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  1. Dear eternalme, Your atmakaraka is venus. Hence your desire of past life is physical and materialistic pleasure. You have to seek satisfaction from that only then you have undergo parivartan to spirituality.This may be marked by diversion or distraction in your spiritual endeavour (Japam/puja/homa) with thoughts of feminity, beauty, frustration, jealousy. You will find great difficulty in focusing on the mantra/deity मँत्र / देवता. Shukra is controlled by Maa Parvati. You have to carry our honest / religious remedy based on mata parvati/gauri. I have few mantraa, but I cannot give you those mantra (it will be like a blindman guiding a blind man). You have to seek a Guru, who can give you dixa/ दीक्शा and then you can satisfy shukra kaarak, and get sad gat / सद गती
  2. Dear Akhilji, You can get the pronunciation / उच्चार correct from the Anuradha Paudwal's audio casssette from T-Series "Chandi Paath", or also from M.S.Subhalakhsmi's recital cassette of the paath. Further, you may chant this mantra only if you have a doubt on your spouse or vice-a-versa which may have made your relationship unhappy. As this Durga Maa mantra is specifically empowered in case of marital disturbance due to doubts in integrity or breach in integrity from either of the member. You have to be reciting the mantra extremly piously, after a bath and clean clothes (preferrably red clothes/pitamber) time of Japa/जप to be same and regular everday. If you/affected person donot have any of the problem(s), better not to experiment with shakti/ शकित and better stick to advise from other learned members.
  3. Dear Saint, Some generic predictions (only for guidance). Native will be ambitious / desirous individual. And will be satisfied with physical/materialistic pleasures. Individual should be named with starting letter "dh", "bh" as janm rashi is Dhanush/Sagittarius. Individual is adorned with skeptical mind, hence most likely to be in investigation and related profession. Will not take any thing granted grossly, will have his/her own affirmative tests. Will be spiritually inclined, and will be drawn towards seeking eternal truth. But is advised to concentrate or imagine only -1- form of the "paramatma" and not change the form like for e.g: for few months/year worship Vishnu, then change to lord ganesh for period of few months, then to Shiva and so on. Jatak's spirituallity will be changing from time to time, to which he/she will have control and only worship -1- and only -1- form of god which he/she likes. Marraige will be happy. Native will have love marraige and a healthy and happy relationship. Will be extremly parent lover. Will take of the parents, and lucky for the parents. Much could be predicted if you make available DoB, ToB, PoB as now there is no means of calculating karak, arudha, aragala etc.
  4. Dear Gokul K R, I request you to provide the sanskirt / hindi version of the same. This is understandalbe but does not give the same spirit of interpretation as "devnagri".
  5. Dear Raviji, One of the methods is to get known fact from the subject regarding major events in his/her life. Like say date & time of "marraige". This event is then seen in the Navamsha D9 chart or D60 chart. If the event time and the time for that event as per given DOB/TOB matches then well & good. Else reverse engineer based on the event time dasa in Navamsha and get the rectified TOB.
  6. H.H Swamiji, I request you to kindly quote the verses from Ramayan which connotes Shri Rama's consumption of meat/ Kindly oblige.
  7. Dear Sadagopan, Thanks for sharing the स्तोत्र, However as requested by Rajeev I too request you if the sanskrit / संसक्रुत version may please be shared.
  8. Alexander, Brilliant information you have provided. Its lot more brilliant when understood. thanks & regards
  9. Dear brethrens, We all know about the reference of "Sanjivani" herb in the Ramayan. This has brought back to life Sri.Laxman during the battle against Ravana. I would like to know from you all, your opinion on the existence of "Sanjivani" in present days? Do you believe or not? If yes, why. ॐ तत सत Jitu
  10. Hi John, I thing with out physically seeing and touching the Rudraxa, you have a very big risk of buying a fake bead. General examination to check genuineness of rudraxa. Visually inspect the bead and ascertain that its not made of wood or plastic or any other man made material. Put it in a glass/cup of water, Genuine Rudraxa will sink, fake one stay afloat. This is because density of genuine rudraxa is higher than water. Wood/Plastic general is lower than water. Genuine Ek Mukhi Rudraxa is never sold. Majority of cases its gifted by Guru to a lucky person. So dont shop/hunt for ek mukhi rudraxa. ADVANCE: Rudraksha has a physical quality of pulsating when subjected to electric current. Many blessed individual are able feel and quantify the pulsation of rudraxa due to minute electric current from with in the human body. Based on this they know whether the rudraxa is genuine or fake. This is similar to quartz clocks fundamental. You will appreciate the fact of pt. 3 after this. Hope that this info guides you in buying a rudraksha. cheers JITU
  11. Dear Varmaji, pl tell me what is "black turmeric" pl. provide the indian hindi/gujarati name for it.
  12. Dear Sambya, Your connotation or rather a "food for thought" regarding radha = chandi, is not doubt a very very interesting and mind boggling subject. I am personally in no condition to either support or to counter argue the connotation of radha = chandi ? Just like you I adore, cherish and worship the form of radha and its resemblance to characteristics of supreme mother Shakti. I just wonder regarding the लीला and ललिता संयोग, and once again take the opportunity to bow to the Maata on her devine manifestation to us lesser mortals. Jitu/जीतु
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