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  1. Im gonna try that mixture next time. Now here is the recipe for Prabhupada's toothpowder: equal parts of: chalk (calcium carbonate) sea salt yellow mustard seeds, ground a small chunk each of camphor and [oh no I cant think of the name of the other crystal that looks like camphor--does anyone know?) and Oil of wintergreen make a mound each of the first three ingredients, judging by sight the amounts, then mix them together with hands. This feels nice, kind of fun. in the meantime the camphor and other crystal (when we find out what it is) are pushed together, and some action causes them to liquify together. Add that and a few drops of oil of winyergreen to the mound and mix well, with fingers. Put it in a container, and sprinkle some on the toothbrush. One may also make it a paste by mixing a little vegetable glycerin with it. This strengthens the gums and cleanses the teeth better than anything I have found, even ayurvedic commercial toothpastes like the ones with neem. Srila Prabhupada invented it. I used to make it in England but do not know where you get ingredients like chalk. does anyone know? Happy bright smiles to all! ys, JR
  2. Sirona's experience heartens me, greshens my desire to connect more fullheartedly with the Personality of Godhead and His expansions. She is also fortunate not only in having this communication with a avowal of protection from the Goddess of Good Fortune, but also in having had the wonderful feedback I have read here. More fortunate still, than even her awesome vision and the awesome association here, is her humility, which I sense. Maintaining humility makes all the difference in the value of such experiences. I find true, spiritually-centred humbleness more awesome than any other quality or even event I can think of, practically. Thank you, Siromani (jewel of Krsna) for have the care and courage to share this wonderful event. ys, Jayaradhe P.S. How is your name pronounced, and what kind of name is it (which country, etc.)?
  3. I'm scared. I can't wait to be in a real body.
  4. I am still bothered at the idea of you not taking steps to prevent malaria, when my daughter almost died of it in Vrindaban. The shots are hard on the organs. There must be a place in Berkeley where you can get the Ayurvedic pills for this.
  5. It became big news in England about fifteen years ago that those living near the pylons had a high incidence of cancer. Also the electrivity company was sending out info on this a couple of years ago; under law they ahd to inform people about emfs. I know some people who won't live with electrical wiring. I myself feel a big difference between its draining effect and the effect of, for example, sitting by a rushing river. It only makes sense.
  6. Interesting. Where do you get these? Did you ever try soapwort? That is also a good sudser.
  7. Me again. Was woken up by neighbors and can't get back to sleep. Breast feeding also gives the baby things to strengthen its immune system, and also protect it from getting sick. My baby, in her first year or so, was never sick that I can remember. But she was tenacious. I finally got her off at age three and a half. Too softhearted, I guess. I don't beleive that cow's milk is good for babies. Also, breast milk is very thin (and sweet like it has been sugared), whereas cow's milk is fatty. No wonder those babies are more weighty. For boys, if they are breast fed until age five they will not see breasts as sexual stimuli, but will, as Srila Prabhupada said, see, Oh this is mother.
  8. I'm not sure if I could get that desperate. I'd rather drink cow urine. Long ago I did time in New Vrindaban for six months, and one Sunday we found out (later) the drink had been made with cow urine. I remember it as a lemon drink. It's kind of wierd that they kept it unknown to us so we would drink it. I know a woman here in town who swears by urine therapy and has been doing it for years. She says it has cured a lot of things for her. I met her on the bus when I was going to college and she would talk very loudly about it, across the aisle to me. I was familiar with the idea but everyone else thought she was really wierd. The thing to remember, if you are going to try this at home, is to catch the first morning midstream. We have books on it at our little herb store. I know a devotee who had a cancerous lump below her throat area. she could find nothing to help it, and did not want the radical Western type of treatment. While in India she heard about this and so holed herself up in a hootel room and did it. The lump went away pretty fast.
  9. Ok you've all convinced me. I think. I too always keep Braggs Apple Cider vinegar on hand, meaning to do it daily, but I can't stnad it so I have been using it as a rinse on my hair sometimes. Yesterday I used it to get stuck on decals off my daughter's bedroom windows. But now I think I will gag and bear it. I don't remember finding it so objectionable when I was twenty. Maybe a little honey? Oh, here is another use. This is what my mom used to make for us, for sore throats and coughs: equal parts of vinegar (or lemon--yum), butter (melted), and honey. Sip it now and then. This even works for chronic coughs. But isn't there something about vinegar thinning the blood?
  10. Hi, hari bol. I had the same experience as Maitreya. About six years ago someone gave me one in the jar, etc. etc., and it was so fleshy-looking I also hated it and gave it to somoene else, who with her dad grew a bunch and experimented like blending the poor things up and using it on their skin and things. Right around this time a friend who was in the business of growing both table and magical mushrooms, all very scientific, arrended a special conference on Kombuca and returned thoroughly convinced by the experts that lab conditions had to be very very strict, concerning sterility and temperature, etc. She had the equipment and felt confident that she could grow them, but for the common person raising them as a kitchen thing, it is very iffy and is believed to be carcinogenic and other things I forget now. Anyway, since seeing one of those in the flesh, I have no interest at all in drinking any commercial concoctions either. It's gross.
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