
  22. Please, can somone help me understand my experience. The experience came about through ceassless prayer (long story), I found myself outside of the body, connected to the source of all, was shown mentaly all on Earth is an illusion, I was shown all is connected, I am not a body, I saw thousands of eyes and was a pair of these eyes, but not physical eyes, I knew everything all at once, to vast to remember, and that we don't die and much more, and I was in space. Since the experience, I have had visions that have come to pass, my body vibrates now and then, I have a band sensation around my head, and I keep having sychronicty, for example, I am not Hindu, however I had a powerful dream I wont discusss yet, and the man Paramahansa Yogananda keeps coming into my life, also during prayer the furniture would move and stoped when I stoped praying. I have this urge to meditate, but in my heart I am drawn to the man I mentioned above. I am trying to understand what is happening to me. Please forgive the long thread for my first post, I realy would like some guidance/advice please. I also am not very computer literate, so I appologise in advance for any problems I may cause.
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