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  1. HI Ravindram Kesavan ji ......I am a 23 years old gal madly in love with a guy .....We both had a very happy relationship and he loved me so much......and talked about our future togethr....however my life went topsy turvy...in jan 2009 when his parents started forcing him to marry a particular girl .....they are head over heals in awe of this girl.....and his mother started blackmailing him saying im a heart patient if u dont get engaaged and married to her ....i will die of grief and tension and blah blah blah.....now due to these circumstances he got a little averted towards me and stopped meeting a nd calling me less frequently....though whenever we met he used to be really loving and nice.....he hid all this from me for one or two months just thinking he might avoid or tackle the situation and would tell me later once everything is solved......but his parents wouldnt stop forcing him and havent till now...so he has finally decided to give into their desires.....he sometimes even contemplates moving out of the house howver they have a joint family business under his dad so he isnt able to take the stern step as his dad owns the entire business and property.....he has asked me to move on .....however he still states that he used to love me ...but cant help the pressure .......his parents are not ready to accept me as a possible bride over that girl..!! also as i was initially unaware of all these events I used to fight with him quite alot due to his change in attitude during this time...All this really made him drift apart from me......!! Now the case is such that he dosent want to marry anyone.....and is trying to avoid it.....however they will anyhow get him married......He really feels bad for me that I have to go through alll this pain and feels guilty ....however isnt stong enough to go against his parents and get married to me partly due to fall in affections as well...However he really like me crying and asks me to take care of myself repeatedly.... Though he is quite indifferent when i'm not calling or meeting him....but the moment we meet up he really mellows down and gets emotionally involved ...howver after 3 or 4 days he will be back to normal....I know for sure he still has a spark in his heart for me which ignites whenever he confronts me....!! However he still has doubts that i'm really truly in love with him and can make for an ideal wife....!!! Although he has already made a decision to move on whenever he meets me he gets confused...!!! I HAVE BEEN PRAYING WHOLEHEARTEDLY...WITH PROFOUND FAITH ALMOST 24\7 TO GOD.....I HAVE OBSERVED FASTS.....GIVEN UP NON VEG FOR LIFE TIME AND I'M READY TO SACRIFICE ANYTHING TO GIVE HIM THAT TRUE PLEASURE..LOVE ...HAPPINESS HE IS LOOKING IN HIS LIFEPARTNER.....!!!!! HOWEVER GOD HASNT LISTENED TO ME YET........THINGS HAVENT IMPROVED A BIT BUT I'M STILL PRAYING TO ALMIGHTY...!!! BECAUSE HIS COMPANIONSHIP IS A NEED NOT PLEASURE.....i CANT SEEM TO FORGET HIM...AND WOULD DO ANYTHING TO MAKE HIM REALLY BELIEVE THAT SHE IS A GOOD WIFE......now initially i thought of using a vashikaran to get him back howver i thought i should rely more on god that all this.....Because even when things went worse somehow or the other i still got a ray oh hope ....so i thought god is just testing me and is a sign that he is listening to my prayer.....because whenever i thought now things are absolutely over between me and him...some positive would happen....!!! Howver i feel time has come when i shud actually go in for a vashikaran... because i alraedy have very less of it at my disposal...it may be that god is giving him back to me by way of tantra and mantra...I AM STILL PRAYING TO GOD AND WOULD CONTINUE DOING THAT.....along with vashikaran....!!! A family astrologer of ours...who is quite selfless and generous with his fees has said he could do it .....I genuinly justify my decision of going in for it because god knows my plight and how much i love him...it isnt a one sided selfish quest for possesion of a boy but a quest to get my lost love returned...!! Now this pandit ...(he isnt a complete tantric) says he would do a baglamuhki path...etc and quoted evidences where he has already done that sucessfully for genuine people... Now I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS GUY BUT DONT WANT TO TAME THIS GUY,POSSESES HIS MIND OR THWART HIS WISHES ETC.....just want him to agree for marriage...!!!! I DONT WANT TO HARM HIM AT ANY COST....WILL THIS influence his personality, habbits or change him in a ny way.....will this cause him any kind of mental dilemme or frustration...tensions....PLEASE answer I dont want to change him in any way....!! I wish to see him happy and unchanged but for the only change that he agrees to marry me as used to last year!!!
  2. hi.......guru333 Why dont u go to satya sai baba ashram in puttaparthy ....or any other religious place where so many dying have been cured........!!! The holy vibrations of these places would sure cure you or maybe guide you in a correct way........as far as black magic is concerned my own guruji was a victim of it ......cruel people in this world dont even spare saints , we are just ordinary mortals....however with his practise of kriya yoga he was able to evolve out of it.......on 5 january every year .....on his b'day you can send in your request and all the devotees in his ashram hold a special prayer in front of his samadhi to relieve the miseries of people who come with their problems.....I guess they have a prayer service all year round as well......My own family member has experienced a miracle with his blessings.......you could read his book Autobiography of a yogi incase of skeptism......!!! His ashram is in ranchi......Yogoda satsanga society for self realization...... regards and best wishes:)
  3. has vashikaran worked for anyone??? when reciting a particular mantra do we not have to take the name of the person??? also what about vashikaran tilkas? do they work?
  4. MY DETAILS D.O.B - 12 10 1985 PLACE - Bangalore Time - 9:25 p.m I am going through a break up right now details of my BF D.O. B - 4 AUG 1976 PLACE - New Delhi Time - 8:30 AM WILL HE GET MARRIED THIS YEAR HIS PARENTS ARE FORCING HIM TO GET MARRIED TO A GIRL.
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