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    Selecting right profession was always important but it has now become imperative in view of the competition generated by the changing economic scenario due to advent of new technologies and professional fields.

    New technology has brought the world on a stage of recreation of new infrastructure and markets, which is generating wealth for the knowledge based industry across the world. The additional wealth is creating new opportunities for the leisure industry sector, luxury industry, computer industry, real estate industry, financial industry, automobile industry and research & development industry. These new opportunities are in fact the scope of the new economic order across the world. Those people, who are not working in the new infrastructure industry, have started feeling the financial crunch to keep pace with the life style changes.

    Globalisation and the World Trade Order have reduced the powers of the political administrators. The governments consider the stock market index as one of the important indicator of its performance. The policies of the government are market friendly to induce new investments and bringing improvement in life styles of the masses.

    To meet the challenges of the competition and the new economic order, it is important that one makes full use of one's talent and potential by strengthening one's weak and unfavourably influenced natal planets to augment one's memory power, analytical skills, creative power, imagination and leadership qualities besides the vision.

    An appropriate astrological insight with a competent astrologer and measures for strengthening of weak natal planets can be the best gift from parents to their children.

    Delineating Educational Prospects through Astrology

    Today, the fast pace of life does not allow you time for experimentation. Every minute is valuable. So, why not take the benefit of the competence of the divine science of astrology. Brilliance, good operating planetary period, good organizing capability, imagination, team work, trustworthiness and capacity to develop and trust others, alertness, good health and leading capabilities are the positive personality traits required for success in one's professional life.

    Predicting the educational prospects of a native is quite a tricky job and is one of the most sought after fields in predictive astrology. Numerous branches of knowledge and professional courses and their magnitude are the areas which have charged the atmosphere. It is quite difficult for the parents to identify the correct professional field of study or business which should be most suitable from the point of view of a successful career and also as per the potentialities in the horoscopes.

    The success of acquisition of professional course and career depend upon the strength of the prime determinant planets in the birth chart. The setbacks in academic studies, professional studies and professional matters or business ventures can be averted through preventive astrological analysis of the birth chart and by application of astrological remedial measures.

    There are a number of factors that help us in arriving at a decision on this vital issue. These are the fourth house ruling school education, second house ruling professional education and status, the fifth house ruling intellect and higher or professional education. The lords of the tenth house governing profession and the eleventh house signifying income also have a bearing on educational matters. The placement of the tenth lord in the second house gives professional eduction. The lord of the ascendant of chaturvimsamsa, if containing mooltrikona sign, (the divisional chart for analysis of educational matters) become additional determinant for educational matters. The planets involved govern the magnitude of professional matters, i.e. to say, the sign of a kingly planet like the Sun, the Moon or affluent planet Venus, Jupiter, Mars, etc. indicate the high degree of affluence of the profession of a native and the income there from. The strength of the lords of these houses containing mooltrikona signs and the operating planetary periods read in conjunction with the triple transit influences hold the key to decipher the planetary influences. Similarly, understanding the nature of planets becoming significators for professional education and the planets exerting influence on these planets is necessary. The planets influencing the fourth, second and fifth houses and the lord of the ascendant of chaturvimsamsa if containing a mooltrikona sign become primary determinants of one's educational pursuits.

    The significations of planets fructify during their own sub-period as per their functional nature and strength. The readers may please note the stress being laid on the strength of the planets. The weakness of the planets in a nativity is the very reason of existence of this divine science. It is but natural that a native may approach an astrologer in the hour of difficulty. He may like to utilize the services of this divine science to ward off the chances of problems and to augment his ventures for optimum benefits. The real trial of strength is of those planets that are apparently strong in a nativity because the weak planets of the natal chart do not acquire any strength in any of the Vargas or Divisional Charts.

    The weak natal planets fail to bestow good results even if they are in strength in the divisional charts. The planets in divisional charts cannot exceed their rasi chart strength.

    Let us return to the subject. In fact, delineating anything from a natal chart requires application of the predictive techniques in a comprehensive manner. Most of the time, the determinant planets may be overlapping and indicating more than one area of pursuit, while a person might have one of the areas as a hobby. Similarly, a planet signifies variety of occupations. For example

    (1) Sun signifies study of courses on administration, organization capability, management capability, politics, law and medicine;

    (2) Venus signifies study of courses on medicine, life saving drugs, art and fashion, engineering, financial management, law etc.

    (3) Mercury signifies study of courses in creative writing, accountancy, analytical studies, computer applications, information technology, application of law, designing work of engineering, etc.

    (4) The Moon signifies study of courses in care, house keeping, administration, public relations, etc.

    (5) Mars signifies study of courses in engineering, erection, armed forces, initiative and entrepreneurship.

    (6) Jupiter signifies study of courses in law, teaching, financial management, human resource management, spirituality, etc.

    (7) Saturn signifies study of courses in production, low technology industry, engineering, labor/industrial and welfare law, etc.

    We have to identify the type of influence that is greatest in operation and then synchronize the same with the operating planetary periods. As a group, those planets that exert more influence indicate the choice or area of profession. Prominence, fame, wealth or notable contributions in various fields are the result of a group of planets congruent in nature and their strength. The group of Venus, Jupiter and Mercury may indicate study of courses for an advisory role in financial institutions or in financial matters, legal advice, or collectively legal and financial areas. The confluence of the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, etc. as a group may indicate study of courses leading to acquiring position in administration/bureaucracy. The confluence of Venus, Saturn, Mercury and Mars may indicate study of engineering. A strong Mercury or lord of the third house or the lord of the fifth house makes the person competent for research based studies. Further classification in the major field depends on the leading role of one of the significators. When the planets/significators are weak or the dasa/main period of weak planets is in operation, natives after completing their studies go in for routine jobs, i.e., clerical or mechanical, sales representatives/assistants etc. or merely work as helping hands. For entering into business, the role of Venus and Mercury is supreme as they provide planning, trading and organizing capabilities. Royal planets (the Sun and the Moon) and Mars the planet of executive authority under the benefic influence of Jupiter becoming significators indicate involvement in a political career or occupying senior position in bureaucracy. Rahu gives impetus to the efforts. However, success depends on the right placement of Rahu and it should not be aspected or related with malefic planets. Ketu in its main/sub-periods often retards growth.


    The lords of the fourth, second and fifth houses containing mooltrikona sign(s) become prime determinants of education. The mooltrikona sign lord of the ascendant of chaturvimsamsa, the divisional chart for studying educational accomplishments, becomes additional determinant for educational accomplishments. Besides the significators for education and intelligence, Mercury and Jupiter, the planets exerting close influences on these houses also become secondary determinants of educational accomplishments.

    Planetary periods in operation between the age of 16 and 24, need due consideration as the unfavorable operating planetary periods will retard the progress of education, both academic and professional. However, in case of strong prime determinants the education will proceed without much of difficulties.

    The lords of the second house ruling status and the fifth house ruling higher education and their relationship with other houses, indicate the areas of interest for higher or professional education. The level of achievement would be dependent upon the strength of the planets. The strong Sun or the strong lords of ninth, second and/or third houses make achievements in life comparatively easy. The weak and afflicted planets in their sub periods between the age of 16 and 24 cause hurdles and do not allow the person to (1) acquire education suitable for successful vocation; (2) get a timely and suitable job; and (3) settle well in life. Similarly, exalted and strong functional benefic planets give an impetus to the academic pursuits of a person.

    Role of the Fifth House

    The fifth house rules higher learning or professional education. The planets exert influence over the native as per the significations ruled by them. The Sun and Jupiter, if connected powerfully, turn the native towards spiritual advancement. Mercury makes a man a research scholar and blesses the native with analytical powers resulting in fruitful contributions to the society by way of innovations/professional services. Venus, when strong, gives inclinations for creativity and writing especially if being the lord of the fifth house it is placed in the third house ruling communications. The Moon gives emotional attachment and pursuit of royal comforts. Dreams are fulfilled if the significators are strong and the favorable planets operate at appropriate times in life. The lord of the fifth house in the ascendant blesses the native with academic brilliance while its position in the third house blesses the native with innovative and creative faculties including writing. The lord of the fifth house placed in the tenth house strongly and unafflicted indicates the professions of teaching, financial and legal consultancy, management consultancy, engineering consultancy, banking, gains in speculation, etc.

    The placement of the lords of the second and/or fifth houses in seventh, ninth or twelfth houses indicates that the native will be going to foreign lands or distant lands for pursuing the education.

    Professional Matters/Business Ventures Decision-making.

    The role of the lord of the eleventh house, containing a mooltrikona sign, is also very important for making job or business decision. This will indicate the areas that would be explored by the native for earning and fulfillment of his desires. If the lord of the eleventh house goes to the ascendant, the native will strive and earn a lot of money through self-effort. The position of the lord of the eleventh house in the second house indicates that the native shall earn a good status and friendship with highly placed persons. He will earn wealth through the help of his highly placed friends and his status. The position of the lord of the eleventh house in the third house indicates income through business enterprise in the fields of communication, transportation, publication, trading, etc. The position of the lord of the eleventh house in the fourth house indicates earnings through the application of parental assets in the business of real estate, automobiles, educational institutions, furnishings, hotels, teaching, etc. The position of the lord of the eleventh house in the fifth house indicates earning through speculations, intellectual professions, management services, banking, teaching, etc. The placement of the lord of the eleventh house in the sixth house indicates disputes in the sources of income, income through money lending, legal practice and hospitals. The placement of the lord of the eleventh house in the seventh house indicates income from foreign lands, business in partnership, luxurious hotels, import-export of luxury items, etc.

    The placement of the lord of the eleventh house in the eighth house indicates income from foreign lands, service, insurance business, practice of mystic sciences, etc. The placement of the lord of the eleventh house in ninth house indicates income from foreign stay and visits, inheritance, involvement in religious activities and teaching. The placement of the lord of the eleventh house in the tenth house indicates income through one's profession depending upon the planets and signs exerting influencing on the tenth house. The placement of the lord of the eleventh house in the eleventh house indicates income through financial institutions, gains through highly placed friends and elder siblings. The placement of the lord of the eleventh house in the twelfth house may impel the native to go to foreign lands for earning. His/her business ventures in the native place may involve large amount of expenses and losses.

    The influence of the planets on the eleventh house is as per their functional nature, strength and the level of affluence is as per the capacity of the planets concerned. The impact of placement of planets changes as per their placement in various signs. For example, placement of a planet or even the Sun in the sign Aquarius ruled by Saturn reduces the impact of the affluence of that planet while the placement of a planet or even Saturn in the sign Leo enhances its capacity to bless the native with large financial benefits.

    The natives with close influence of functional malefic planets on fourth or second or tenth or third house should not venture into business investments. They should adopt astral remedies and better join job rather than venturing into business. By way of a few charts we will further see the confluence of various groups of planets.

    CHART 1

    Male born 1st March, 1942, 1014 Hrs. 28.39N 77.13E TIME ZONE 5.30 HRS. INDIA

    The educational pursuits of the native are ruled by the Moon and the Sun. Mars becomes the prime determinant for professional matters. The Moon is quite strong in the horoscope. The only planet exerting close influence to the houses of education is the Moon in the fourth house. The basic education of the native was quite good. Mars is weak due to infancy. The Sun is weak due to the weakness of its dispositor and the close affliction of Ketu and Rahu. Due to the weakness of the prime determinant for higher education, the Sun, the native went in for a Diploma course in engineering. The planet that makes a man an industrious person, Saturn, though weak, is placed close to the most effective point of the ascendant. Aries rises in chaturvimsamsa ascendant and Mars becomes an additional significator for educational matters in this case and occupies the house of status and family in the horoscope.

    The education of the native was completed in the main period of Venus. The native joined his brother's industry and helped in management and expansion of the same.

    CHART 2

    Male born 5th May, 1946, 0730 Hrs. 23.09N 79.57E TIME ZONE 5.30 HRS. INDIA

    The Sun and Mercury become the prime determinants of education in this chart. No mooltrikona sign rises in the ascendant of the chaturvimsamsa. The Sun is placed in the twelfth house ruling distant places and is weak due to bad placement and debilitation in navamsa. Mercury is weak due to debilitation and is placed in the eleventh house. Mercury is closely afflicted by Ketu.

    The functional malefic planets are not close to the most effective point of the houses of their location. From the age of 16 to 19, he was running the sub-period of weak Saturn in the main period of closely afflicted Jupiter. The native, after doing his engineering graduation, joined a governmental organization. Due to debilitation of the Sun in navamsa and dasamsa, the status of the native did not match the position held by him.

    CHART 3

    Male born 30th June, 1967, 0745 Hrs. 28.37N 77.10E TIME ZONE 5.30 HRS. INDIA

    The Sun and Venus become the prime determinants for educational matters. No mooltrikona sign rises in the ascendant of chaturvimsamsa. The Sun is badly placed and afflicted. Venus is weak due to old age. The most effective point of the fifth house is under the close influence of Jupiter ruling the house of conflicts. The most effective point of the fourth house is under the close affliction of Rahu and Ketu while the most effective point of the second house is under the close affliction of Rahu. The lord of the ascendant, the Moon, is under the exact affliction of the most malefic planet, Saturn.

    Jupiter as the karaka for intelligence is exalted and aspects the house of intelligence. In such cases the significations of the planet show their impact and the affliction caused shows their influence in the form of obstructions. Taken together, the chart indicates study of courses connected with the determinant planets the Sun, Venus, Ketu and Jupiter. The position of the lord of the second house in the twelfth house in addition to the significators, weighs the scale in favor of a profession connected with hospitals. The native is a medical graduate. The weaknesses and afflictions however caused numerous setbacks in his professional ventures.

    CHART 4

    Male born 22nd October, 1965, 0310 Hrs. 08.11N 77.30E TIME ZONE 5.30 HRS. INDIA

    Strong Mercury and Jupiter become the prime determinants for educational matters. No mooltrikona sign rises in the ascendant of chaturvimsamsa. Strong Saturn, Mars and Venus exert their close influence on the most effective point of the fourth house and become secondary determinants for the educational pursuits. The functional malefic planets do not cause any close affliction in the natal chart.

    The influence of strong Mercury placed in the third house near the most effective point gives an analytical bent of mind and Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus all give interest in engineering studies. The native is an engineering graduate from a world renowned institution and during the period of his engineering studies was running the main period of the strong yogakaraka planet, Mars. Due to the strong influence of the second lord, Mars and Jupiter the native is enjoying a rewarding career with an international trading company.

    CHART 5

    Male born 26th September, 1936, 1045 Hrs. 31.06N 77.10E TIME ZONE 5.30 HRS. INDIA

    Saturn and Jupiter become the prime determinants for educational matters. Sagittarius rises in the ascendant of chaturvimsamsa whose lord is a prime determinant in the natal chart.

    Jupiter, the lord of the second house, is in the ascendant. Strong Saturn occupies its own mooltrikona sign in the fourth house.

    Mars closely influences the most effective point of the fourth house. Rahu is closely conjunct with the most effective point of the second house and aspects the tenth house and Mars closely. Both Mars and Rahu become secondary determinant for educational pursuits.

    The strong influence of Mars and Rahu in the wake of weakness of Saturn and Jupiter gives a predominant interest in the profession of medicine. Jupiter's distant connection combines it with teaching. The native went in for teaching medicine. The influence of Mars and Rahu as functional malefic planets is bad in other matters but their placement close to the most effective point of the houses creates interest in matters pertaining to them. At the time of education the native was in the dasa of Mars.

    CHART 6

    Male born 19th April, 1960, 0820Hrs. 25.28N 81.52E TIME ZONE 5.30 HRS. INDIA

    The Sun and Mercury become the prime determinants for educational matters. No mooltrikona sign rises in the ascendant of chaturvimsamsa.

    The weak lord of the tenth house, Saturn, is closely aspecting the house of status indicating status in life through profession. Mars exert close influence on the most effective point of the fourth house. Exalted Venus exerts close influence on the most effective point of the fifth house. Mars is dispositor of the Sun. Mercury is weak due to debilitation. The close influence of Mars and Venus gives the results of their significations while their in process affliction gives their own results of conflicts and losses in life.

    The close influence of Mars and Venus in the chart blessed the native with study of medicine. The affliction of Mars to the most effective point of the fourth house and that of Venus as sixth house lord to the most effective point of the fifth house caused marital discord and problems in his professional pursuits.

    CHART 7

    Male born 22nd April 1950, 0315Hrs. 16.03N 80.54E TIME ZONE 5.30 HRS. INDIA

    As there are no mooltrikona sign in fourth, second and fifth houses, the significators Mercury and Jupiter become determinants for educational matters. Sagittarius rises in the ascendant of chaturvimsamsa and Jupiter again becomes the additional prime determinant of education.

    The functional benefic planet Saturn closely aspects the most effective point of the fourth house. Saturn is closely aspected by Venus. Both Saturn and Venus closely influence the ascendant, as well. The functional malefic planets do not cause close afflictions in the chart.

    The confluence of Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn took the native to organization and financial management. The native is an MBA and CA and is doing quite well in his profession.



    Source your net astrologer

  2. The 11th house is the house of gains of your main profession. If you are always considering this issue, you may not take the proper steps or go all out in doing your job well. Your upper consideration is always - would this action of mine actually caused me to be put in a bad light which would then erode any gains that may be forthcoming. Or would my action 'rock the boat' and upset my current status quo of every month getting a fat income of my well paying job?

    (B) The 12th, 3rd and 8th houses are the 3rd house to the 10th, 1st and 6th houses. The 3rd house to a house generally shows difficulties and impediments to the latter house.

    The 12th shows long retirement, the 3rd shows short retirement and the 8th shows permanent retirement.

    Special mention must be made of the 3rd house (as the other are Dusthana houses and their effects are generally well-known). The 3rd house in any divisional chart generally shows death-like effects. Planet lordship of this house or planets placed in it generally shows no progress. This is unlike the 3rd house in the Rasi where it is accrued in giving the individual progress through his own efforts not least of which it is also one of the Upachaya houses.

    © The 4th house is generally credited as the seat of the throne of the chart. In the Rasi, if one wants to determine whether one can be King, both the 9th and the 4th houses are taken into consideration - with the 9th house being assessed for luck.

    Similarly in the other divisional charts, the 4th house represents your stability in the matters ruled by that divisional chart. Do you have the potential to hold on to your throne? A weak 4th house in D10 is one factor that shows a person who is unable to rise up in his career.

    (The Moon is the significator of the 4th house and Moon signifies fame in the 10th - a King must have a good reputation to maintain his throne).

    (D) The 5th and 9th houses are trine houses and they generally give supporting boost to the career. In addition in the D10, the 9th house shows that the person would like to have a large measure of independence in his career. The 5th house is the 8th of the 10th (an important Karya house). The 5th would thus show a change of career or the start of a phase of the career for the native - generally for the better because the 5th is a trine house.

    Good planets in the 5th house can help the native rise to a high position in the career - more so than even the 4th house. Whereas 4th denotes long term rise, the 5th can indicate a spectacular rise.

    (Jupiter is the significator of the 5th and 9th and Jupiter signifies not only fame for the 10th together with the Moon but also prosperity and growth for the 10th).

    (Sun is the natural ruler of the 5th and Sun signifies status, power and social rights for 10th house matters).

  3. <!--[if gte mso 10]> .......> /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-ansi-language:#0400; mso-fareast-language:#0400; mso-bidi-language:#0400;} ........> <![endif]-->each D-chart there are some Karya Houses - houses which an astrolger would refer to to determine the goodness of the affairs ruled by that particular D-chart. In the case of D-10 that would be the 1st, 6th and the 10th.

    All the three houses mentioned denotes employment. The 1st is the overall employment propspects, the 6th denotes the job offer itself and the 10th the overall career trajectory of the individual.

    (Mercury is the significator for the 6th and the 10th and Mercury denotes professions and career in the 10th and work for the 6th).

    How about the non-Karya houses? These would generally apply to all D-charts and a summary follows of their effects for the D10.

    (A) 2nd, 11th and 7th House. These houses which are the 2nd to the 1st, 6th and 10th mentioned above, impede the proper and smooth functionining of the latter houses. Why?

    The 7th is the house of self-employment. If a person would rather do business, then he would not consider accpeting a job offer as indicated by the 6th house.

    The 2nd house is the house of income generally. If a native's outlook in life is towards getting a job with a high pay, he would be very discriminating in his strategy of what kind of jobs to look for. In that sense it reduces his general condition of employment prospects.

    <!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]-->


  4. BY Hock Leong


    D-10 is said to relate primarily to career & since the 10th house represents career, it seems to me that 10th house & planets/yogas relating to 10th house in Dasamsa chart may be accurate & relevant indicators of a person's career.

    As an example, I look at a particular D-10 chart where the lagna is Capricorn: Venus & Mercury are in Pisces, ie: the 9th & 10th lords combine in the 3rd house. Note 10th lord Venus exalted in watery Pisces; the combination forms a dharma-karmadhipathi yoga/Raja Yoga & is strengthened by Jupiter's aspect from Scorpio. Further, Rahu occupies the 10th house Libra.

    The native had absolutely no educational & family background,

    inclination or even a vague idea of pursuing a technical career in

    marine radiocommunication. A series of circumstances made it happen.

    The D-10 chart seems to hold the key as explained below.

    The native is well employed (exalted 10th lord joining 9th lord aspected by sign lord Jupiter in D 10) as a professional working in the field of communications (3rd house) in the midst of the ocean (watery Pisces). The specific means of communication is electronic equipment/ radio (rahu). The native got his major career breakthrough in rahu bhukti of moon dasa. In D-10 chart, moon in 4th is in mutual aspect with Rahu posited in the 10th house. In D-10 chart, the lagna (Capricorn) lord is Saturn (representing oil) and as lagna lord posited in the 4th house, he aspects both lagna & 10th houses. Extremely powerful Saturn in natal chart (D1) in Aquarius perhaps makes the oil industry the field/arena whereby the native's career & worldly position gets well established.

    Thus, the native's career as a professional in the field of marine radio communication happens to be in the oil industry (and not in the merchant navy). Since the native is running Rahu dasa with Rahu occupying 10th house in D-10, Rahu will probably facilitate significant career progress for the native.

  5. Dear atul ji,


    You need to change your handle to better then professionals around.


    Keep the good work on buddy. However it is just an example case.


















    Respected Sandhuji,


    Thanks for this graceful article.


    It is a verygood opportunity to discuss about one of the most import Divisional charts with respected astrologers on this forum.


    I want to point out another two things here and ask for comments from other astrologers


    1) Lord of education Jupiter in Rashi chart is in 4th house with mercury and moon. and it is exalted in D9 chart. House 5 is occupid by Sun and saturn. can this denote that the lady have a formal education in music, especially classic/religious music. Also Lord of Profession is Venus denoting Arts so she will be associated with music profession officially


    2) in Rashi chart 12L is in 4H, 2nd house is occupied by Rahu and 2L is with 12L. lagna lord is with 7L. Can this mean the lady have to move out of home town, and as her lord of profession is in 6H she may have to job at a place far from her home town. (as 12L is debilitated I do not see going in foreign countries)


    Please correct me where I am wrong


    Kind Regards


  6. Dear Atul ji,


    "Spot on"









    Respected Sandhuji,


    Thanks again for this great article. This is a great example and I can not stop myself by adding a few more points in chart to add in the post. Sorry If I sound rude.


    1) Saturn, 7L is in 8th house, with sun. Sun is in enemy's house and is bitter enemy of saturn. Saturn is too close to sun also. Thus making Sun very fierce and combusting all the effects of Saturn thus creating hurdles in marriage.


    2) Venus is also dispositor of Gullika thus affecting 7th house more


    3) Sun, lord of family (2H) is in 8th house. Thus and with enemy in enemy's house thus decreasing effect of sun and creating problem in setting up a family


    4) Ketu is in 12 H. Thus taking the lady to the path of Spirituality.


    5) Jupiter and Mars has exchanged houses, and jupiter being in gandanta and aspecting own 9 H she choose to stick to religion and making her weak in romance and attaraction to opposite sex


    Please correct me where I am wrong and pardon if I sound rude


    Kind Regards



    The Navamsa, also called the D-9, is the varga for the 9th house yet it is used to examine conditions surrounding marriage or the potential of it. A simple explanation of this seeming dichotomy has to do with the concept of Dharma and the 9th house rules Dharma and marriage is an act of Dharma. Marriage is something we are all expected to undertake. With that said, let’s move on.

    In this chart Aquarius becomes the Lagna lord and it’s ruler falls into debilitation in Aries, the 3rd house. Plus, Ketu residing in the first house naturally places Rahu in the 7th indicating the same theme is being followed as was shown in the rasi chart.

    It’s not possible to analyze the varga charts in exactly the same way as the rasi chart however some things can be identified. For example the badhak planet in D-9, following the rules above, becomes Venus. Here we see that Jupiter, the karaka for a spouse for women and which has already been identified as being gandanta, aspects Venus thereby creating a terrible block.

    In addition Mercury once again becomes the marana karaka by falling into her 7th house. Are any further indices needed to show her seriously fixed karma?

    This situation has been extremely hard on this woman. With her Lagna lord strongly placed in the first house we can be sure she is more than a little idealistic when it comes to emotional matters and marriage is an emotional matter. So what is the purpose of identifying fixed karma? How does it help a person to know they will not achieve their heart’s desire?

    Opening New Channels:

    Let us never forget that the sacred subject of Jyotish has a powerful spiritual base. Jyotish never demands but it does clarify and explain, for those who will listen. Those who do listen are often reminded of the importance of their spiritual path. Once a person comes to terms with the reality of his or her karma, they are then in a position to begin the process of acceptance and with acceptance comes a tremendous freedom. This doesn’t mean to say, the person’s whose chart has just been examined instantly gave up on the idea of wanting a partner. It does mean she stopped blaming herself for not being good enough. And, with the change in her consciousness a major change has occurred in how she sees the world and what she had previously seen as a great loss. It has been some months now since this woman had to face the reality of her karma.

    Recently she expressed thanks for the inner peace the knowledge of her fixed karma has provided her.

  8. <!--[if gte mso 10]> .......> /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-ansi-language:#0400; mso-fareast-language:#0400; mso-bidi-language:#0400;} ........> <![endif]--> The Rudra:

    There are 11 different forms of Lord Shiva in each chart; the one that brings suffering and destruction to the native is simply called Rudra.[4] In order to find the Rudra “consider the lord of the 8th and 7th houses from the Lagna using the following chart. To find the 8th house lord look to the chart form below. The strongest planet becomes the Rudra.

    <table class="MsoNormalTable" style="" border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tbody><tr style=""> <td style="padding: 0in; width: 402.75pt;" valign="top" width="537"> Rasi AR TA GE CA LE VI LI SC SA CP AQ PI

    </td> </tr> <tr style=""> <td style="padding: 0in; width: 402.75pt;" valign="top" width="537"> 8th house SC GE CP SG CN AQ TA SG CN GE CP LE

    </td> </tr> </tbody></table> The ruler of the 7th house in this case is Capricorn and according to the above chart, the Cancer ascendant means Sagittarius becomes the ruler of the 8th house. Since Saturn is exalted and Jupiter is does not have such strength, Saturn becomes the Rudra. Additionally we can see that Saturn is also the lord of her 7th house creating even more of a block or obstacle to her desire for marriage in this life.

    Even more challenge shows in this rasi chart, as if any more is required. Look now to the Upapada, the arudha of her 12th house, which indicates her spouse. (Information and direction for the location of arudha padas can be found in the Upadesa Sutras of Jaimini or Vedic Astrology: An Integrated Approach

    Here we see the Upapada sorely afflicted by the 22nd and 64th drekkanas, the Rudra, a debilitated Rahu, Saturn and the Sun which also aspects it!

    So far the idea of marriage for this woman, in this life, seems a long way off. But before coming to the conclusion that marriage will never take place the Navamsa must be examined.

  9. <!--[if gte mso 10]> .......> /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-ansi-language:#0400; mso-fareast-language:#0400; mso-bidi-language:#0400;} ........> <![endif]--> Next, the marana karakas are the planets that create obstacles for the things they signify and which also tend to destroy the houses they own. Are any planets showing to be marana karakas? The following rules pertain to the identification of marana karakas:

    Sun in the 12th house

    Moon in the 8th house

    Mars or Mercury in the 7th house

    Jupiter in the 3rd house

    Venus in the 6th house, and

    Saturn in the first

    In the chart under examination we see that Mercury becomes a marana karaka as the result of it’s occupancy in the 7th house. Although quite apart from the focus of marriage, Mercury rules this person’s 3rd house of siblings. It will be interesting to note that she is an only child. So once again we see the dictum pertaining to a marana karaka coming to pass.

    The 22nd and 64th Drekkanas

    The lords of both the 22nd and 64th drekkana will prove malefic, creating great harm to the house they fall in and any planet they should associate with. The 22nd drekkana is that planet which is lord of the 8th house from the D-3 Lagna. In this case Venus becomes the 22nd drekkana. The 64th drekkana is that planet ruling the 4th house from the D-9 lagna. In this case the 64th drekkana becomes Venus and like Venus the 22nd drekkana Mercury also sheds an evil light on her 7th house, commonly considered the house of marriage.


    Planets are said to be gandanta when they fall in 3 specific areas. The areas span the last 3 degrees of fire signs and the first 3 degrees of water signs. The following ranges can be called gandanta:

    PI 27 – Ar 3

    CA 27 – LE 3

    SC 27 – SA 3.

    What makes these degrees such a challenge is that they not only mark the end and beginning of signs but the also mark the end and beginning of the three categories that the nakshatras are placed in. If we take a moment to consider the rising and setting of the sun to better understand the influence of gandanta positions it will make it easier to remember.

    The rising or setting of the sun is the time of day when there is a soft light. Yes, the light allows us to see form, but not clearly, it is more likely we see only shadows. The shadows may be beautiful but when more light is shed, the shadows may turn out to be quite different than originally thought to be. Such is the case when planets are situated in these positions. The planets may not represent what we think they do, therefore they are considered weak, if not bad.

  11. A Situation of Fixed Karma:

    This woman is neither famous nor wealthy, but she has achieved many goals and faced many challenges within her life. She has achieved a respected social standing and struggled spiritually, far beyond the level which most people face spirituality. She has become independent and self-sufficient, while all the time longing for something her karma has not allowed her in this life… marriage.

    The <st1:city w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Natal</st1:place></st1:city> Chart

    March 4, 1936 Time: 15:55:00 Time Zone: 5:00:00 (West of GMT) Place: 81 W 31' 09", 41 N 04' 53"

    Since the major focus has been identified as marriage it is only to be expected that our eyes would seek the condition of the 7th house. Here we see both Venus and Mercury residing in the 7th house and the friendly sign of Capricorn. The papakatari yoga formed by Rahu being in the 6th house and Sun and Saturn in the 8th house also stands out. This situation by itself will not prevent marriage as many an unhappy spouse can attest. What other factors have contributed to the denial of marriage for her?

    Gathering Facts:

    When starting the check for obstacles blocking any event in a person’s life we can start with finding the badhak planet. The badhak planet is that planet which causes obstacles, miseries and sorrows in any chart. The rules for badhak identification are:

    For moveable ascendants the lord of the 11th becomes the badhak;

    For fixed ascendants the lord of the 9th becomes the badhak; and

    For dual ascendants the lord of the 7th becomes the badhak.

    In this case we see the Lagna is a moveable sign therefore Venus, the ruler of the 11th house Taurus, becomes the badhak. Given that Venus is the natural karaka of the 7th house the existence of an obstacle becomes evident. To add to the strength of this pattern, Venus is sitting in her 7th house which directly increases obstacles related to everything that house signifies.

    For women the karaka of the 7th house is Jupiter and when we examine the well being of her Jupiter we see it is placed in the 5th house which at first glance doesn’t look bad. However, in this situation her Jupiter is situated at 29°25 ‘ of Scorpio which makes it gandanta.

    So what does gandanta mean and how is this pattern recognized?

  12. Whether we like it or not, each of us must face our karma and whether we know we are doing it or not doesn’t matter. Helping us to understand where our karma lies is one of the strengths of Jyotish.

    Once we can accept our karma, through understanding our chart, dealing with the karma in a positive way becomes much easier. The understanding frequently allows us to be more constructive in the choices we make. This doesn’t for a moment mean the pain or challenge experienced as a result of our karma becomes less. Understanding that areas of challenge are karmic and represent areas where we can grow allows us to see purposefulness in our pain. A birth chart clearly, and sometimes dramatically, shows the areas of life a soul has chosen to use for it’s development.

    It is foolishness to think that because a person knows where their lessons lie that happiness is immediately guaranteed. In fact, the most important areas for our growth usually have to do with those areas where we feel great loss or obstruction. For example, desiring marriage yet finding no partner or having a consuming desire to have a child while remaining childless are forms of karma that clearly show in a chart.

    Before getting to examples of karma in charts it may be helpful to discuss the three broad categories of karma.

    Types of Karma:

    The three categories involve different intensities of karma. There are karmas that are fixed and for the most part cannot be changed without divine intervention. These are called dridha.

    Then there are karmas that are fixed, but which have some small chance of being changed, called Dridha-adridha. Let us not be fooled into thinking that because these karmas have the potential of being changed that anything less than gargantuan and almost super human efforts, are required.

    The last category is unfixed karma, called adridha. which can be changed by focused and sincere effort. These rather simple karmas can be changed relatively easily. For example, quitting smoking falls into this category. Talking about the fact that karmas show in a chart is one thing, actually seeing examples of karma; especially truly fixed karma is something else. Let us not assume all karmas are bad.

    The acquisition of great wealth or power can also be fixed karma. What these situations share, whether good or bad, is the demand of how we are going to deal with the situations that lay before us. In short, the karma we face today is the result of yesterday’s actions and the actions we take today make tomorrows karma.

    What follows is an example of how the fixed karma showing in one individual’s chart has followed her throughout her life.

  13. Expenses and Spending Money - 12th and 2nd house


    According to Vedic Astrology, in a horoscope, 12th house indicates:

    • Expenses,
    • Foreign elements, places and journeys to foreign location and
    • Final liberation (moksha)

    As far as expenses are concerned, this house is better left alone. Presence or influence of any planet in this house increases the tendency to spend money and the reason or the cause of expenditure depends on the disposition on the planet.

    Malefic planets do not tend to do well in this house often making expenditure and making the money wasted for all the wrong reasons.

    Other planets (Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Ketu) influencing this house ensure that the money is well spent. There are various connotations of “well” here. Essentially it means that the person spending the money will be satisfied with the way money is spent. It could be spent on his family, for his own enjoyment. It could be spent on religious activities, e.g. charity to temples, donations to brahmins etc.

    House 11, which represents negation of attributes of the twelfth house is called labhasthana, i.e. house of gains. It has been dealt with in the post on money matters Interestingly, it is not the 11th house that governs the willingness to spend money. In Chamatkar Chintamani, it is mentioned that Jupiter or Venus in 3rd house denote a person who does not want to spend money either on others, or on himself. In other words, the person is stingy with money, essentially a miser. Following this logic, we can judge that lords of 2nd or 12th house if situated in 3rd house or under a strong influence of 3rd house lord, will also give results similar to those mentioned for Jupiter and Venus.

    Presence of Jupiter in 12th house is said to help a person “accumulate” money. However, I am still learning and do not understand well if this amounts to stinginess in terms of money.

    Posted by Kshitij Sharma on Sunday, July 20th, 2008 at 4:38 pm

  14. Diseases and Sixth House


    Author: Nitin Kashyap

    I would like to thank one and all for the overwhelming response that you had given to my last article . That has encouraged me to write a second article for this astrology site.

    Everyone in this world has a tendency to fall ill but some people have a better immune system than others. That makes some people less prone to infections. According to medical science, tuberculosis is a communicable and infectious disease but some people do not catch the infection even after staying with a T.B. patient.

    According to Vedic astrology, diseases are denoted by sixth house, its ruler and the karaka of the sixth house, Saturn. Following the principles of bhavat bhaavam, being sixth from sixth, eleventh house would also denote diseases.

    When a bhava, its ruler and the rashi gets aspected by malefic planets, the person gets the disease of the body part denoted by the particular planet. For example, when a horoscope shows an afflicted sixth house, virgo and its ruler Mercury, the person would suffer from hernia. Persons whose liver does not function properly should have an afflicted fifth house, its lord, Leo and Sun.

    Sixth house shows the immune system - the inner strength to figth against diseases. Doctors, who spend a lot of time between patients treating them, must have a strong sixth house. If sixth house gets strong by having a malefic positioned there, it should be considered good for health, but it would not be considered for marriage. Benefits of a strong Saturn in sixth house, shows the ability to face trouble and fight diseases. On the other hand, a debilitated Saturn in sixth house, which would happen for Scorpio lagna, would give a cronic disease.

    In case of Gemini ascendant, Mars becomes ruler of both sixth and eleventh house and hence becomes a double signifactor of disease. In this case, a person should be careful during the dasha of Mars.

    According of Maharshi Parashara, Rahu in sixth house gives a longer life, however there are certain confusing and contradicting mantras given by various astrologers.

  15. <!--[if gte mso 10]> .......> /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-ansi-language:#0400; mso-fareast-language:#0400; mso-bidi-language:#0400;} ........> <![endif]-->Dear seekers and learners , Listed below is an example as to how to evaluate D9 chart.


    RASHI CHART: Leo Ascendant –Virgo, Rahu in 2H – Scorpio Ju, Merc, Moon in 4H – Sagittarius, Sun, Saturn in 5H, Capricorn Venus in 6H - Pisces, Ketu in 8H – Aries, Mars in 9H.

    NAVAMSA CHART: Cancer, Jup in Ascendant – Leo, Moon, Rahu in 2H – Libra, Sun in 4H – Scorpio, Mars in 5H – Aquarius, Venus, Ketu in 8H – Pisces, Merc in 9H – Gemini, Saturn in 12H

    ANALYSIS:(I have taken only those areas which will involve different “relation mechanism” between the two charts)


    (1) Her Rashi chart Asc Lord is Sun, placed in 5H and its dispositor Jup in Scorpio in friendly sign but in its 12th house. In Navamsha, her Rashi chart ASC lord Sun is debilitated in 4H. Her navamsha chart ASC lord Moon is also debilitated in 4th house of rashi chart. This indicates that she is a pious/religious person (Sun placed in 5H), but will limit her bhakti in tune with other responsibilities (Jup in Scorpio in friendly sign but in its 12th house), She will lack opportunities to prove her personality or her house-mates (4H) will not value her virtuous qualities (Rashi chart ASC lord Sun is debilitated in 4H and navamsha chart ASC lord Moon is also debilitated in 4th house of rashi chart)

    (2) The 7L + Asc Lord is in 5th house. Her D9 7L is also Saturn and is in 12th house and the D9 5L aspects it. Venus is in Saturnine sign in and in bad houses in both the charts. This shows that the native will have a love marriage. (There are many other combinations that may also lead to love marriage).

    (3) Her 5L and 2L in rashi chart are in 4H with Moon, indicating that she is a musician. This also indicates that she will earn (2H) through tuitions (5L) at home (4H) and the students mostly women (Moon). In Navamsa, Jupiter is in Cancer. Assume that this Navamsa Jupiter is “as it is, along with the cancer sign”, kept in the rashi chart - on the cancer sign. Then the “guest Jupiter” will be opposite to the natal Venus in RASI CHART. This also indicates that she is musician and will teach. – Mahesh, this is what exactly Shri K.N.Rao is indicating you to do. He is NOT asking us to change the lagna (rashi chart or navamsha chart). All he means is something like – Lift the NAVAMSA CHART and keep it on the RASI CHART in such way that rashis in both the chart come on each other and then see! (Technically, this means that ASSUME the lagna in Navamsa is that of Rasi Chart)

    (4) Planets in her 4H house of rashi chart are in scorpio and scorpio is the sign in her 5th house of Navamsha. This also indicates “teaching at home”. Again, this is also the same exercise what Shri K.N.Rao says. BUT THIS TIME IT IS OTHER WAY - Lift the RASI CHART and keep it on the NAVAMSA CHART in such way that rashi in both the chart come on each other and then see! (Technically, this means that ASSUME the lagna in Rasi chart is that of Navamsa Chart).



    <!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]-->




    Shukra Lagna



    Shukra or the Venus, the owner of the 7th house of Tula (Libra) of

    the natural zodiac plays an important part in the married life. Sage

    Parasara has advised to check the marital happiness in a chart first of

    all treating Venus position as lagna.

    Then Chandra Lagna has to be seen for assessment of the

    overall domestic happiness. Rasi as well as Navamsa Chart should be

    seen to assess the short comings in the personal traits and behaviours

    of the partners.

    If the Couple (husband and wife) are god fearing, sincere and

    honest and due respect-paying to the Guru and their Parents; then the

    jyotish can take the role of Purohit( meaning who sees the overall

    welfare of the Pura- or the family/ clan) and suggest appropriate

    remedial/improvement measures to help them bring out

    change/improvement in their personalities and necessary changes in

    the day to day running of the domestic life so as to minimize the

    problems and frictions in the domestic and married life to make it more

    happier and prosperous.

    An example/ analysis of the Shukra Lagna and Chandra Lagna to

    know the happiness in married life.

    1)In the above chart Shukra is placed in 11th house

    = Result is Good

    (2)Shukra owns the houses 9 = Result moderately bad

    (3)Shukra owns the 2nd house = Result bad

    (4)Shukra is combust by rays of Sun (as Sun is 2nd lord from Shukra

    Lagna) = Result bad

    (5)Sign dispositor of Shukra is Moon placed in 12th from Shukra =

    result bad

    (6)7th lord from Shukra is Jupiter placed in 10th from Shukra = good

    (7)sign dispositor of 7th lord(Jupiter) is Mars placed in 4th house from

    Venus =good

    (8)4th lord from Shukra is Shukra itself placed in Shukra Lagna is

    good but inactuality it is bad since all the results/analysis factors about

    Shukra are strongly negative

    Next let analyse the karka for stability Saturn and its relationship with

    the karaka of Marriage Shukra to see the chances of a stable


    (1)Saturn is placed 3rd to Shukra in the house of domestic

    unhappiness(12th to shkhasthana) = bad

    (2)Saturn owns the 7th house of marriage as well as the 8th house of

    difficulty = moderately good

    (3)However Rahu’s placement in 7th house from Shukra lagna

    at the same time Ketu strongly afflicting the sign dispositor of Saturn =

    is bad

    (4) sign dispositor of Saturn is Mercury placed in 2nd house/bhava from

    Venus is = bad

    (The readers who are not used to prepare the bhava kundali may note

    that when we take the longitude of Shukra i.e. 10 degree as Shukra

    Lagna the 1st bhava will end at 10 +15 =25 degree; so mercury goes to

    2nd bhava from Shukra )

    Now come to see the Chandra Lagna:-

    (1)Chandra is placed in the 10th house =moderately good.

    (2)Chandra is 2nd lord from Chandra Lagna(if we treat the sign where

    moon is placed as lagna) = bad

    (3) The sign dispositor of Chandra Lagna Mercury is strongly eclipsed

    by Ketu = bad

    (4)The sign dispositor of Chandra Lagna Mercury is placed in 2nd



    house from Chandra = bad

    (5)The 7th lord from Chandra Lagna is Jupiter placed in 11th house =


    (However this Jupiter is being strongly aspected by the 6th lord

    Mars(breaker of marriage) = hence this Jupiter has lost its power to

    protect the marriage.

    (6) The 4th from Chandra lagna is mercury = strongly afflicted by ketu

    = bad

    (7) It is also placed in 2nd house from Chandra lagna = bad.

    So we see from the above analysis that :-

    Out of 8 factors of Shukra Lagna =2 good, 6 bad

    Out of 4 factors of Shukra-Shani relationship for stability of marriage =

    1 good, 3 bad

    Out of 7 factors taken from Chandra Lagna:

    = 2 good, 5 bad

    As evident from the above the native’s husband died just after 5 years

    after her marriage putting an end to the conjugal relationship though

    the marriage was fixed by the parent after seeing 28 out of 36 Guna

    matching favourably as per the 12 Kuta system of match making

    (Refer- Jataka Chandrika)


    So it is amply clear that before venturing for marriage of this native for

    appropriate remedial/ improvement measures ought to have been

    taken and above all- the chat should be matched with another chart

    preferably scoring very high from marital happiness/ domestic

    happiness point of view so that the average marital happiness could

    have been improved.

    Sometimes it may be quite difficult to find a suitable chart scoring very

    high scores on marital happiness point of view- even then an average

    chart could be matched for provided the planetary positions in that

    chart in combination with this chart largely improves the factors of

    marital happiness. This is generally done by seeing if the planets in

    other chart when imported to the same sign of the partner forms

    favourable Yoga leading to happy married life.


    Any suggestion for rectification and improvement may please be sent

    by email to astrologer_mrutyunjay@



  17. Some practising astrologers knew this mismatch in timing, but did not know the reason. Dr Kāmeshwar Upādhyāya, former editor of Vishwa Panchānga published by BHU told me many years ago that all planets start giving results many months before their real Vimshottari timing begins. At that time, he was using solar year for Vimshottari reckoning. He is one of the most busy practising astrologers of <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com><st1:place w:st=<st1:City w:st="on">Varanasi</st1:City></st1:place> and has analysed a remendous number of horoscopes made with the help of all sorts of methods. Now he is convinced that lunar year should be used for Vimshottari reckoning, but fears that majority of astrologers will become his opponent due to professional reasons, hence keeps quiet but uses lunar year in his own computations. Same is the case with some other reputed astrologers.

    But there is another, more serious, problem : use of Drikpakshiya Moon in Vedic Astrology, which results in considerable error in Vimshottari reckoning. But the magnitude of this error remains constant throughout the life of a native. For instance, if a planet starts giving its results 6 months before its computed time according to lunar year, all planets will show same error of 6 months throughout the life of that native. Hence, it will be easy to recognize that there is an error of 6 months, which can be remedied by using Saurpakshiya correctives according to ancient techniques. Magnitude of this error is different for different persons, sometimes running into years !

    How long this wrong Vimshottari year will prevail is a matter of our collective choice. Test of the pudding lies in tasting it. Predictive (Phalita) astrology of Vedic sages is an exact science, provided we keep true to their Ganita. Grahas of Vedic Jyotisha are deities, according to all ancient authorities, and deities cannot be perceived sensorily. I have dared to write on this blasphemous topic in an age of materialism, in which material objects of sky are believed to be deities. Let me see what is the reaction !

  18. Rule-II :

    Now let us consider another problem. Suppose we are in a situation in which we an answer in binary language or yes or no. Eg., whether one will pass or fail in an examination, live or die during a critical surgery, etc. Mixed answers will not do under such circumstances. Such cases are rare when a patients neither lives nor dies, and relapses in a coma, or a student's result is washed away by floods in the board office.

    In such situations, we have to evaluate the net auspiciousness or inauspiciousness of all the five kāraka planets of five levels of Vimshottari, taking into account benefic and malefic properties of each of them. Long practice coupled with intuition developed by means of inner purity helps in this evaluation. During such an evaluation, an exalted planet in 12th mansion must be counted as a normal planet.

    Only general outlines are presented here. Both of above laws work always work perfectly, but only when we follow the siddhānta (mathematics) of ancient sages.

    I said above "Both of above laws work always work perfectly, but only when we follow the siddhānta (mathematics) of ancient sages."

    Prevalent methods of computing Vimshottari dashās contain two major sources of error in timing, one on account of Drikpakshiya Moon and another on account of wrong duration of 'year' used. Canonical texts strictly define Vimshottari's year to be of 360 days. Solar year is slightly over 365 days. Hence, Solar year must not be used for Vimshottari. Vimshottari is made from lunar asterism (nakshatra). Hence its year is lunar. Lunar year is of 360 lunar days (tithis). This is Vimshottari's year. Unfortunately, few astrologers use this correct year for Vimshottari computations. As a result, there is a 3.07% error in the length of Vimshottari year. If true moon is acurately computed, Vimshottari timing at birth will be correct, but will err by one year after 32.57 years, by two years after 65 years, and so on. As a result, 8% of mahādashā timings and 70% of antar-dashā timings will be wrong ! Very few persons will have accurate pratyantaras in their Vimshottari tables ! If birthtime true moon is also wrong, there will be greater error !

    Among all the Vedic softwares I have hitherto seen, only two softwares give the option of selecting lunar year in computing Vimshottari, and few people take advantage of these options ! New theories of predictive astrology (Phalit Jyotisha) are being invented to account for the mismatch in predictions and reality, instead of trying the ancient method of sages.

  19. But during Saturn's MD and Jupiter's AD, things were good for the same native, because Saturn, being an auspicious planet (kendresh plus trikonesh) gave its good results through its yuti relative jupiter, and suppressed the bad effects of malefic Jupiter due to mutual enmity. It was the best period in the life of same native and he excelled in whatever he attempted ! Thus, Jupiter's MD gave both best and worst results in the life of a single native.

    It is a general principle, which works only when aspects of both planets (eg, planets causing MD and AD) are nearly equal upon the bhāva we are analyzing. If any one of them has very strong influence in comparison to the other planet over that particular bhāva, the stronger planet will break the above rule and give its own good or bad fruits in proportion of its strength.

    Net result becomes more complex when influences of other planets are also considered, which we must do, because many influences are effective for whole life irrespective of dashā. For instance, a person will not become long during MD of Saturn and dwarf during MD of Mercury.




    Often a planet possesses both good and bad attributes. How we should decide when we get which result during the dashās of such a planet of mixed attributes ? For instance, if a student takes appears in an examination during the dashā of such a planet, whether he/will get through or fail? Or will he hover at the passing point ?

    For instance, if Jupiter is in moolatrikona in a particular horoscope , it is highly auspicious on account of that. But if it is lord of 6th and 11th houses at the same time, it is highly malefic.

    It is wrong to assume that these opposite attributes cancel each other. In rainfall analysis, I found that such planets cause excessive rainfall on account of being in moolatrikona, but cause destruction from rains and/or flooding due to their malefic nature.

    I have worked for many years in rain prediction, and there I had faced tricky questions. What will be total amount of rainfall due to a planet which is good (eg, exalted) and bad (eg, in 12th house)? The answer I found, from analysis of past data of 136 years procured from IITM (Pune) is that net result will be nearly ±5% of normal rainfall, if other planets do not influence that particular region (ie, have no aspect and no relation with rain's kāraka). But places pierced (viddha) by malefic planets in Sarvatobhadra chakra in that region will be badly hit by excessive or scanty rainfall depending upon magnitude of aspect, and places pierced by benefics will be blessed with rains conducive to good harvest.

    In individual horoscopes, similar situations, however, produce different problems. Many persons are confused about malefic and benefic planets. Jupiter as lord of 3rd and 6th houses is malefic, but if it is situated in mooltrikona, it is benefic as well. Now a question arises : when such a planet will give its good results, and when its malefic fruits will be reaped ?

    Rule-I :

    The answer is simple : during MD (mahādashā) of Jupiter, one will get good results during AD (antardashā) of Jupiter's own AD or ADs of friendly relatives, and bad results during ADs of enmical planets. This principle works down to prāndashā level. For instance, if such a mixed Jupiter is kāraka of sukshma-dashā, it will give give good results during prāna-dashā of its friends and bad results during prāna-dashā of its enemies.

    For instance, a native topped school board exams during Jupiter's MD and Jupiter's AD (pratyantara and sukshma were of auspicious planets too). But the same native failed to get through the examinations just two years later during AD of Saturn, although Saturn was lord of 4th and 5th houses and was therefore auspicious for that native. The cause was mutual enmity and conjunction (yuti) relation between Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter gave its good results during its own AD , but during Saturn's AD mainly the malefic results of Jupiter were manifest, benefic results of both Jupiter and Saturn lied dormant. It was the worst period in the life of that native. He could not leave his house for a long period due to illness, depression and bad relations with everyone, and failed in examinations.

  21. Malefics in the 2nd house

    (Article written in 2001)

    When a natural malefic planet like Mars, Saturn and Rahu is placed in the 2nd house, it will sometimes have a bad effect on married life. In this connection I would like to show an interesting horoscope of a man, who has been married three times, widowed twice and divorced once. He has seen a lot of troubles in married life, and even now, at the advanced age of 72, the ghost of his deceased first wife is still haunting him.

    Please see the following horoscope:

    Male, Jun 1st, 1929, Time: 06:00AM, Zone: 1:00, DST: 0

    Long. 08E52 Lat: 54N56,

    Asc 16-45 Gem

    Sun 17-22 Tau

    Moon 23-06 Aqu

    Mars 17-46 Can

    Merc 29-04 Tau R

    Jup 04-32 Tau

    Ven 05-46 Ari

    Sat 05-37 Sgt R

    Rahu 28-15 Ari

    Ketu 28-15 Lib

    Looking at his horoscope it is easy to see that something is wrong with the 7th house in this case:

    1. A natural malefic (Saturn) in the 7th.

    2. 8th-Lord is in the 7th.

    3. 7th-lord Jupiter is in the 12th.

    4. Karaka Venus is with Rahu in the sign of Mars.

    5. Ketu in the 7th from Venus, and 7th-lord from Venus debilitated.

    6) The Dara-karaka, Jupiter, is in the 12th according to Jaimini.

    But in my opinion the primary cause of the troubles is the debilitated Mars in the 2nd house (8th from the 7th house). This is causing the worst troubles, which are all related to the death of his first wife.

    Vimsottari Dasa

    He was married to his first wife about the age of 21-22 during the dasa of Saturn placed in the 7th house. But due to marriage-troubles his first wife committed suicide when he was 47 and running junction-point between Mercury and Ketu dasa. According to the Nadis malefic events like this often takes place at the time when one Dasa ends and the next one takes over. These changes of Dasas are referred to as the junction-points.

    Niryana Shoola Dasa

    This is one of the Rasi Dasas of Jaimini, according to which each Rasi has a period of 9 years. In case of odd signs the Dasas runs from the Ascendant in direct order, and in case of even sign the Dasas runs in the reverse order.

    Some Hindu astrologers are of the opinion that Niryana Shoola Dasa runs from the 7th house in case of even sign. I, however, do not share this opinion.

    According to some Hindu astrologers, the Niryana Shoola Dasa is only for predicting death of certain relatives and death of one self. But I do not agree to this point of view. It has been my impression that this dasa-system can be profitably used for predicting many kinds of important events - and it even works very well in combination with the transits.

    When this man in question was 47 years of age and experiencing the suicide of his first wife, he was running the end of Scorpio, his 6th Niryana Shoola Dasa.

    My first level of judgment would be that Scorpio is ruled by Mars which is placed debilitated in his natal 2nd house (8th from 7th).

    Second level of judgment would be to consider the situation of the 7th house from running Scorpio-Dasa itself.

    In the 7th house from Scorpio we find Mercury and Jupiter the two Rudra-planets, which being the 2nd- and the 8th-lords are considered to be a kind of Maraka-planets according to Jaimini.

    Then there is the 7th-lord is in the 6th house with Rahu, which is a more severe affliction. And last but not least in the 2nd house from Scorpio we find Saturn, a natural malefic planet, inclined to harm the 7th house by being in the 8th from the 7th.

    With Niryana Shoola Dasa we also have the possibility of getting a second opinion by turning the table, so to speak, by judging the running Dasa from its 7th house. In this case it would be Taurus and the 7th house from Taurus is actually ruled by the debilitated Mars.

    In my opinion the marriage-troubles in this period are mostly caused by the position of Saturn in the 2nd house.

    Parasara’s Sudarsharna Progressions

    Instead of dividing the Shoola dasas into sub-periods I use a different concept described in the last part of the chapter about Sudarsharna Chakra in Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra. It is a kind of Rashi-Dasa giving one year for each sign starting from the Ascendant, so that we get the same Rasi running once in every 12 years. In the Tajaka-school this method is called Muntha and is sometimes used in connection with Varshaphal or Solar-return-charts.

    According to Sudarsharna Progressions this man will be running Taurus rashi at the age of 47. From Taurus we find Jupiter in the 1st house, but it is the lord of the 8th house! Further the Karaka-planet Venus is in the 12th and what is very important we find the 7th-lord Mars is debilitated in Cancer.

    Transit Saturn

    At age of 47 at the precise date of the death of his first wife Saturn was transitting at 17 degree Cancer. This is exactly upon the degree of his natal Mars. Now, please look upon this Mars from all these different angels:

    1. Mars is in the 2nd house from the Ascendant (Mangal-dosha).

    2. Mars is the debilitated 7th-lord in the 4th house from Venus.

    3. Mars is the lord of the 6th Shoola-dasa and debilitated.

    4. Mars is the 7th-lord from the Sudarsharna-Rasi at the age of 47.

    Seeing the importance of this Saturn transit triggering the natal Mars, I wanted to find out what kind of malefic event happened 29½ years earlier when Saturn was transitting this Mars for the first time?

    I was then told that while being a young man of 18 years he was then violently sedated and raped by an adult homosexual man, who was later charged and imprisoned for this crime.

    The Ghost

    I’m no expert on ghosts, but I have a feeling that being haunted by the ghost of his ex-wife could be due to a certain feeling a guilt, which is very normal for the related persons in cases of suicide. Anyhow looking at his horoscope, perhaps the following horoscopic details could indicate the ghost of his ex-wife:

    1. The 8th-lord Saturn is RETROGRADE in the 7th house.

    2. Venus is with Rahu - a ghostly planet.

    3. The 7th-lord and Dara-karaka Jupiter is in the 12th.

    These are of course only suggestions. It is very difficult to be sure about anything in connection to ghosts. Perhaps it is also a better idea to concentrate about such things that can actually be verified.



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