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  1. sir could you please explain the combination of dasa causing death and give website id of sri pvr jis mp3 regards
  2. His birth data are as follows: 8/29/1958, 23:45, Gary, IN, USA.
  3. I do not have knowledge in astrology extensively. I learnt from a book 8 house shows logivity. thankyou
  4. namaskaram, could you please suggest home remedie/ayuvedic medicine to blech skin and glow. My mother toungu is not english so is there any mistakes please excuse me.
  5. dear gurus, One of my friend explain houses drusti also importantwhile judgeing/predicting. could you please explain what is drusti of houses, how ? because i am very poor in astrology. thankyou,
  6. Dear Guruji, Please help me. Date of birth : 05th June 1975 Time of Birth : 04:00am Place of Birth : Amalapuram, India, Andhra pradesh I have a job in a corporate university, but the job is now is not in good position. Due to recession some of my colleques lost their job some people saying that your term may come soon. ( I have no idea , where to post my message , but I am a member here ) Please help me . Regards
  7. dear gurus, could please explain neecha sthans of rahu and kathu, what are the effects on ones life. thankyou.
  8. I herewith provide the birth details of mine .Kindly give your well considered view . DOB:05-06-1975/04-00 hrs/amalapuram.andhra pradesh, india,Lat (DMS) : 16° 34' 60N and Long (DMS):82° 1' 0E, time zone:UTC+5:30 gender : male Profession: faculty i have 1 eleder and 1 younger sister.my father is a ordinary worker and mother house wife, i till not marriaed. My question is about my carreer and studies. am i have good career? will i completes my phd? Kind regards, srirama
  9. Dear Medical Astrology Ji, I herewith provide the birth details of mine to be married.Kindly give your well considered view with regard to the necessity for me to be on fast for early marrige with a well matched partner and for a harmonius life later. DOB:05-06-1975/04-00 hrs/amalapuram.andhra pradesh, india,Lat (DMS) : 16° 34' 60N and Long (DMS):82° 1' 0E, time zone:UTC+5:30 gender : male Kind regards, srirama
  10. Thank you sri medical astrologer, it is amazing, astrology help to cure, I am learner of astrologer, i do not know the relation between medicine and astrology. please give good web addresss to know more about medical astrology. How it works. how it helps. thank you
  11. Namskaram All Gurus In one of my friends horoscope Rahu and Ketu are in debilitated. Ketu is with sun and mercury in 2nd house -vishbam and Rahu is in 8th house virshkam. my quaries are 1.What is the effect debilitated rahu and kethu 2. merucy +sun+ ketu. Kindly please explain Thanks
  12. Dear sir, Namskaram guruji, My DOB: 5-06-1975 ToB: 4.00 Am (around) Place : Amalapuram, East godavari district, Andhra pradesh, India. My question is now recession is going in my company above 1000 people lost their jobs. my boss is saying that situation is not good for our department also. in this situation How is my carrer. I recently joined m.phil course (part time) am i completes. because if not completesi will not be promoted. till i have not married, when will i get married. My natal chart is 1. House : Meshem - lagna 2. Sun+Mercury+ketu 3. saturan 4. venus 8. rahu 12. mars+jup+moon several astrolger examined this. one astrologer is saying that i am a mangalik, this ill effect i may go to jail, loss of property and even wife (if married) also, do not have settlement in life. I am in this choas, so please help me sir, thanking you, yours student
  13. Namskaram, What Sri ravi and sri vbv said is right. according to myfriends heroscoope mercury is combust with sun and lagna lord is in 12th house. Now he is working as a faculty of a university for mathematics and his earliear life is with struggle and now the life is improveing steadily. thankyou,
  14. To namskaram, gurus of astrology. One of my friend Dob is 5-06-1975, and tob is 4.00 AM Place of birth is amalapuram.Andhra pradesh, India.Lat (DMS) : 16° 34' 60N and Long (DMS):82° 1' 0E, time zone:UTC+5:30. my request is please predict when will he get marriaged? How is his carrear? What are the remidies to be followed. Thanking you,
  15. leo ascendant are not mangalik . and mars with its friend jup in both of their friend (because leos lord us sun, sun is friend of jup and mars) so you do not have ill effect of mars.
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