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  1. Dear Kannankane, Mars in 9th for taurus lagna i.e; mars is in exaltation and getting aspected by saturn (Yogakaraka for Taurus lagna) is aspicious to some extent(Can give only 70% results).. but he spoils 9th bhava upto some extent in my opinion. But we need to consider the other planet aspects also on Mars if any. Please answer my below questions and don't bother What about your relations with your father? are they good or any disputes in opinions currently.. Please correct me if I am wrong and please note that I am not proffessional astrologer.. I am a learner in astrology. Srinivas.
  2. Hi Ravi, Thank you for predecting the results.I am currently working in UK in software field in a good position and managing different teams under me with good income as well.Reputation in software field (profession) is too good for me. Coming to family , I was born in a good family and my parents are very effectionate with me. Frankly speaking, I don't have any issues in the family as of now. So far , venus and Sun dasas gave me very good results .. Moon dasa from 2001 is also giving excellent results for me and I am longterm in onsite now... bought car and land properties as well recently. on negative side, I am not getting peace of mind in this dasa .. not always.. but some times.. Coming to financial matters, it is much affluence of money upto now.. but donno about the future dasas.. need expert comments on that. Can any one give me the reason why moon dasa is giving good results if it is between 4 planets so that it will be helpful for my analyzation (I am a learner in astrology). What about the mars, rahu and Jupitor dasas going forward? can any one please let me know. I see gajakesari yoga, bheri yoga, amala yoga and lakshmi yoga in the chart. can any one please justify this upto what extent these yogas are fruitful in my chart? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Ravi & Ram and other guruji's, In my experience, I have seen so many charts of software engineers where either Sun or mercury are related to 10th house and strongly positioned and aspected by a benefic like jupitor. I myself being the software engineer working in an MNC. Following are my planetary positions. Ascedant: Cancer (6 degrees) Leo : Jupitor, Moon, Mars, Saturn and Rahu (Moon is in vargottama position) Aquaris : Ketu Piesces: Mercury Aries: Sun Taurus: Venus 1. Here Sun is in exalted position in 10th and hemmed between benific planets mercury and venus and also he is getting the aspect of jupitor. Sun is placed in Cancer navamsa in navamsa chart 2. Mercury is in 9th with Neechabhanga position and aspected by 10th lord Mars (Yogakaraka for Cancer ascedant) and mercury is placed in capricorn navamsa. Mercury is aspicious by getting the aspect of Mars (Yogakaraka). These are the points I think for software career.. and I observed these type of combinations in many charts. Please let me know if you can think of any considerations here for software career. Respected guruji's, please share your thoughts on this. Any special yogas present in this chart, please let me know. Thanks Srinivas
  4. Hi Ram ji, Elluru is a different place in Andhra Pradesh and Eluru is a different place near to vijayawada. @ ravi, Can you please let me know if you get a chance to look at my chart?
  5. Hi ravi, Nearest biggest town is Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. Time and Date I have already provided Thanks & Regards Srinivasa Chakravarti.
  6. Hi Generally Sun and mercury are the key plannets for Software career. If any of them positioned in stregth, in any of the chart and related to 10th house (subject to aspects and if both are benefics for the lagna), then there are more chances to get settled in software industry. For a good career improvement in that field, aspect of jupitor on them is very aspicious. You can refer my chart for the example and I am a software employee working in an MNC and currently working in onsite. Following are the details Date of Birth : 25-04-1980 Time : 11:36 AM Place of Birth: Eluru, Andhrapradesh. I am a learner in astrology and want you experts comment on my chart. Thanks & Regards Srinivas
  7. Thanks taipei ji, Thanks a lot for the information. Can you please suggest me any remedies for this ketu bhukthi to nullify the effects? and also please let me know any special yogas present in the chart. Thanks in advance. Srini.
  8. Hi Respected guruji's, I am suffering with family issues these days. Financially there is no problem; much affluence of money, Car, lands etc ...Working in Onsite in a good MNC in good position. but however, these days I am suffering with family issues. Can you please help me in this regard. When these problems over? Following are my birth details. Please let me know if you see any specific yogas in my chart also. Date & Time : 25-April-1980, 11:36 AM Place of Birth : Eluru , Andhra Pradesh. Thanks in advance Srini.
  9. Hello WebYogi Ji and Other experts, Please suggest me if business suits me in life or not. If it suits me, then can you please let me know what business I can prefer. I am thinking to start a water realted business. Please suggest if this is favourable or not. Following are the details DOB : 25-April-1980 Time : 11:36 AM Place Of Birth: Eluru Thanks in advance for all the support.
  10. Hi Guruji's Namaskar, Can you please help in predecting kalasarpa dosha? Is it present in my chart..Will it impact my career and financial conditions .. please help in this regard. Please let me know about my financial condition also. When will I settle in life? Please help 25 Apr 1980 Time : 11:35 AM Place: Vijayawada, AndhraPradesh.India Thanks in advance Srinivas
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