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  1. Hi Surabhi, Sun being the 8th lord in exaltation is defenetly not good thing for capricorn acendent. Sun is along with Mars (4th, 11th lord and Badhaka) which clearly indicate that they spoil 4th house. According to my view, you may need to face struggles in life with your relatives. What about your relationship with your mother side relatives ? do you have any disputes with them? If these two planets are not aspected by a benefic like mercury, venus etc.. then deffenetely it is going to be a problem for you in your education life and your career also. Please answer my following queries.. 1. Do you have any big tank/Pond located near by your house in north or north east direction? 2. Do you feel that you try for repetitive times in getting the things done too your favour. You need to give up some water to sun on every sunday to Sun in that tank or pond. Keep a small red piece of cloth with you always and pray Shanmukha cheers Srinivas1
  2. Dear Riaz, Sorry for posting the response late... Busy with the work these days... Please find my view points in detail below. Rasi Chakra Predictions: Your venus is placed in 4th (kendra) being a lagna lord. It is good, but he is placed in enimical sign (Leo) which is week in placement. In your Dasamsa Venus is placed well in Libra(own rasi) which is a good point and even in Navmasa also he is placed in a benefic navamsa (Gemini navamsa). If lagna lord is also the lord of any dusthana, he won't be considered as malefic.. because lagna is the foundation for any chart and here lagna lordship dominates the dusthana's lordship(here 6th lordship for venus). In any Chart, all the rajayogas entirely depends on the strength of the Lagna lord and Lagna. Here the key is Lagna and Lagna lord drives the remaining planets and combinations. If Lagna lord is placed in a dusthana or in an enimical sign (in your case Venus placed in Leo) becomes week and does not give 100% fruitful results. One more additional point is Venus in 4th is hemmed between malefics (Sun, rahu in 3rd and Saturn in 5th) and has become more week. Dispositor of Venus in rasi chakra i.e.; Sun is placed in 3rd and highly afflicted by Rahu in 3rd. Lagna is the basic foundation and 10th house is the highest kendra for any chart. Here venus being Lagna lord is aspecting 10th house which is a very good sign for professional life. But again Saturn being the 9th and 10th lord is associated with Jupiter (8th and 11th lord, malefic for Taurus lagna) became week in rasi. In Navamsa also Saturn got placed in Aries which is not a good sign. Dasamsa Predictions: In dasamsa, venus is placed in Libra which is his own house. Libra is Dasamsa lagna. Here one more point we can observe is both the lagna lords in Rasi and Dasamsa are same Venus. Libra is Dasamsa lagna and 9th and 10th lords from Dasamsa lagna mercury and moon respectively for dasamsa are combined in 4th house and aspecting 10th house (Cancer) in dasamsa (Which is your 3rd house from rasi chakra where Sun(venus dispositor) is heavily afflicted by rahu). These points clearly say that you need to have a lot of short term travels to abroad through job. Coming to the strength of Sun (your 4th lord in Rasi) in Dasamsa, Sun is placed in 9th in Dasamsa in Gemini being 11th lord in dasamsa. Sun in 9th from dasamsa (which is 2nd house from rasi) will keep you stay away from your family or the place where you are living in presently through job. All these points clearly say that Venus in Rasi chakra is week and I recommend you to wear diamond which can help you in profession. Thanks Srinivas
  3. Dear Ravi ji, If Jupiter is a functional malefic lord to a particlar lagna, then the aspect of Jupiter on any house for that lagna will surely damage the house eventhough it is a natural benefic, but only thing here is Jupiter gradually start giving adverse results but not to an extreme extent at a sudden. The same will be experienced if Jupiter (who is a malefic for Lagna) placed in any house. For Libra and Capricorn Lagnas Jupiter gives complete adverse results depending on the house he placed and the house he aspects..because he is the most malefic (by ownership) for those two lagnas. Hope you are clear about the points. Thanks Srinivas.
  4. Hi janaki, For leo lagna, jupiter being the 5th and 8th lord, is not a complete benefic. Venus being the 3rd and 10th lord can be considered as malefic due to the kendradhipatya dosha (He owns 10th house a kendra..) This is one of the mystic combination for Leo lagna where in they spoil their characteristics against each other upto some extent however it entierly depends on the placement of these palnets in a specified house. If the combination occurs in a kendra or kona.. this can be considered as some relief for the native.. but if it happens in dusthanas like 6th, 8th and 12th then this is one of the worrying factor for the native. This combination won't effect any other rajayogas present in the chart for the native. but on negative front this will effect the children, younger co-borns and profession of the native to the considerable extent. Any benefic aspect on this combination can give some relief here. In your case, since these combination is in 11th house, a upachaya house, the house of gains and elder co-borns.. it will spoil the indications of this house unless there is any benefic aspect on these planets it..We need the complete planetary positions of your chart to predict further. Can you please answer my below questions.. How about your relationship with your co-borns? I feel you are facing some trouble in your professional life also .. please confirm.. Thanks Srinivas.
  5. Dear Riaz, I agree with classic 72 here. Vanus being the lagna lord for taurus lagna is not a malefic and he is a benefic and placed in 4th house which is good by position (in 4th) and not in placement (Leo, enimical sign here). Need to go back to the work now and I will analyze in all aspects and post more details on it once I reach home. Thanks Srinivas.
  6. Miracles of Moon: Hi All, Here I am sharing my observations on moon giving miracles in some conditions to the native based on my experience. For any ascendant, if moon is a full moon and posited in ascendant being a benefic to the ascendant (lagna) aspected by benefic then that native will become a king or equivalent. Even though here full moon is associated with a malefic in lagna, moon being the 2nd lord (for Gemini lagna), if the moon is situated in 11th from Aarudha lagna and involved in Gajakesari yoga and other Yoga’s like Amala, Adhiyoga, Subha karthari etc.. then sure that it will besto the native with some moderate wealth and comforts, but not peace of mind in the malefic dasa and antardasa. Vargottama full moon in Lagna is capable of making the native as king if he is a benefic to the lagna. Even if it is a functional malefic, it will bestow the native with moderate wealth if and only if lagna is also in vargottama here but the moon here will create problems based on the lordship to the lagna. Even if full moon (aspected by a benefic) is in neecha in rasi , but if it happens to be in friendly navamsa it is capable of giving moderate results in his dasa and antardasa. If full moon being the benefic lord is in 4th from lagna aspected by jupiter and 11th from Aarudha lagna in 9th from karakamsa, then that native will possess all sort of comforts in life and live like a king. A strong Gajakesari yoga (Moon and Jupiter being in Kendra positions from each other) is capable of making the native a king i.e; he enjoys all kingly comforts in life like name, fame, wealth, material comforts. A strong full moon in 10th in vargottama position and also involved in vasumati yoga (benefics in 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th from Lagna or moon) will make the native extremely rich like kubera. A benefic full moon (by ownership for lagna) situated in 8th house in full strength in vargottama position aspected by Jupiter for Sagittarius lagna will give sudden wealth in his dasa. if mercury, venus, Jupiter (or any of these two) are in 10th house in strength (by position and lordship) from vargottama moon (moon being the benefic to the lagna) will make the native rich and live like a king. As I need to go back the work again, I will bring out some of the charts at some point of time later where I came across these type of combinations for us to analyze. I welcome all the guruji’s to express your comments on this thread. Thanks Srinivas
  7. Hi Mohan, Yes I agree that I am a learner in astrology irrespictive of the experience I have earned because I strongly believe " One should be a learner always irrespective of the experience he gained as astrology is like a big ocean and the knowledge we have earned is like some drops in it :)". Sun as 9th lord in lagna with ketu will defenitely take you to abroad but they are short term trips only (efflicted by ketu here) and won't keep you long term in onsite.effliction of sun is a negative sign here and not a positive which might give you short term trips and some mental tension too in that period. Srinivas.
  8. Namaste Srinivas ji. Many Thanks for your reply Please forgive me I am sharing my thoughts there is cancelation of sakata yoga. 1: Moon is in Pisces 3rd house 2: Jupiter is in 10th from ascendent with venus and mercury. Is it cancelled in my chart. ? -------------------------- Thanks for sharing the thoughts.. some people say there will be cancelation for sakata yoga, if any benefic is situated in kendra position from ascedant..Defenitely effects will be reduced here by the placement of jupiter, mercury and venus in 10th.One more point here is moon in 3rd and mercury, venus and jupiter in 10th combination will also come under vasumati yoga which reduces the effect.But practically speaking we need to consider the strength of the benefics as well here. Jupiter being 3rd and 12th lord is a malefic to capricorn ascedant (placed in Libra enimical sign for him and in navamsa chart jupiter is placed in taurus navamsa.. this also an enimical sign for him). Moreover this combination jupiter, mercury and venus in 10th is efflicted by 8th lord Sun making these planets week in strength. By all these points which I still feel there would be some sort of effects for sakata yoga still exists I feel. Please note that I am always a learner in astrology. Srinivas
  9. Hi Mohan, I can see some short term travel trips to onsite in your chart. Sun being 9th lord placed in ascedant (efflicted by ketu here) will defenitely take you away from the place where you live in presently to abroad.3rd lord saturn is exalted in Libra in 11th place is again a +ve sign here in terms of journeys. But the aspect of saturn on ascedant where Sun is placed is defenitely going to create some disturbances in sun's antardasa periods although sun is placed in between benifics on both sides (12th and 2nd). In your navamsa chart also saturn is placed in 10th (sagitaurus) and aspecting the Sun posited in ascedant. Moreover, your 10th lord mercury is also afflicted by Mars and venus(6th,11th lord). This is causing you to face the problems in profession also if I am not worng here. Please Confirm on this. 8th lord moon is situated in 9th and thus 9th bhava was spoiled here. How about your relation ship with your father? You need to give up some water to Sun on sundays and do surya namskara's which can give you some relief from the situations. Please note that I am always learner in astrology... Srinivas.
  10. Hi Sanjeevarao ji and other guruji's I have experessed my views on 2nd house of my chart.. now may I request you all to share your thoughts on this combination on 2nd house on my chart? please share your views Cheers Srinivas
  11. Dear Pavithra, Can you please specify your year of birth here so that we can predict the results. Thanks Srinivas
  12. Dear Ayush ji, As you have mentioned that you have found out some charts with 5 plannet combination..Can you please bring out some charts with 5 plannets combination so that it would be helpful for all our analyzation? But in that case (5 planets in one house) also we need to look at the lord ships and strengths of planets, aspects on them and various other combinations also from navamsa, Aarudha, karakamsa and all other chakras also to predict the results in my openion. I understand that it would be very tough to predict these type of combinations and it would be great if you could bring up some charts where you have seen this type of charts for all of us to analyze. Thanks in advance. Srinivas.
  13. Due to the placement of saturn and rahu.. in 2nd house sometimes I suffer very small family issues with my father-in-law's family very small disputes all though not major in saturn and rahu antardasas..But my relationship with parents is good until now..
  14. Dear riaz, You can have them also .. they are not going to harm you in my openion. Thanks Srinivas
  15. Hi Ayush ji, Thanks for the predictions on 2nd house. As you mentioned 4 or more planets in 2nd house does not give good and aspicious results, Moon dasa should aboviously give me bad results.. But on contrary ... frankly speaking..from 2001 moon(Lagna lord) dasa was giving me excellent results.. I am getting almost all the comforts in life in this and currently I am working in Onsite location in good position in software MNC. Coming to financial matters.. it is very affluence upto now and earned a good amount up to now. On a family front ~ I am from a good family and very effectionate with my parents and they are also very effectionate with me. So far venus and Sun dasas gave me very good results..and I am getting good reputation as well in life. Sanjeeva rao ji~ As you have asked for my analysis on my 2nd house, here are my view points in 2nd house of my chart. Moon is strong being in vargottama position and association of jupiter and Mars(Yogakaraka for cancer lagna) however he is with Saturn and rahu in 2nd house.. he has dominated both the planets by being involved in several yogas like Gajakesari, moon being in 9th from Karakamsa lagna, he is in vargottama. The disposition lord of moon in navamsa and rasi i.e; Sun is exalted in 10th house and getting the aspect of Jupiter (9th lord). Here moon is a Full moon. Moreover Saturn came to 3rd house in bhava chakra.. There are some other yoga combinations involved in my 2nd house .. like (Moon 1st,Jupiter 9th), (Moon 1st, Mars 5th,10th) and (Mars 5th,10th--jupiter 9th). You can also see an exchange between 2nd lord Sun and 10th lord Mars here which is a good yoga. Venus is in Swarasi in 10th from moon which is amala yoga and is good in all aspects. These all points dominated the malefic effects of saturn and rahu I belive and thus so far moon dasa was giving me excellent results and not at all giving any hardships.. except some disturbance in mental peace some times in Saturn and rahu antardasas. Expert's comments are most welcome on this 2nd house. Let us analyse from chandra lagna. Chandra lagna lord Sun is exalted on Aries (9th from moon).You can also observer mars and sun exchange from chandra lagna wwhich is 1st and 9th lords exchange from chandra lagna which is good in dhana yoga and comforts. These are my view points on 2nd house of my chart and also I expect some comments from experts on forth coming dasas Mars, Rahu, jupiter etc.. Cheers Srinivas
  16. Hi Ravi, It is not the relationship between Sun and Mercury only.. Sun and Mercury has to be strong and they have to have a association with 10th house or 10th lord (in all aspects) and benifics for the lagna. Thanks Srinivas
  17. Hi The main reason for you not getting the peace is position of 5 planets Sun(8th lord),mercury(6th,9th lord), venus(5th,10th), Jup(3th,12th) in 10th house. This is a bit worrying factor regards to career and reputation in life. You have sakata yoga present in your chart which indicates fluctuations in wealth and spoil reputation and also cause the delay in marriage. Currently venus mahadasa is running and chances are there in present mercury antardasa period upto 2011. You may need to adjust with your spouse as he might be a bit emotional in nature. He is sure to be a good hearted person but a bit emotional. Thanks Srinivas.
  18. Dear Riaz You settle in India only..but you may have to travel a lot .. more travels are indicated clearly by this chart. Thanks srini
  19. Dear Riaz, In my openion, there is no need to wear emarald. I won't recommend emarald to you as mercury is in good combination. unnecessarily wearing emarald may cause problems as it is also with Mars in my openion. Wearing diamond will surely help you in profession. Donate some grains to poor and needy on fridays and saturdays. This will surely give better results for you in profession. Reason for you facing financial troubles some times is because of the position of jupiter from moon. Jupiter is placed in 6th from moon and moon is in 8th from jupiter. This is called Sakata Yoga in Astrolgy. This yoga may result in financial fluctuations in life.. But however Jupiter is also involved in Vasumati yoga from chandra lagna which is the most powerful dhana yoga and you have some other strong dhanayogas also. So you no need to worry about sakata yoga. Malefic effects of Sakata Yoga got reduced here as there are some other strong dhanayogas present in your horoscope. But still there would be some amount of sakata yoga exists in the effect. So this results in some financial fluctuations whenever malefic dasa and antar dasa operates (Though not much impact). Cheers Srinivas
  20. Dear Riaz, Here are my comments on your chart. your Lagna is strong being in Subhargala (Both sides benific planets in 12th and 2nd), however Lagna lord is placed in 4th in a kendra and in enimical sign Leo and hemmed between two malefics on both sides (Sun in 3rd and satun in 5th). Thus lagna lord is week in strength. you might have the strong will power (because lagna bhava is strong) , but when come to reality you need to try hard to get things done into your favour (lagna lord is week). You posses good education and hold a degree becuase in venus in 4th is strong by position (generally venus and moon are strong in 4th poistion and will have digbala) but not by placement (in Leo sign). Venus is also being the 6th lord in 4th you may have some health problems for your mother realted relatives. I suggest you better wear a daimond. coming to 2nd house; house of family, wealth etc. mercury being 2nd and 5th lord is associated with Mars (7th and 12th lord) which is clearly rajayoga combination by association of (5th and 7th) lords and (2nd,5th) in 2nd house and getting the ascpect of Yogakaraka Saturn from 5th house. This is really a wealth giving combination on a financial front. You can earn good amount of wealth in the life time..but on a family front you may have to face some issues. Here aspect of Saturn on 2nd house is like a knife which is sharpen on both ends. He will definetly boost the implications on wealth and you can earn a good amount too. But I doubt you may need to face some issues on a family front(See Saturn placement in Aries in Navamsa). Your 3rd hose is occupied by Sun and Rahu. Sun is heavily efflicted by Rahu (both in Rasi and Navamsa also). It spoils the 3rd house bhava results. There will be some issues with your co-borns and you may need to travel a lot in future. It will lead you to stay away from your co-borns. Your 4th house I have already discussed earlier about venus placement in 4th house.. it is week in placement in leo and good in position 4th.. you can experiece mixed results in venus dasa (because Venus is palces in good Mercury navamsa). 4th lord Sun is heavily afflicted in 3rd house with rahu and you may need to travel a lot abroad. Coming to settlement I doubt you settle in abroad why because venus as lagna lord is in Sthira rasi (Canstant sign) and not in Movable sign. 5th house is occupied by Jupiter (8th, 11th) and Saturn (9th,10th) house. Saturn is associated with 8th lord jupiter which is not good. In this combination they exchange their characterestics and Jupitor will give more good results than saturn. Saturn will give only mixed results here. On a whole financially chart is good and health wise you need to take precautions as sun is heavily efflicted by Rahu in 3rd and 6th lord Venus is in enimical sign. I can see some other dhana yogas from Chandra lagna. From chandra lagna you have mercury in 3rd and Jupiter in 6th which is called vasumati yoga and is capable of good dhana yoga. And other yogas like GuruMangala yoga (Both Jupiter and Mars are in kendras from each other which is good for wealth and material prosperity). From Arudha Lagna, Moon in 5th and (Jupiter,Saturn) are placed in 11th house which is very good for wealth and material prosperity. Strong mercury in Mituna rasi and Mars (exalted in capricorn) combination with Mercury made you interested in astrology. Thanks Srinivas.
  21. Hi all Gurji's My ascedant is Cancer and I have 5 planets in 2nd house i.e; Moon, Jupiter(Retrograde), Mars, Saturn and Rahu in 2nd house. Lagna lord Moon is in vargottama position in 2nd and 2nd lord Sun is exalted in 10th house and getting the aspect of Jupiter and is in subhargala (hemmed between benefics mecrury in 9th and Venus in 11th). Can you please let me know th effects of these combinations on 2nd house. How about the financial position and family relationship? Details: 25th April 1980 Time : 11:36 AM Place : Eluru , Andhra Pradesh Thanks Srinivas
  22. Dear ram, ravi and other guruji's, Here is my friend's details. He is also a software engineer. DOB: 26-Sep-1982 Time: 1:50 PM Place of birth: Guntur (Andhra Pradesh) You can see that in his chart, Saggitarus is the ascedant and 10th lord mercury is exalted in 10th along with Sun and Saturn. Here also we can see that Sun and mercury combination which is the first rate combination for saggitarus ascedants being 9th and 10th lords respectively. Moon is situated in Lagna. He is also working in a good position in software field in onsite now. He is the technical architect and technically very strong due to the strong disposition of mercury in 10th house. Thanks Srinivas
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