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  1. Thanks for the elucidation. I think this pretty much says it all.
  2. That movie about the girl and reincarnation had the name Audrey Rose in the title. That was a cool movie. Especially cool was the Lou Grant one. I saw that at the temple. It was extremely favorable. I liked how that boy showed himself to be very balanced and personal, because I remember a lot of people did not know devotees relate with the world and their families too. I am trying to figure out the implications behind gHari's assertion that nothing was implied between Mad Max, Kermit, JRdd and Ms Piggy. I glanced down for a check at my stomach and see it has gone way way down now, so I don't think it could be that. Maybe it's because I like talking about food a lot. It's kind of my religion, or means through which to express my religion. Or maybe it's my piggish mentality of me me me. Or perhaps...oh well, I will continue soul searching. Maybe something will come to me.
  3. Wow, I was just looking for the answer to JNdas' question and found the best site I ahve seen on cheesemaking. The other sites are suppliers, but this one actually has incredible information, and recipes. What I like most about it though is the author's list of essentials, and how and what you can use and not invest a lot of money unnecessarily, if you get into home cheese making. Like he says the cheese molds are too big to fit in the refrigerator, and tells you how you can do a simple job of it yourself with a couple of jars or something. That kind of infomation, along with details like preferrable type of salt, but you can use table salt too, he says. A lot of useful info for the noncommercial cheesemaker. Oh so the site is located at: http://www.mindspring.com/~chevrefeuille/pg002.htm And the answer to Jnanadas" question about the storage of rennet, is also on that site. The guy says that the liquid form of rennet must be kept refrigerated. But the tablets keep without refrigeration.
  4. Great story Atma, and you are actually very good with words, so please tell us more as it inspires you. We can always count on your for nice little touches of detail like the devotee who gave up his parking space to faciliate another's service. Such activiies are worthy of mention, and inspire me with remembrances of the harmonious mood of cooperation among true devotees. Hemme's description, I felt, while not always what one wants to hear, was his honest impression of the day, and one can not really blame him for describing his experiences and frustrations, and seemingly with an idea for improving future arrangements. It is too bad though that he did not seem to enjoy the day much, which, as is clear from your report, was filled with nectar. Sometimes our bad experiences or memories make us blind to the reality of Krsna's world. I'd guess this happens to practically every one at some time or other. Atma, can you describe the candy garlands? And did Jagannath wear them or were they for decorating the cart, for later distribution? I am wondering about making a small candy garland for my Krsna.
  5. Hi, I just did a bit of research. Had one site url copied to the clipboard but lost it a minute ago when my browser crashed, so I'll have to find that one later. But so far here is what I discovered: 5 tabs of veg. rennet (enough for 40 gal. milk) $5.95 (or 10 tabs for $8.95) Dairy thermometer $6.95 8 oz flake salt $3.00 8 0z citric acid $6.00 These are available separately on the same site that sells the starter kit. But I don't think their prices are necessarily the most competitive; On http://lerners.com/ which is also a winemaking site, I found good quality salt at $1.85 for 3 pounds (compare this to the above's $3.00 for 8 ounces). They also have 1 oz veg rennet liquid $3.95 (1/4 t of this equals 1/2 tab) They also have a draining bag for $3.25, and cheaper cheesecloths too. They have a Mozarella Kit for $11.95. Doesn't make near as much as the original kit you listed, but I am inclined to think it might be good to maybe get this as well as a few more supplies for making hard cheeses too. I notice that you need mesophiliac starter for some hard cheeses, and this is available on most or all of the sites I have seen. But I do not know if it is worth it to invest in supplies separately, or get the hard cheese starter kit (at the New England cheese site) for #29.95. This site looks fun, and has a lot of supplies and books. One of these sites also has a few recipes for making the softer cheeses, and I am not sure if it is the above site (lerners) or the following: http://www.cheesemaking.com/ has the mozarella kit too, and also supplies separately. I marked this site because I did find much of interest there, and links too. Now http://fiascofarm.com/dairy/ has tons of stuff, supplies, books, equipment, even instructions on how to make your own cheese press and cheese molds if you don't want to buy theirs. It is extensive in its information, and browser-friendly. I will be returning to this site a lot, I think. One cheesemaker recommended buying the salt from winemaking suppliers, which she or she said was best quality and better deals (see lerners.com). Another recommended a salt that can be found in most grocery stores: Diamond Crystal salt (kosher)--coarse, in a red box. I have met people who make their own cheese and this always seemed wonderful to me. I read on one site that homemade cheese is much superior in quality and taste to store bought. I like the idea that you can use organic milk too, if you want. Or even milk powder. I'm gonna see what else I can find, another time. Will keep ya posted. JR
  6. Is this really true of Ammachi? I have seen photos of her dressed like Krsna, and this really put me off. She has quite a following around here. Until I read the above quote, I was pretty sure I had her sort of pegged, but now I am not so sure. Why does she dress like Krsna? Is she impersonalistic? Wishy-washy? Or simply sentimental? Or is she actually benevolent and altruistic? To sit for fifteen hours at a stretch, just giving out hugs, certainly is no selfish feat, is it? but I never hear much philosophy to go with all this. Her tapes are all bhajans, and many of them to Kali. I saw her once, and she entered the temple with a humble demeanor, smiling and walking fast toward her seat in front. I felt respectful but not reverential, and I didn't feel much in her hug, but she laughed, something my companion/her fan said Amma never does when she hugs, and funny thing is my sister got the same treatment when she went a couple of years earlier, and was told also by her companion that Ammachi never does this. I felt no dark vibes, only benevolence and good will. But I did not feel any particular potency, either. Not like a mere glance at Srila Prabhupada gives.
  7. Hari bol, Mahaksa, been enjoying your posts here and elsewhere. Would you mind telling what happened (concerning the mantra) in the Muppet movie? I'm racking my brain for ideas to add to this thread-list, but right now I draw a blank. Maybe we should get our novels made into movies. /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif
  8. Here's the website that GC accidentally made a new thread for: https://camby.crocker.com/cheese2/cgi-bin/web_store/web_store.cgi?page=kit.htm&cart_id= Now these kits look really exciting. I suppose mozzarella and ricotta (which is kind of like curd, in recipes) are fast kind of cheeses. Does anyone know the Vedic or devotee take on aged cheeses? Is cheddar for example considered tamaguna, mode of ignorance? I think the items listed in the kit can be gathered separately, at possibly some savings, not sure. I get the citric acid in bulk, as little or much as i want, and the cheesecloth you can find almost anywhere, even hardware stores sometimes (I have somee for making curd and ghee). I wonder if a candy thermometer would do the same job as a dairy thermometer. The recipes, I am sure, are freely available on the Internet. I would have to look into the flake salt though, never heard of it. I see the value in just having the whole kit, but as I am partially equipped already, and a little strapped for the next few months with a burden of love, I would like to look into assembling one myself. Other thrifty-minded souls may find this useful too.
  9. I'm also warming up to the idea of giving each post a subject heading. It's strange how attached I get to things like fonts and layouts. But the old horse in me is gradually flexing. How do you quote a post when replying? I don't get the text anymore when I hit reply.
  10. Thanks for all the attentiveness, and straightening me out on a couple of things too. The automatic login is great, actually, and I keep seeing other neat things like Gauracandra's poll in the Pan/Krsna thread. I may even become a good sport and become visible. Maybe. /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif
  11. I guess it is kind of neat getting to make up subject headings for our posts....That poll thing is neat too.... The picture of Pan bears an amazing resemblance to a beautiful white sculpture or deity of Lord Krsna in the deYoung Museum in Los Angeles (if that's the one by the La Brea Tar Pits). Have a look.
  12. This isn't really a cheese recipe, but as we are talking about cultured or treated milk, here it is: When a recipe calls for buttermilk and you don't have any, squeeze a little lemon juice into regular milk and let it stand for five minutes. This gives the same results as buttermilk (although I am not sure it would work in shiva's sour cream recipe or not). JR
  13. Hari bol, Jnanadas prabhu, I am happy with some of the changes and unhappy with others, though I know that you are changing at least some of the latter, and I too am grateful for your continuing to provide such a wonderful site and putting so much hard work into it too. I love the fact that one can now include pictures with the posts, a feature I have longed for, and it is also wonderful to see the "user pictures" under the member's name. I agree with Avinash and Stonehearted about things like the subject heading of each post, and also do not like the ranking of threads or members. Everyone has something to say, and sometimes those things may not be as dynamic as other times, but some could get discouraged about inputting if they see such ranking, and it does seem silly to me too, like something from grade school. I also do not like the lack of privacy, where a user is shown to be present once logged in, and even the titles of threads the person browses is shown. Predators and Wierdos lurk all over the internet, and I believe the less personal information and activities known, on such a public site, the better. On a really practical level, I did not like having to go out of this thread to log in (which I avoided doing so that my online activities could not be scrutinized) before I could post here. I liked it when you logged in the first time you decided to post. Also I could not find any reply button at the bottom of the page, for posting a general response to what has already been discussed by several, and had to hit a particular post's reply button to say anything. Thanks, hope any of this helps, much appreciation, your servant, Jayaradhe
  14. I kind of like the change in topic.
  15. An artist acquaintance of mine became a Buddhist in the past couple of years. I had always known her as an extremely intuitive person, and was not surprised to find that she has taken up healing and seems to be successful at it. (This is irrelevant to the topic but a nice side note, and that is that she painted Radha and Krsna--she is a wonderful artist--and she said she once was going to open her home as a Krsna temple. So when she came to heal me, she was delighted at my temple room and all the paintings.) So anyway this hammi is apparently an ancient and traditional art, and I would like to find out more about it. To summarize my experience very briefly, I got three healings three days in a row, over this recent full moon this week. For weeks I had been hurting so bad in a certain area (left rib cage and back) that I could not bear to sit at the computer or to sit, period, for more than a few minutes at a time. This pain diminished after one healing, and went away after the second one, creating a profound and positive increase in my ability to do various things, instead of just lying around. Another problem is that, due to my illness, my belly looks as if I am pregnant all the time. I don't mind the de-aging factor of that , but the swelling often makes it hard to have an appetite, and causes pain and regular queasiness and nausea, and I won't even go into the other chian reactions in the ecosystem of this body). When it is not that big (relatively speaking) I manage better, but more than a month ago I broke into a bag of potato chips, which I never do, and went nuts on them, and it immediately got worse. Anyway, after the third treatment, I woke up (yesterday) and the belly went down (to about only six moths pregnant) and also my nausea was gone and I felt like eating. It was a big triumph for me, and she was thrilled to hear it. I think she is going to continue giving me treatments she returns from a weekend trip, and I'll keep anyone interested posted. One thing that impressed me about this was her lack of motivation--no desire for payment, simple gratitude when I had a fruit salad offered and ready for her, and she was very modest about any part she played in the healing. I guess Buddhism in general is about compassion and service to humanity, and this healing art is how some Buddhists express it. But I don't know much about it yet. When I was asking her about Buddhism she said the principles are similar to Christianity, with a sevice attitude and respect for all beings. At first when she said Christianity I thought she said Krsna, and when she didn't, I was reminded of how so many who consider themselves devotees do not act with even basic kindness or consideration, and the fact that she knew about Krsna consciousness and did not include it in her words, reminded me of the lack of example, over all. But Krsna consciousness includes everything. so service to humanity and respect for all creatures is there too. Guess there is a need for more Krsna consciousness. ys, Jayaradhe [This message has been edited by JRdd (edited 07-27-2002).]
  16. I am fascinated by physiognomy. HOw the body manifests according to one's mentality or karma or whatever. I am curious to know more about it, though I think it's important to take these things as generalities. I remember a book on the subject describing, for example, certain negative things about redheads. The study or science is as detailed as evaluating the size and shape of the nostrils, things like that. I see why Catherine Zeta Jones was chosen first. But I don't get what is the big deal about Gwyneth Paltrow and Jenifer Aniston. Paltrow does not have an even face, though it is pleasant, and Aniston looks like she is trying to hide some flaw behind all that carefully contrived hair in her face. For what it's worth. I just don't get some materialistic standards of beauty. JR
  17. The videos are at gHari's site, the Kingdom of God: http://geocities.com/caitanyamahaprabhu/ Tarun, yes I know Astasakhi, a wonderful devotee. The Birmingham Rathayatra--and Deities--sounds amazing. We used to take the Manor Jagannaths there for Rathayatra. ys, Jayaradhe
  18. Thanks! I guess that was on my list of things to choose from to download through but I didn't see it. I'll try that. ys, Jayaradhe
  19. Yes, what a wonderful and personal telling, I can feel the ecstacy of the day from this description. The other day I did try the videos and unfortunately was unable to see them as clips. I don't know if I am missing something since my hard drive crashed and I got a new one installed a few weeks ago. I wonder if I am supposed to reinstall something. I noticed probelms hearing music too, on some sites, like there's something missing. I'm saying this here because gHari knows a lot about this kind of stuff. But I'll ry again this afternoon maybe. Thanks for a great sharing, ys, Jayaradhe
  20. Hahaha that was a hilarious read. Kind of reminds me of a series of I Love Lucy type fiascos I had in the parking lot the other day. Another way to make gluten is to make a thick chapati type dough, with just the flour and water, and then rinse and rinse and rinse, in a large bowl, until there is only gluten left. Slice it, saute it a bit, with maybe things like soy sauce or whatever, according to what you want to do and add a little water. Cook until tender, adding water if necessary. The juice part should be good too. Then you can throw it in whatever. I like the sound of those cheese gluten things, though I am a little afraid of them right now. I also get gluten flour, and all I do is mix it with water, carefully as it lumps, and prepare as above. But I will try this baked way too. But I'm just thinking if you want to start real basic, since you have not made it before (apart from the Gluten ala Gaurachandra) well, really it's as simple as the above directions. Now i have the urge to make some. My daughter just got a nice amouont of gluten flour given to her. JR
  21. Great! thanks! Also I'm glad to get the link to your site again, as my hard drive crashed and I lost all favorites/bookmarks. Have a great Rathayatra--Jaya Jagannath! JR
  22. I remember that Stephen Knapp site as having fantastic photos in general, and a really wonderful section on Vraja. gHari prabhu, I remember you had some video clips you took at Toronto Rathayatra maybe three years ago. Are those still available for our viewing? Maybe on your site? They were ecstatic. I can't go to SF Rath because of health and would love to see this. Oh, but I do have a video of last year's festival. Which come to think of it can be ordered from the artist who filmed it for I think ten bucks including postage. ys, Jayaradhe
  23. Dear Gauracandra prabhu, Yes allergies can affect the throat. For me hay fever even affects my stomach, and also makes me ache all over. I wonder if allergic symptoms are specific to a particular person's weak areas. It's too bad you are suffering with this. One thing is, if the allergy is pollen-caused, wear a wide brimmed hat outside, if that isn't too big of a fashion statement, maybe it is, for guys. But hats keep the pollen off. Also sunglasses keep it out of your eyes. when you get home, before entering the house, brush your hair outside (or swipe it with your hands) to get any pollen off; you may even want to wash your hair, if the season is heavy. We get pine up here, and it is huge huge pollen, and really tuff on a lot of people around here. Somehow I did not have to suffer as much this year. I think a prolonged fast in the winter may have cleansed some related toxins out of my system. Herb or health food stores also carry remedies that are either specific (naming the plants) or general, and will also have ones appropriate to your geographical location. But you might want to check your local pollen count, daily if you want, this is usually available on the phone but you can set it to show on your homepage if you have one. If there is no pollen, but you are suffering, then you can at least eliminate that cause. If there is, then you have more idea what to go for. I'm sure theist and Shiva have better recommendations, but some helpful tips for relieving the sore throat could include gargling with salt water, taking slippery elm, letting honey slide down your throat (don't drink water right after this). If it is accompanied by a cough, this excellent remedy from my Grandmother (and probably her own grandmother) will give remarkable results. A friend of mine had a chronic cough for almost a year, and she tried this on my mother's recommendation, and it stopped! Here's the recipe: equal parts of: honey lemon (or vinegar, as my mom was given it as a child) butter Yes, butter! Gently heat these up together, and take maybe a couple of tablespoons or so at a time. Heat it up each time you take it. I guess Pratyatosa's microwave would be quite handy for this. Hope you feel better quick, ys, JR
  24. thanks, theist, for the heads up on Devil's claw. I have to look into it first, to make sure some of its properties don't contradict what my body needs to have and do right now. Like I went to buy saw palmetto yesterday, and did another reference check at the store, to find it is a diuretic. I am on diuretics for a serious, life-maintaining reason, but it is also leeching needed things out of my system, as is another medication, lactulose, so I can't do more of that type of thing. I used to think any herb was okay for anyone to take, apart from golden seal in pregnancy. I am finding more and more than such is not the case, at all. So I think anyone who has chronic illness should doublecheck their herbal needs, because what a healthy body can handle, a dis-eased one may not be able to. thanks, JR
  25. I guess it is not that worth the trouble of looking for it, in terms of enlightenment, but I'm pretty sure it was in the travel forum, maybe in a thread with a dream theme. I would find it for you, but energy is low. ys, Jayaradhe
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