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  1. Yes she can go in for engineering also bu has to work very hard that is because moon her fifth lord is with rahu in the 8th house in swati nakshatra which could give mental problems in its antardasa which would be arond 2013... and in the navamsa also moon is conjunct to rahu...so care should be taken that tme for her concentration...Jupiter is neecha in navamsa..so strengthening it would also help... namaskar
  2. yes it would start that time for a year
  3. Namaskar, its very nice to know that your daughter is doing excelent in studies..Above remedies which i had told u would increase her concentration in studies.. namaskar
  4. Namaskar, mars is in ur chart is malefic and exalted malefic just got more stronger... It is influencing ketu and moon by its strong 7th aspect.. Ketu and mars are bitter enemies so this period shud be troublesome for u. U should do jaap of ketu beej mantra and do hanuman chalisa everyday.this should provide some relief.. Although a better period would start from jupiter antar dasa..
  5. namaskar, You and your husband have to do some remedies.. You have to do upayas related to jupiter, mars and saturn & your husband has to do upayas related to jupiter and mars. upayas for jupiter: offer foods to brahmins, priests and seek their blessings on thursdays..recite jupiter's beej mantra 108 times every thursday.. and keep fast on thursdays.. upayas for mars & saturn Recite hanuman chalisa everyday and 21 times on tuesdays and saturdays.. on saturday's offer mustard oil a shani devji's temple in the evening.. Do these upayas regularly and keep trying..A yog for the birth of child arises in 2010.. all the best.. namaskar
  6. Namaskar moraji, Ur lagnesh Jupiter is in the malefic 12th house and in enemy rashi in navamsa... Ur 7th house lord is mercury which is placed with mars and venus in 3rd house and is neecha rashi in navamsa which makes it weak..Mars and mercury are bitter enemys so their placement together is bad.. Mars is extremely strong in the chart as its deeply exalted and in its own nakshatra but it is also the lord of 12th house that is losses..due to its conjunction with mercury, its strongly overpowering its enemy making mercury very very weak... Thats y u had a failure in ur love life during mars-mercury-venus dasa ( venus is also a karaka for wife, girlfriend..) U should get married in the mars-sun dasa.. I would strongly suggest u to do remedies related to mercury as its ur 7th and 10th lord...Pray to lord Ganesha every day and keep a fast on wednesday..Donate Green Clothes to young unmarried girls..This will make your mercury stronger...Recite Hanuman chalisa also every day... Namaskar
  7. namaskar... Although i am no expert in this division of astrology, still i felt like answering to your query.. I suppose you will have a baby before mid of 2010..It would be a girl child according to me.. i cant answer the third question because that is beyond my knowledge.. namaskar
  8. Shri chandalpalji, According to ur daughter's chart, it seems that she is avg in studies and has a problem in concentration.. She should offer food to brahmins, priests and teachers and get their blessings on thursdays.. She must never insult her teachers..IF possible, she may keep a fast on thursdays and recite the brihaspati maharaj beej mantra.. She should do yoga exercises for improving her concentration.. Right now she should do these things and just concentrate in her studies thats all... Later, she may go in for artistic subjects like fashion design or interior design etc...
  9. Shri chandan pal ji, How is your daughter in studies?
  10. Namaskar Rajithaji, In your chart, Saturn is afflicting Venus and the moon by its 3rd and 10th aspect respectively..Along with, Venus is in Enemy's house that is sun along with Sun...I dont feel Jupiter's aspect on venus would count much as jupiter is retrograde and its mood isnt good as it is heading towards its debilitation sign.. Mars the sixth house lord is ill placed with mercury in a malefic sign..this makes the sixth house weak and placement of rahu in the 6th house adds to it.. Venus in the navamsa chart receives the aspect of mars and is conjuct with saturn. So Venus becomes weak overall.. Do remedies for venus...keep fast on fridays.. Keep your wife happy always...And u must never insult any woman..
  11. Namaskar Jayjp200 ji, I do not believe much in gem stones so cannot advise you on that..however, other learned mmbers might help you.. I strongly advice u to recite Hanuman Chalisa everyday if possible.. Namaskar
  12. namaskar choti ji, The birth of a child happens at the time when the divine rays are appropriate according to the deeds of his/her past karma's whose fruits the child will have in this life..So, i request you not to play with mother nature and let the birth of the child happen naturally.. Believe in God and Pray to Lord Vishnu and Mata Lakshmi everyday.. I'm sorry if i hurt you somewhere.... namaskar
  13. what is ur daughter currently doing shri pal ji?
  14. dear jps gujral ji, there r too many malefic influences on ur 6th house that is shani, rahu and mars.. ur 6th house lord moon is in 12th house although creating a vipreet raj yog but that spoils because of aspect of mars and conjuction with shani and ketu.. u must recite hanuman chalisa every day and if possible then do it 21 times on tuesdays and saturdays..this will definitely give u some power.. Shani mahadasa will be of mixed results as shani , the lagna lord is in 12th house but being its own house therefore its a temporal benefic..however u may find tough times too... In the shani mahadasa, u must visit Kokilavan once every month on a saturday and do the parikrama of shani devji... kokilavan is not very far from delhi..just 2 hours drive and must pray to lord Hanumanji on tuesdays and saturdays.
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