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  1. Dear all, If I am right then Rahu and Ketu have no drishti/aspects in vedic astrology, am I right here? If they have then what houses that aspect? Thanks Ravi
  2. Dear All, This gentleman has just lost his wife and has a 7 year old daugher to care for, will he get remarried? Please help me find out the anwser, thanks DOB: 14/10/1975 POB: Kapadvanj (Gujarat state) TOB: 22:16 pm (Night) Gemini lagna with Mars in it Cancer - Saturn Leo - Venus Virgo - Sun + Mercury Libra - Rahu Capricorn - Moon Pisces - Jupiter Aries - Ketu Thanks Ravi
  3. Dear Classic72ji, Yes, I found it at last, here it is, thanks a lot Ravi.... http://www.futurepointindia.com/learn/dasha.asp --------- Sub period of a planet = (period of major planet x period of sub planet/120 years.) Sub period = (period of major planet x period of sub planet/10) in months. ------ Sub-sub period = (Period of major (Pratyantar Dasha) planet x period of sub planet x period of sub-sub planet) /(120x120) years = (Period of major planet x period of sub planet x period of sub-sub planet) / 1200 months ------------ Sub-sub-sub period = (Period of major (Sookshma Dasha) planet x period of sub planet x period of sub-sub planet x period of sub-sub-sub planet)/(120x120x120) years. = (Period of major planet x period of sub planet x period of sub-sub planet x period of sub-sub-sub planet)/ (1200x120) months.
  4. Dear Sandhuji, Thanks a lot for the fantastic info regarding Jupiter and its nature. I am at the moment also studying the KP system ie krishnamurti paddhati to know a few things about the events and their timings. Sir, have you studies this system? If yes, then, please let mek know so that I can post any questions regarding it. Thanks a lot sir, Ravi Dear Sasikeranji, Thank you as well, wonderful info, Ravi
  5. Dear All, I have been looking for dasha table that shows every antardasha under each mahadasha and every pratyantar dasha under each antardasha with the day/month/year they last for? I know that with a software, one can do this for a person but I am looking for a table in general, can't find it on the net, please guide me, Thanks Ravi
  6. Dear All, Often I have noticed that people consider the aspect of Jupiter good even though it is a functional malefic depending upon the lagna, is it true? What are the principles that need to be considered while analysing aspects of functional benefic/malefic planets and natural benefic/malefic planets? Thanks Ravi
  7. Dear Anideep, Thanks a lot Ravi --------- Has any one used KP Astro? Please tell me more about the software that might have used a lot, thanks
  8. Dear Memebers, Please shed some light on the navamamsa chart of mine, it looks horrible to me, gives me nightmares, thanks Regards, Ravi
  9. Dear Swapnilji, Thanks for the link, I will have a read and get back to your for further help if required at all, regards, Ravi
  10. So if I understand correctly, then counting from the house if interest ie marriage house, the 7th house to where its lord is place ie Venus, I end up at the 5th house. Venus is placed in the 5th house in Leo in my rasi chart. The distance from the 7th house to the 5th house where its lord Venus is placed is a total of 11 houses. So now I should construct a chart using the sign in the 11th house from Leo sign in my rasi chart which happens to be Gemini and then place the rest of the planets accordingly, right? Please guide me thanks Ravi
  11. Dear Swapnilji, Thanks for the reply, but I am not much familiar with the arudha concept. I did search and found this link, please help me further thanks, http://barbarapijan.com/bpa/topics/arudha_lagna.htm Ravi
  12. Thanks a lot Sandhuji, If I am correct Ketu has no aspect and Rahu has 2,5, 9 from where it sits, is this correct? Regards, Ravi
  13. Dear all, The details: Birth date=21st September, 1977 Time =20:40 pm Place = Bhuj city (Gujarat state, India) ------------- Birth chart as follows: Ascendant : Aries (Mesh rashi) Jupiter + Mars in the 3rd house (Mithun rashi) Mercury + Saturn + Venus in the 5th house (Sinh rashi) Sun + Rahu in the 6th house (Kanya rashi) Moon in the 9th house (Dhan rashi) Ketu in the 12th house (Min rashi) ------------------ Navamamsa chart (D-9) as follows: Ascendant : Cancer (Kark rashi) Rahu in the lagna/1st house Mercury in the 3rd house Moon in the 4th house Jupiter + Ketu in the 7th house Sun in the 8th house Mars in the 9th house Saturn in the 10th house Venus in the 11th house ------------------------- In the birth chart Venus being the 7th lord is in 5th in Sun's sign and thus getting weak due to the fact that Sun is its enemy. In the birth chart Jupiter aspects the 7th house with its 5th aspect and I think it is a good sign. Being lord of the 9th and 12th does it mean that the boy will get married abroad? Saturn also has its 3rd aspect on the 7th house, I think this is bad. Will this delay the marriage? In the D-9 chart, the 7th house has a debilitated Jupiter and Ketu. 7th lord Saturn is debilitated in the 10th house. I am simply clueless as to what my future holds as far as married life is concerned. Will the boy ever get married or not at all? Both the birth chart and D-9 have the 7th house extremely weak as per my understanding of the subject. Is there a marriage? Should the navamamsa chart be taken seriously to say that marriage is unlikely? Please let me know your views, thanks Ravi
  14. Dear Sanjaya, Here is your birth chart.............. Planet Rashi Degree Nakshatra Lagna Virgo 06:20:39 Uttarafalguni-3 Surya Taurus 16:42:27 Rohini-3 Chandra Aquarius 09:40:11 Satbhisha-1 Mangal Pisces 14:42:47 Uttarabhadrapad-4 Budh Taurus 29:48:53 Mrugshirsh-2 Guru Pisces 23:17:09 Revati-2 Shukra Cancer 01:08:26 Punarvasu-4 Shani Gemini 23:29:31 Punarvasu-2 Rahu Scorpio 07:04:11 Anuradha-2 Ketu Taurus 07:04:11 Krutika-4 ------------------------ Mercury the lord of the 10th house, the house of career is very weak with just above 29 degrees, meaning that you will have career related problems. Malefic Saturn is also there and thus work might get delayed and results may not show quickly enough. Right now you are runing Saturn mahadasha and thus need to make more efforts to get the desired results, good luck and thanks Ravi
  15. Dear Sanjaya, When you go to a temple next time, please pray for all of us here on this forum as many of the professional and amateur astrologers are also facing problems in their personal lives too, thanks Ravi
  16. Dear Ayushji, Very interesting chart indeed. Lagna lord Mercury is in the 2nd house in Libra is less than 3 degress away from Sun in the lagna itself. Your Mercury can be said combust, but it does not mean you are an idiot. Sun with 28 degrees becomes very weak. Sun is also the 12th lord a malefic planet for Virgo lagna and thus delays and frustrations in every important task you want to do. It does not mean no success at all. Lagna lord Mercury in the 2nd house gives innovative ideas to make money with person doing more than one job at a time and I have seen this. You know how to make money. What worries me most is the strength of Venus which is just between 29 and 30 degrees and this is a bad news. Although it is in the 2nd house and own rasi, but this will mean sudden loss of income sometimes. It is also your 9th lord, the house of short foreign journeys. Is this is the reason that you were rejected by the Canadian visa office? Exalted Saturn the 5th lord and Jupiter in the 4th in its own rasi should make you a person with atleast a masters degree, but you are not. I still think you can go abroad for studies. Mars is a malefic planet for Virgo lagna and it is in the 4th house, that too in Sagittarius, a fiery sign, thus he has got the firepower to make things difficult for the significations of the 4th house ie mother, house, further education etc. but again I will think that this is a good sign and this should inspire you to go abroad, be if permanent settlement or studies. Moon with Rahu in the 9th house, generally this is not a good combination to have as you know, but I have noticed that Rahu + Moon combination makes a person think as to how stuff works. A research mind of some sort and I have seen this combinations in people who work in labs with microscope and study and research in the field of micro-biology etc. Had there been any other sign than Taurus then I would have thought that you need a doctor, but you are a wise man. Yes sometimes this will give you dilemas and mental agonies but let us take it a part of our lives. Making the right decisions at right time will be the key to your success and overall happiness. Saturn, Venus and Mercury all in the 2nd house and they are the lords of the 2nd, 6th and 10th houses meaning a career in IT or finance a good possibility as per my own experience, and that could be wrong. Interestingly, I have also got these 3 planets in the 5th house in Leo sign, with Aries as the lagna sign. Right now you are running Rahu mahadasha (MD) and Mars antar-dasha (AD), not a good time for you, a time for a sudden change and surprises and confusions. You will struggle to find a direction and will find yourself clueless but by the end of it when Jupiter MD start in Jan, 2010, there should be more clarity on the career front as to where you are headed. I have recently started studying the KP system and still learning it, but if I take into account the 3rd, 9th and 12th house for a foreign travel then there seems to be the following planets which act as significators of a journey abroad during their MD, AD and PD ie pratyantar-dasha. Here are the planets Sun Moon Mars Rahu Your current Mars AD start in December, 2008, if I am correct and will end in January, 2010. So I have the feeling tht you can still go abroad during this Mars AD before January, 2010. It will possibly happen during the above mentioned 4 PD (Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu). I think Mars and Rahu PD under this Mars AD are already gone so please look at your computerised birth chart to see when the remaining PD ie Sun and Moon are likely to happen. Sorry, I do not have any software. In short one can predict thies dasha time as Rah/Mar/Sun and Rah/Mar/Moon. This is in a way means MD/AD/PD. If you do not happen to go abroad before January, 2010 then here are another MD/AD/PD combinations that might work for you. Jup/Sun/Sun Jup/Sun/Mon Jup/Sun/Mar Jup/Sun/Rah Jup/Mon/Mon Jup/Mon/Mar Jup/Mon/Rah Jup/Mon/Sun Jup/Mar/Mar Jup/Mar/Rah Jup/Mar/Sun Jup/Mar/Mon Jup/Rah/Rah Jup/Rah/Sun Jup/Rah/Mon Jup/Rah/Mar If still do not go abroad during the entire MD of Jupiter until 2026, then you can still use these 4 planets as possible combinatons of AD and PD under the major MD of Saturn and I am sure that you can do it. Please let me know what you think of the analysis, thanks and good luck. Ravi
  17. Dear Ununthji, There is an exchange of lords between the 10<sup>th</sup> and 3<sup>rd</sup> house ie a partivartan yoga. Saturn has gone into Cancer sign in the 3<sup>rd</sup> house, which is owned by Moon. Moon has got into the 10<sup>th</sup> house in Aquarius sign, which is owned by Saturn. As you know, Moon and Saturn are enemies. The 10<sup>th</sup> house denotes one's career and the 3<sup>rd</sup> brothers and sisters. Saturn is a very benefic planet for Taurus lagna. As it is the lord of the 9<sup>th</sup> and 10<sup>th</sup> houses. Obstacles in your career are likely to happen. Here the 3<sup>rd</sup> house is a bad house and 10<sup>th</sup> house is a kendra and good house. Lord of the 6<sup>th</sup> house ie Venus, the house of jobs, is with Jupiter in the 1<sup>st</sup> house. Jupiter is a malefic planet for Taurus lagna and thus the problem on the job front. Lord of the 10<sup>th</sup> house, the house of career, Saturn in the 3<sup>rd</sup> house is watched by a very powerful but a malefic Mars from the 12<sup>th</sup> house. Here Saturn also being the lord of the 9<sup>th</sup> house, the house of short foreign journeys will take you abroad, but being aspected by the lord of the 12<sup>th</sup> house, the house of life and settlement in foreign lands will give you hurdles and frustrations. I think this is the reason that you came back from UK within 3 weeks for the reasons best known to you only. I have the feeling that you have problems getting along with your siblings, one of the siblings also is settled abroad or likely to do so. Only you can clarify this. The exchange of lords between Saturn and Moon also makes your mind a little too hasty sometimes and there seems to be a tendency to take sudden decisions overnight. This can give you mental and emotional instability, something that happens to all of us during some point in our life and does not mean that you are clinically insane. Sometimes this exchange causes cancer particularly blood cancer, this is my observation and it does not mean to scare you at all. Moon is not aspected by any planet in the chart and this makes your mind wonder about thoughts that have no roots in real life. This scenario is really interesting and rather uncommon, Moon not being aspected by any planet, making you directionless. Please do not wear any gems at all if there are causing futher mental agony. Wearing too many gems at the same time can also cause conflict in the mind. Praying to God, chanting mantras and meditation + yoga can give fine results. Its all in the mind after all. I am not a gem person and not an expert, but it is widely accepted that too many gems at the same time can lead to a disaster. A very powerful but malefic Mars also aspects the 7<sup>th</sup> house which is its own house ie Scorpio sign and this should definitely get you married sooner or later. If I am correct then you resigned from the job in July 2006 and at that time you were running Rahu antar-dasha (AD) under the major Jupiter mahadasha (MD). This was not a good time for you. Rahu is in the 5<sup>th</sup> house, which is 12<sup>th</sup> to the 6<sup>th</sup> house and 6<sup>th</sup> house is the house of jobs or emplyment. Jupiter is in the 1<sup>st</sup> house, which is 12<sup>th</sup> to the 2<sup>nd</sup> house, the house of income this is not good as well. As per the KP system, which I am studying at the moment and still in the process of learning it, one needs to take into account the 2<sup>nd</sup> house, 6<sup>th</sup> house and 10<sup>th</sup> house together to look for a time when a new job will be available to you. Right now you are running Saturn mahadasha ie MD and Saturn AD as well, which will end on 9/8/2009. Then Mercury AD will start and run until 18/4/2012. During this AD of Mercury, which will be of 32 months and 9 days (9/8/2009 – 18/4/2012), you will get a job if things go well under one of the following PDs ie pratyantar-dashas (PD is another dasha and antar-dasha), they are listed in the exact order as they appear in Mercury AD. Ketu Venus Moon Mars Jupiter I have calulated your dashas manually and not gone beyond the AD level and not touched the third level known as PD. I do not have any astro software with me and I generally use certain free sites to cast a birth chart and then do the calculations manually. I am sorry if there are any errors. So in short, if you happen to have a computerised horoscope, then please try to find out the timings of the above mentioned 5 PD. There are basically 3 levels of dashas known as mahadasha (MD), antar-dasha (AD) and pratyantar-dasha (PD). They are mentioned sometimes like Sat/Ven/Mar meaning Saturn MD, Venus AD and Mars PD. So you simply have to look for the timings of Sat/Mer/Ket Sat/Mer/Ven Sat/Mer/Mon Sat/Mer/Mar Sat/Mer/Jup That is all I can offer you at the moment, thanks and good luck and let me know what you think of this analysis. Ravi
  18. Dear Sandhuji, Pranam, Yes, I have seen this thread of this gentleman and with your blessings I will do all that I can to help the gentleman. Sir, you are a wonderful human being and we all love your advice. I am not helping this gentleman by predicting, but I am helping myself with the learning process. As you mentioned earlier, we all need practice no matter how experienced we are. I want to learn and share. Thanks a lot sir, Regards, Ravi
  19. Dear Ununthji, Please let me know if this is your chart so that I can proceed with the analysis, thanks Ravi <table align="center" border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="5" width="100%"><tbody><tr><td class="contentboldMailer" width="20%">Planet</td> <td class="contentboldMailer" width="20%">Rashi</td> <td class="contentboldMailer" width="25%">Degree</td> <td class="contentboldMailer" width="35%">Nakshatra</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Lagna</td> <td class="contentMailer">Taurus</td> <td class="contentMailer">21:29:05</td> <td class="contentMailer">Rohini-4</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Surya</td> <td class="contentMailer">Gemini</td> <td class="contentMailer">19:15:29</td> <td class="contentMailer">Aadra-4</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Chandra</td> <td class="contentMailer">Aquarius</td> <td class="contentMailer">10:18:52</td> <td class="contentMailer">Satbhisha-2</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Mangal</td> <td class="contentMailer">Aries</td> <td class="contentMailer">27:29:27</td> <td class="contentMailer">Krutika-1</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Budh</td> <td class="contentMailer">Gemini</td> <td class="contentMailer">25:07:42</td> <td class="contentMailer">Punarvasu-2</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Guru</td> <td class="contentMailer">Taurus</td> <td class="contentMailer">27:06:28</td> <td class="contentMailer">Mrugshirsh-2</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Shukra</td> <td class="contentMailer">Taurus</td> <td class="contentMailer">04:39:04</td> <td class="contentMailer">Krutika-3</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Shani</td> <td class="contentMailer">Cancer</td> <td class="contentMailer">21:59:57</td> <td class="contentMailer">Aashlesha-2</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Rahu</td> <td class="contentMailer">Virgo</td> <td class="contentMailer">26:32:40</td> <td class="contentMailer">Chitra-1</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Ketu</td> <td class="contentMailer">Pisces</td> <td class="contentMailer">26:32:40</td> <td class="contentMailer">Revati-3</td></tr></tbody></table> <table border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="5" width="100%"><tbody><tr><td class="contentboldMailer">Planet</td> <td class="contentboldMailer">Start Date</td> <td class="contentboldMailer">End Date</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Rahu</td> <td class="contentMailer">03 Aug, 1972</td> <td class="contentMailer">05 Aug, 1990</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Guru</td> <td class="contentMailer">05 Aug, 1990</td> <td class="contentMailer">06 Aug, 2006</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Shani</td> <td class="contentMailer">06 Aug, 2006</td> <td class="contentMailer">05 Aug, 2025</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Budh</td> <td class="contentMailer">05 Aug, 2025</td> <td class="contentMailer">06 Aug, 2042</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Ketu</td> <td class="contentMailer">06 Aug, 2042</td> <td class="contentMailer">08 Aug, 2049</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Shukra</td> <td class="contentMailer">08 Aug, 2049</td> <td class="contentMailer">08 Aug, 2069</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Surya</td> <td class="contentMailer">08 Aug, 2069</td> <td class="contentMailer">12 Aug, 2075</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Chandra</td> <td class="contentMailer">12 Aug, 2075</td> <td class="contentMailer">13 Aug, 2085</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Mangal</td> <td class="contentMailer">13 Aug, 2085</td> <td class="contentMailer">15 Aug, 2092</td></tr></tbody></table>
  20. Good point here as per the BHPS, Sun is the 12th lord, but Jal given to any lord including the Sun does not cause any harm in general, yes, wearing a gem that it used to boost Sun's strength ie Emerald or Ruby- not sure which one, would create further problems. But giving Jal does not cause any harm. Yes, Jupiter has kendradhipati dosha here as per the BHPS... Ravi.............
  21. Dear Ayushji, Thanks for sharing the knowledge. I am sorry to know that you are passing through a bad phase in life, but I am sure that being a wise person you have what it takes to rebuild your life. Please allow me to do a chart reading for you. Give me the birth details and I will do my best as I am also in IT, a degree got from the UK, but had to come back due to illness and still recovering from it. I need to start my career as I am already 31 years of age. So please I request that you also do an analysis of my career in IT. Thanks -------- Birth date = 21st September, 1977 Time = 20:40 pm Place = Bhuj city (Gujarat state, India) <table align="center" border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="5" width="100%"><tbody><tr><td class="contentboldMailer" width="20%">Planet</td> <td class="contentboldMailer" width="20%">Rashi</td> <td class="contentboldMailer" width="25%">Degree</td> <td class="contentboldMailer" width="35%">Nakshatra</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Lagna</td> <td class="contentMailer">Aries</td> <td class="contentMailer">12:03:13</td> <td class="contentMailer">Ashwini-4</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Surya</td> <td class="contentMailer">Virgo</td> <td class="contentMailer">04:58:33</td> <td class="contentMailer">Uttarafalguni-3</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Chandra</td> <td class="contentMailer">Sagittarius</td> <td class="contentMailer">22:58:54</td> <td class="contentMailer">Purvashadha-3</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Mangal</td> <td class="contentMailer">Gemini</td> <td class="contentMailer">18:42:45</td> <td class="contentMailer">Aadra-4</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Budh</td> <td class="contentMailer">Leo</td> <td class="contentMailer">17:09:10</td> <td class="contentMailer">Purvafalguni-2</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Guru</td> <td class="contentMailer">Gemini</td> <td class="contentMailer">10:53:04</td> <td class="contentMailer">Aadra-2</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Shukra</td> <td class="contentMailer">Leo</td> <td class="contentMailer">05:14:24</td> <td class="contentMailer">Magha-2</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Shani</td> <td class="contentMailer">Leo</td> <td class="contentMailer">01:42:41</td> <td class="contentMailer">Magha-1</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Rahu</td> <td class="contentMailer">Virgo</td> <td class="contentMailer">22:22:23</td> <td class="contentMailer">Hast-4</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Ketu</td> <td class="contentMailer">Pisces</td> <td class="contentMailer">22:22:22</td> <td class="contentMailer">Revati-2</td></tr></tbody></table> ---------- Here is my D-10 chart for profession. Lagna : Leo Leo : Saturn Virgo : Venus Sagittarius : Mars, Rahu Capricorn : Mercury Gemini : Sun, Ketu Cancer : Moon ---------------- Here Saturn seems to be vargottama as it is in the same sign Leo both in the birth chart and D-10. Am I right? Does it indicate good things to come? In the birtch chart there is parivartan yog between the 5th house and 6th houses as Sun is in Virgo in the 6th and Mercury in the 5th in Leo. Srinivas has mentioned relationship between Sun and Mercury as an important factor for a successful career in IT. So will this exchange of lords between 5th (good house) and the 6th (bad house) help my IT career in any manner? Please analyse my D-10 chart and let me know whether I will have a good career in IT or not. Thanks. Ravi
  22. Dear Manju, Here is the birth chart of your second husband... <table align="center" border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="5" width="100%"><tbody><tr><td class="contentboldMailer" width="20%">Planet</td> <td class="contentboldMailer" width="20%">Rashi</td> <td class="contentboldMailer" width="25%">Degree</td> <td class="contentboldMailer" width="35%">Nakshatra</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Lagna</td> <td class="contentMailer">Gemini</td> <td class="contentMailer">26:47:07</td> <td class="contentMailer">Punarvasu-3</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Surya</td> <td class="contentMailer">Scorpio</td> <td class="contentMailer">08:39:32</td> <td class="contentMailer">Anuradha-2</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Chandra</td> <td class="contentMailer">Libra</td> <td class="contentMailer">17:11:01</td> <td class="contentMailer">Swati-4</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Mangal</td> <td class="contentMailer">Leo</td> <td class="contentMailer">25:42:08</td> <td class="contentMailer">Purvafalguni-4</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Budh</td> <td class="contentMailer">Libra</td> <td class="contentMailer">29:42:09</td> <td class="contentMailer">Vishakha-3</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Guru</td> <td class="contentMailer">Libra</td> <td class="contentMailer">05:54:24</td> <td class="contentMailer">Chitra-4</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Shukra</td> <td class="contentMailer">Sagittarius</td> <td class="contentMailer">24:59:28</td> <td class="contentMailer">Purvashadha-4</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Shani</td> <td class="contentMailer">Virgo</td> <td class="contentMailer">24:55:35</td> <td class="contentMailer">Chitra-1</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Rahu</td> <td class="contentMailer">Cancer</td> <td class="contentMailer">01:33:53</td> <td class="contentMailer">Punarvasu-4</td></tr> <tr><td class="contentMailer">Ketu</td> <td class="contentMailer">Capricorn</td> <td class="contentMailer">01:33:52</td> <td class="contentMailer">Uttarashadha-2</td></tr></tbody></table> Lagna lord Mercury is very weak in the 5<sup>th</sup> house in Libra, just over 29 degrees and this is not good at all. Jupiter is also there with Mercury in the same house within 6 degrees of each other and this is not very desirable. In the 2<sup>nd</sup> house there is Rahu in Cancer. Here Rahu is in Jupiter's nakshatra called Punarvasu. Jupiter is the lord of the 7<sup>th</sup> house and this does not promise good things to happen. 2<sup>nd</sup> house is 8<sup>th</sup> from 7<sup>th</sup>. 5<sup>th</sup> lord Venus which is also the 12<sup>th</sup> lord is in the 7<sup>th</sup> house, the house of marriage. Venus is in its own nakshatra called Purvashadha. This makes it very malefic. I have seen that whenever the 5<sup>th</sup> lord is in the 7<sup>th</sup> house it gives trouble on the marriage front. All the planets seem to have been hemmed between Rahu and Ketu axis, so it looks to me that there is kal sarp dosh in the chart. Right now he is running Venus antar-dasha (AD) under the major Saturn mahadasha (MD). Both are malefic planets for his Gemini lagna and thus this means that he is restless and mentally very disturbed. You need to give him some time to recover from the memories of three deaths.
  23. Dear Classic72ji, Thanks a lot, I remeber the year very well but the antradasha and pratynar-dasha is a problem, the solution (trick) is really wonderful and easy to practise, but could you suggest anything similar for pratynar-dasha as well? That will be just icing on the cake, thanks a lot sir Regards, Ravi
  24. Guys and gurus help me here, this is really very important to my learning process, thanks Ravi
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