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  1. 9 mukhi rudraksh brings the favourable conditions from all 9 planets.9 mukhi is the better option.bcz it is for all planets.
  2. is there any mantra to break and to resist vashikaran?
  3. it has been three years for our marriage.according to hindu religion we are married not legally registered that was a pblm.not going to disclose much to you now.and i know all the definitions and know how to implement.i am already disturbed plz do not write such words.sorry i wrote there.she married again bcz of tantrik procedure.enough now.
  4. thanks again.and for ur kind information she is my wife.great thoughts u have.ok i wrote there "no one help here" may be hurt your feelings. but have not used abusive language to anyone.
  5. brother at least u must see the language u are writting here for eveyone.why are u hurting everyone here using nasty language.i never need to captivate my love.ok i was in a pblm.requested help here.thanks for ur words used here for me too.how can u compare love with sex.no one dies for sex ok.ram too fought for sita.what was that?now tell me. move ur thoughts.why are u seeing sex everywhere.that is not love.change ur thoughts.do not see only one thing everywhere.and why to be a dhongi .why do u think no one will help .god has made genuine people too.i found that's why wrote there.now again see the words do not hurt others. you have shown your qualities here .anyone see can predict your personality now.thanks jai mata di. may god bless u.
  6. definitely this is a spiritual forum.and from my point of view one must write here only which not going to hurt others.everbody have ideas according to their thoughts and values.definitely one must respect woman and must not write the words which molest a woman.if one knows this is a spiritual forum he must knows that woman is commanded a great respected in ancient india(i think people in this forum must have those values too).so one must not write rubbish here.
  7. actually in rigveda "swaha" has different meanings.it too has a meaning "embodiment of happiness".therefore it is ok to chant this mantra without ahutis.it is confirmed.
  8. hi............i have a book about rudraksha and if anyone requires i can write the important information related .
  9. hi........"om shreem mahalakshmiyei swaha".it is ok .it will not make any difference.give ahutis only when u perform hawan.after that 108 chantings daily to please goddess lakshmi.this mantra is to invoke maa lakshmi in all forms.health,wealth,good family enviornment etc. also place a photo of maa lakshmi which is together with lord vishnu in your pooja place.worship lord vishnu daily along with maa lakshmi. also in the pooja place of your shop.place only one picture.that is picture of maa lakshmi,sarwati and ganpati ji.together in the picture. perform this pooja of maa lakshmi.10000 chanting of mantra with hawan on any friday.you will get sure results.perform it definitly it will change ur life.
  10. here is a remedy: perform it in your home.friday is the best day to perform. sit with ur family members.take a goddess lakhsmi photo.arrange hawan offering flowers,ghee sweets.chant this mantra 10000 times that night while performing hawan.mantra is: "om shreem mahalakshmiyei swaha" after that chant this mantra daily 108 times.all ur family members must chant this mantra.concentrate while chanting what u want prosperity,good health etc.it will give u all round success.
  11. here is a remedy if black magic is there to break a relation: it will take 11 days.start from tuesday.go to hanuman temple .take ladoo (no: equivalent to ur age).do not touch hanuman ji while pooja.(for females).also take loung and insert one loung in each ladoo.after praying hanuman ji about ur pblm.also read hanuman chalisa there.then give those ladoos to pandit ji to offer hanuman ji.do not offer urself.after touching pandit ji's feet.take those ladoos and distribute between poor children.after that go to hanuman temple for 11 days.read hanuman chalisa daily.u will see change in ur relation.
  12. can we chant more than one mantra at the same time.can we chant 2 or 3 beej mantra together.if we r already chanting some another mantras can we chant beej mantra along with or not.
  13. start navdurga path.whole procedure is written in the book.u can easliy get this book in market will cost u only 50,60 rs.once started u will get relief from the very first day.very effective....
  14. ok .......i will pray for u....may god help u.
  15. i am really needy...my wife is bounded with a 40 years person.my wife is conscious now .but he is not ready to leave her.i requested him to leave her but he is not ready.he finished all the contacts again with her and told me not to interfere.we were not legally married.it has been three long years we were married in a temple.staying apart. koi smjhta nhi hai ........i am a genuine yaar...if any one can help plz help..i do not have much time.ok this can b a punishment for our past life karmas.but we must do something to get rid of all this.now u tell me how can i leave her there.she too dying everyday there.what if she commit suicide or something else.how will i live then.i am really in a nasty situation.plz help if u can....
  16. al least u plz do not misunderstand me.i am not blaming anyone.i only said u will get suggestions only not a remedy here.
  17. hi..ronin ji.here is the answer .......i think u r misunderstanding me. firstly see the problem of the person i replied there.she was not demanding monetary help.she was asking help against black magic.which exists.actually i am too a victim.i wrote that bcz i too have requested help in the forum against these evil forces.but got suggestions only that this is a punishment for past life karma.ok it is a punishment.but we must do something to get rid for all this.so,i wrote no one is going to help here u will get suggestions only. secondly u have asked how many people have u helped in life so far....... i helped a lot even though i too belong too a lower middle class.i am associated with an NGO.and definitly i will help a lot in my life if i can too all needy person i will get in my way. if u do not believe then very soon u will get in the forum i am already helping a person requested here for help.also paying for her from my side bcz she is staying outside india and really in a big problem.and i am also not demanding my amount back bcz i too want her problem to b solved. sorry u misunderstood me.
  18. ok i am a victim.but pblm is different here.so what can't a victim can help others.temples in himachal pradesh are known for these things.and they help without charging any amount.whatever is the pblm whether related to black magic spells,ghosts or another sufferings in life.
  19. this is first answer in the entire forum which i feel exact not i feel, "this is the exact answer".but at the same time i am not in a side that jyotish can predict about black magic.it can predict only the position of planets.that is nav grah or unki dasha.and if a person is victim of black magic along with "neech navgrah dasha" jyotish will blame only planets for that.is there any another way other than jyotish for a victim that this is a black magic or not.
  20. hi.....what is ur pblm and where r u from.i do not know about the temple u have written above.but if u r a victim of black magic or evil forces. a lot of devi maa temples r in himachal pradesh.and they will not charge u any amount for the help.
  21. actually everyone is demanding help in the form.but no one is getting proper help here.always a question raised here that black magic exists or not.now can we get an answer here how many people thinks black magic exists and how many thinks all that a rubbish.
  22. no one is going to help u here.u will get suggestions only.a lot of suggestion that let it happen whatever is going on.bcz each suffering is punishment of our past life karmas.u will get only this answer from all the people.bcz no one can understand other's pain.bcz only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches.
  23. can any one knows some uchattan or vichedan mantra.which is really effective.if anyone knows plz tell me.not to misuse the mantra.i really in a big pblm .that's why i need this.if anyone can plz help send it in the pvt msgs.i will be very thankful.
  24. actually i do not want to say this .magar forum me har koi help krne ke bjaye suggestion deta hai.sab ka ak hi jwab hai jo chote bache bolte hai "tune chinti mar di agle janm me tu chinti banega or ye tujhe maar degi".......
  25. hi love_alliance18.......i do not know your pblm .but here is a beej mantra "Kleem" keep chanting.mantra to attract friendship,goodwill etc,love of the people etc.
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