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  1. yogurt kefir cocoonut biotic all fermented are good for yeast and fungi. these probiotics fights them. i think it depends on individual body type.people with low hcl and yeast need fermented foods to maintain bowel regularity.
  2. get vit d checked. ntake b complex, b6 plus b12. inositol powder also. whole grain, oil free, full of veggie, eggs, diet. clean out system. detox first. b vitamins reguarlize hormones.
  3. vegetable fresh juices, whole grain quinoa, amaranth etc seeds nuts, amla,mbitter melon. tilvur ilva, parvar, bhaji etc etc... do not cook indian food in soybean,or commercial oil. use sesame. no outside processed food. fruits eat them in the afternoon. have some soup and tea. dont forget to eat regulary and enough to sustain. no food after 700 pm
  4. get vitamin d check out. dont brush teeth with fluoride tooth paste. no oil in food. whole gains vegetables, fruits, and eggs are ok. no processed out side food. do a veggie cleanse. raw spinach cabbage green apple and carrot with ginger.
  5. no cow milk it contains antibiiotic plus hormone. switch to goat milk. if u want fresh unpasteurized non hormoned, non antibiotic milk go to farm. check son for casein allergies.
  6. if you are overweight cut out starchy carbs. turn to quinoa, amaranth, seeds, etc, whole grains. eat vegetables, have amla juice. indian food is ok just cook it in sesame oil no soybean oil, peanut, canola, vegetable none at all. try taking vitamin b12 plus b6 together. along with a b complex. for hirustism take inositol powder/ choline. cut out oil, and process food from diet. no chicken, beef, and meats they contain hormones. eggs are ok if they are safely fed. try mixing cumin, hing, gotokul, and coriander, licorice powder 1 tbs 3 times a day. get your vitamin d levels check out. if low supplement. other than that eat regulary, take supplements with food, and ayurvedic blend on time. isha.
  7. can urine therapy cure everything? Does it depend on the consitution of the person?
  8. Can urine therapy cure sickle cell anemia?
  9. Hi, does urine therpay work on everyone. or doe it depend on the person consititutin?
  10. has anyone had any experinece with urine therapy and would like to share?
  11. I have read the Damar Tantra. I have read that Urine Therapy can reconstrcut damged DNA. That includes genetic diseases. It can possibly cure genetic diseases as well as other accuquired diseases. There are many books that actually have case histories of cancer, autoimmune, digestive, neurological, etc diseases completley vanished from this therapy. I have read literally all the books on Urine therapy. Apart from the health benefits, the Damar Tantra states there are also spiritual benefits from this therapy. Teleportation, Levitiation etc.. 2012 is almost here. In the bhagvad gita it clearly states 5000 years after the Kaliyug which is close, Krishna will deliver the Golden Age. Suprisgly, this is very close to the Mayan Calendar as well. Psychotic people can turn out normal, the most detrimentall diseases will be cured in some. For others, it will be a dark. It all depends on the spirituality and faith of the individual. 2012 is the year where the galactic conciousness will reach its optimum peak. Lets get some feed back on this therapy and the spiritual awakeneing inside.
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