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  1. ||Om Namo Laxminarayanay || Namashkar, The best possible way for you would be to reach PUNE. You could hire a cab or there are buses (please check out more with travels for buses) and reach Shirdi. It is believed that Thursday signifies day of Sai Baba. Arriving to Shani singnapur from Shirdi is not at all a problem . There are sharing taxis available frequently (very nice frequency rather), takes about an hour to reach. Normally the taxi ppl have good setting, he will directly take you to the place, where you could take bath and then they provide you Black dhoti to wear along with necessary offerings, they also provide you Oil to offer to Shani Maharaj. I have seen people offering like 10/20 litres of oil at a time. Its your wish and love towards Shanidev.Recitation of Shani mantra, if you wish. Return back to Shirdi - > Pune and back to Pavilion :-) All in all, if you ask any travel agent,they can arrange it for you, it shud not be a problem. Frequent buses from pune to Shirdi has made all easier. Jai Shani Dev . || Om Namo Laxminarayanay ||
  2. || Om Namo Laxminarayanay || Namashkar Dhruv Bhuraji, Thanks a lot for your kind reply. Thanks a lot for detailed information.. The next time i visit india , i will plan for it. ||Om Namo Laxminarayanay ||
  3. || Om Namo Laxminarayanay || I recently came across one on youtube. please chk this out too. it remains || Om Namo Laxminarayanay ||
  4. || Om Namo Laxminarayanay || Wish to know which temples in India are considered the best for Fire Rituals, homas especially for Rahu / Ketu / shani / Mangal shanti or Yagya. would highly appreciate any suggestions/advice. || Om Namo Laxminarayanay ||
  5. || Om Namo Laxminarayanay || I presume , Guru Dattatreya = Shri Gurudev Dutt (very popular God in Maharashtra) , Shri Datta refers to unity of the three gods, Brahma, the god of creation, Vishnu the god of sustenance, and Shiva the god of destruction. Alternatively, these stand for the three ‘gunas’ or qualities i.e.sattva, rajas, and tamas in people. (Source : www.http://www.narsobawadi.com/html/narso_main.htm) Day Signified = Thursday Non- Veg , Alcohol and if possible eggs are strictly to be Avoided , as far as i know Avoid taking bath with Soap, pls dont ask me why , my mother says so :-) PrAYER; you could find the above song here . this song is in marathi language. In Marathi, it is written as below, Actually, I originate from a place very close to Narsoba Vadi and hence knew this information. You are requested to visit this website for more information. || Om Namo Laxminarayanay ||
  6. || Om Namo Laxminarayanay || pls STOP posting to any and every thread started by member, you not only create confusion for members but for yourself in case you need to get access to your post in Future. Please Respect general forum laws. please start a new thread for yourself. You should NEW THREAD Tab on Top left. Thanks for understanding || Om Namo Laxminarayanay||
  7. || Om Namo Laxminarayana|| My previous post remains here Following is the extract from my previous post, I need some guidance for worshipping on Vasantha Navaratri (26.03 - 04.04) to appease RAHU. In Vedic Astrology, Durga is the Overlord of the North Node of the moon known as Rahu and first 3 days are worshipped to Goddess Durga.Her energy counteracts and destroys the negative influences that Rahu has in store for us. (Source : www.astroved.com) I thought of requesting my parents to arrange a puja for me in India (as i am abroad) would appreciate if anyone could suggest, what Puja, Homas, Fire rituals could be done for first 3 days to Goddess Durga(to remove negative influence of Rahu on me) followed with Goddess Lakshmiji puja and finally Maa Saraswati Puja ? Apart from this, Could you please suggest some simple Mantras to be recited for Goddess Durga Goddess Lakshmiji Maa Saraswatiji during Vasantha Navaratri . Thanks a lot !! Regards, Abhi || Om Namo Laxminarayanay ||
  8. At the top of this page, you must see a Search tab with a dropdown arrow click on this drop down and type rajneesh27j and hit Go.. You should be able to find all your posts. || Om Namo Laxminarayanay ||
  9. || Om Namo Laxminarayanay || Can Lemon be used to lighten the skin, by rubbing over body parts just before shower ? I tried it yesterday by rubbing over hands but after say a minute, inflammation started and i washed it off. Please suggest some method, with which skin can be lightened asap while not making it worse in coming days because of sun. || Om Namo Laxminarayanay||
  10. Simply superb info. Thanks a lot man !! || Om Namo Laxminarayanay ||
  11. || Om Namo Laxminarayanay || Namashkar Gokullr, I appreciate your faith on Sri Sri Raghavendraswamy. Could you pls post some more info, how, where can we visit Sri Sri Raghavendraswamy. Thanks for infos. || Om Namo Laxminarayanay ||
  12. || Om Namo Laxminarayanay || Namashkar gokulkr, I just read few days back about Vaitheeswaran koil , which is also near Seergazhi and requested my parents to visit it, as they are on south tour.I will again ask them to visit this temple. In sadan part of India, there are thousands of temples but the right info available is scarce. I am thankful to you for posting this info and would await some more infos on nearby temples or any temples. My Mumma is suffering from Myopathy in her legs since last 20 yrs, she has lost hopes, but we keep trying and one reason i asked them to visit Vaitheeswaran is i believe that Lord Vaitheeswaran may shower his blessings. Here is the brief info, i could get on Vaideeswaran. Do you know something about the rituals that are performed while asking for cure..I read on some blogs, one can also get a Oil for massage etc, so also about Nadi Astrology, but at the same time, many of them are fake. I would highly appreciate, if you could give me any info or info of some genuine pandit, who could help us. Thanks a lot again || Om Namo Laxminarayanay ||
  13. Namashkar Webyogiji, could you please throw some light Thanks || Om Namo Laxminarayanay ||
  14. || Om Namo Laxminarayanay|| We keep speaking with our inner soul following it sometimes or sometimes we curse ourselves for not listening. Well, Whatever has to happen will happen For the sake of curiosity , I would like to know which is this honrable planet which shows us the way, which gives us the ability to make a Right choice at right place and right time. || Om Namo Laxminarayanay ||
  15. || Om Namo Laxminarayanay || DOB: 24-07-1983 POB: Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra TOB:23:30 Is it probable that I will join my Dads Textile business in our hometown in coming months? || Om Namo Laxminarayanay||
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