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  1. Hello Friends, I am having a painful hardtime in my life for the last 2 years. I have lost my job once again and lost my valuable investment (trusted someone) also. Why does this happen to me all the time. I am a straight person and do no harm to anyone and still bad happens to me. Please tell me what shall I do? My details are DOB 23 Nov 1971 and birth place Navsari, Gujarat. Thanks
  2. Hello, I recited all 3 mantras suggested by you. I did not follow all the rules strictly as suggested by you. I stopped after I got the job. Currently...I still have a job. I do not know for how long as my company building is up for sale and is going to move business. May be 4 to 10 months I am fine. This was not in the game when I was hired. It is suppose to be long term. Now what shall I do? Please reply. Thanks.
  3. Yes I did stopped after getting the job. There was no indication for me to continue from anyone. Looks like I have made a mistake. What shall I do Now? Please reply. Thanks.
  4. Worked for me for time being. Thanks.
  5. Friends, The following mantra....I am looking for more info on it. Which god it is for and how does it help? "Om Harye Namah" Thanks in advance.
  6. Buddy, I am no astrologer...however I can tell you one thing as my advice... and take it if you like it. Start thinking high for yourself and have some self respect for yourself...she dumped you 3 times ...you should have put a full stop when she did this the 1st time. One cannot clap with one hand only... One of my friend in my school days told me once...."Ladkiya bus ki tarah hoti hai...Ek gayi dusri mil jayegi". I do not say that you have to start thinking the same way...All I am saying that you will find your love one day. Stop crying and start thinking about your future. You will find a better person one day. We all get connected for a reason (Past Karmas) and we have to move on. Also remember one thing humans thinks very selfish...you have to become something in life along with being nice ...so no one can dare to leave you. Life is a gift of god..help others and live the best you can. Just my few cents.
  7. Hi, I am no expert at all but from what I understand....Pitrudosh is something which shall be taken care off as it is in your chart due to past life bad karmas....I do not know how to? Please see a good astrology person. Ahmedabad has some quite good astrologers.
  8. Buddy...are you collecting the address or what? Just give us the direct info or you are going to go nuts with all the requests. Thanks
  9. Gurus...please shed light
  10. Thanks very much Haritha and Dhrivbhura for the advice. One more question. Do you know the following mantra... Thiru Neela Kantam. Is this a mantra in tamil or a regular sanskrit mantra. Is it effective and how does it help. Thanks.
  11. Can anyone explain...Is Thiru Neela Kantam mantra in Sanskrit. Is this same as Om Namah Shivay. Please reply. Thanks.
  12. Vitamin C helps to increase strength of immune system.
  13. For how many days we have to continue to chant these mantra. Thanks.
  14. Vashikaran Mantra...! Please explain if it is ethical to use. It is against the Karma theory?
  15. I am no guru ...however it is always heard from most of the gurus to be vegetarian when doing Mantra sadhnas.
  16. Do we have to chant these mantras daily and what is the good time. Please reply. Thanks.
  17. Great....similar joke in a movie. Newspaper says tobacco causes cancer...so I stopped reading newspaper.
  18. Birbal was honest ....however Akbar was great too as he appreciated the honesty. These days ..one can be hanged for saying the truth to the superiors even in a mild best possible nicer ways.
  19. Monicaji, Webyogiji and Astrouncle, I am following most of the advice given to me above. I met someone who suggested me to wear Yellow Sapphire in gold. Do you think this will help. Getting a job in July may put me in trouble. Please advise. Thanks
  20. Deepak your email ID is not complete
  21. Wow height Increase???? May be pull-ups can help..My teacher used to say that. No scientific evidence though.
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