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  1. Well I have heard from a few traditionaists who WOULD count it as gajakeshari IF especially it recurs from other lagnas (sun, moon). There is definite shastric precidence for conjunctions crossing rashi borders in the case of combustion.
  2. Because the signs themselves BECOME the bhavas. When a person is born everything crystalizes to create the karmic samskara that propells their live. The sign in which the "cusp" of the 1st house falls literally BECOMES the 1st house. I was taught that this is a fundamental tennant. Bhava Chalit and fixed bhavas are still useful in a secondary fashion even in natal charts, but they are used more prominently in other types of specific situations that I am not very familiar with.
  3. Of course there's an esoteric reason as well. Moon = Krishna, Taurus = Venus = Sri Radha.
  4. There are several coinciding factors which make taurus the place where the moon operates best. (Specifically the most exalted spot in taurus is 3º, which is when the moon is in the lunar zodiac "Krittika" and the 108th Zodiac of Capricorn). 1) Moon is water, Taurus is earth. Earth + Water = Fertility and fertility is extremely important to the moon. 2) There are two other earth signs, Capricorn and Virgo. Virgo is not as good because it is an infertile sign. Capricorn is better than Virgo, but saturn is less womanly than Venus. Venus rules Taurus. Therefore ... ...Moon (Female) + Taurus/Venus (Female) = excellent synergy. 3) Notice that the exaltation degree (3º) occurs when the moon is simultaneously in the main sign of Taurus and the 108th division of Capricorn! 4) Taurus is STABLE, and the moon's only real weakness is that it waxes and wanes and lacks stability. The other two earth signs are not stable (Capricorn is a growth sign and Virgo is a dual sign) - therefore Taurus is the best place to counterbalance the instability of the moon and make it very strong!!! 5) The lunar zodiac Krittika (which is at 3º Taurus) is owned by the Sun. This is the finishing touch on fertility. Earth from Taurus, Water and motherhood from Moon, + sunlight from Krittia. Therefore 3º taurus is the absolute most wonderful spot for the moon!
  5. What I'm saying is that you clearly dislike me. If the Sun is in Leo/Simha the sun will be VERY happy. There are several reasons, the primary being that he owns that rashi/sign. Since he owns it, all of it's qualities, including element, are compatible with his. Naturally. If the sun is in Leo in the 2nd House the sun will still be quite strong. His fire element will NOT be as pronounced however, because the 2nd bhava IS an earth / artha bhava and will detract somewhat from the fire sign that builds it. This discussion is now pertaining to an entirely different thread. But, you were discussing "compatibility" so I had the distinct impression that you were discussing the assessment of compatibility of TWO individuals. Perhaps I misunderstood you, for which I apologize. Since I thought you were discussing elemental compatibility between individuals I brought up that elemental signs can be either 2 or 4 bhavas away from each other and therefore might be either complimentary or non-complimentary. It now appears, however that you were discussing the compatibility of a planet in a sign. And I agree.
  6. No it's really very basic vedic astrology. I said that YOUR presentation of Prabhupada's statement was *interesting*, but that it had some flaws when viewed against more basic rules of compatibility. Of course elemental compatibility is fundamental. Prabhupada was no Jyotishi - but still this is common knowledge. I simply felt that the way you put it could be wrong it it was taken to mean the elements of the rashis and bhavas. Rather it means that the element of the planet should be compatible with the element of it's rashi and bhava for best effect. I agree 100%! I don't sell software generated reading. I give them away for free as a courtesy service, and I personally wrote the entire software that I use. Do you think I don't use ayanamsha? Yes. So? In a Vedic chart afflictions to the 1st House, 1st Sign and Lord of the 1st House signify afflictions to the head, such as migranes. This will be particularly true if it recurs in relation to the chandra lagna and the surya lagna. Please don't try to argue with me simply out of anger or hatred. I can out argue almost ANYONE. And I don't want to waste my time. When I am wrong I plainly admit it, as you will find I did elsewhere on this forum to other people. I don't mind being wrong at all, but I don't like you personally bearing hatred towards me for some dogmatic reason. If you don't like me please ignore me. From now on I will ignore you unless you indicate that you would like an improved relationship. Jai Hanuman.
  7. Bija, I am not really a big follower of politics, I'm more of an "8th House" person. But some mentors and colleges are really into political analysis. I haven't heard them mention anything about putin. But I'll ask. Yours, Vic
  8. Sorry i just have to laugh. =) The hijackers are prajalpa-basis. THAT'S my point. Stop all this focus on gramya-katha and the ship will fly right. xoxox, long haired hippie sense-gratifier: Vraja Kishor Das
  9. If the native is healthy, maybe your interpretation is off? What would be wrong with any standard remedies for the moon? I would not use a stone, personally - but would use a mantra based on om soom soomaaya nahah. I would encourage drinking of milk, and observation of the moon on a religious and devotional basis.
  10. Hart de Fouw also explains this nicely in "Light on Life" A nakshatra is the portion of the sky that the moon moves through over the course of 1 day. It takes, on average, between 27 and 28 days for the moon to come back to it's original place, over the course of the month. Thus originally the sages counted 28 nakshatras. However... 28 is not a multiple of 9 or 12 (9 planets, 12 signs, and 9*12=108) so it was disfavored and a system of 27 nakshatras of equal size (3 1/3 degrees each) was uniformly adopted by jyotisha. This transition from 28 to 27 was solidified all the more with the development and importance of the dasha systems which relay on 9 rulerships of the nakshatras, so the nakshatras needed all the more to be a multiple of 9. Muhurta Jyotish held on to the 28th nakshatra, and it is still utilized in that arena.
  11. http://www.vedicastrologer.net/readings/_free/Shadoe.pdf Another interesting Cancer chart. BUT your degree is almost 30! are you sure of your birth time? Slight difference will have a huge effect.
  12. http://www.vedicastrologer.net/readings/_free/AvinashChandra.pdf I think the Lunar nakshatras will be very important to observe in your case, in a full reading. One would expect Venus and Jupiter to be more influential but you haven't yet come into Venus' dasha, and jupiter you just caught the tail end of at birth. Rahu and the Sun in the 12th... and 5th L mercury also... are causing difficulties. But Jupiter and Venus would like to help this.
  13. http://www.vedicastrologer.net/readings/_free/Chethana.pdf Rahu dash lasts for 18 years! To investigate that question appropriately will require a full reading. However, glance at the situation of Rahu in the overview for a basic hint. Also, since she is quite young please read carefully, a child should have a thorough reading, not just an overview.
  14. http://www.vedicastrologer.net/readings/_free/Sheel.pdf PS - very interesting at first glance! lagnesh is full puvabhadrapad moon in mrit-avast in ayush-bhav with Jupiter and 9th Lord venus is in mrt-avasth ashlesh in the ascendant. VERY interesting!
  15. what i'm saying is that you should get into Krishna katha! =) not muth-katha. i'm saying it in a friendly way. take it to heart, with love. THAT is the real problem with the "institutions" and that's what needs to be corected first. Jai Radhey
  16. VK Shridhar, I stand corrected. Thank you! See. BPHS 7.28-29 I'm not sure if I will *practically* consider the moon combust, or simply dark and empty. But you are correct. Parashara says the moon is combust within 12 degrees of the sun. Thank you for your attention. - Vic
  17. In case you are inclined to math, here are some formulas pertaining to calculating nakshatra and navamsha NAVAMSHA: $degrees = (($sign-1)*30)+$degree; $nav = (floor($degrees/3.33)+1)%12; Take the number of the sign, subtract 1, multiply that by 30 and add the number of degrees progressed in that sign.... then divide that by 3.333, lose the remainder, add one, divide by 12 and take the modulus. That shows the number of the navamsha rashi. NAKSHATRA: $degrees = (($sign-1)*30)+$degree; $nak = floor($degrees/13.33)+1; Nakshatra is the same method almost exactly... subtract one from the number of a graha's sign. multiply by 30 and add the degrees progressed within the sign. Now with that number, divide by 13.33. Lose the remainder and add one. That's the number (1-27) of the nakshatra.
  18. afflictions to aries, ruler of the 1st house and the first house will affect the head. and likely result in migranes. simple precept.
  19. post your name date, time & place (city/state/country) of birth gender
  20. I don't have enough posts to send private messages yet, so I can't reply to yours. Please contact me at vicdicara@gmail.com
  21. Ah then perhaps you are not aware that the 1st Bhava/Rashi is fire, 2nd is earth, 3rd is air, 4th is water? see: http://www.vedicastrologer.net/article.astrology_basics_signs.php Your common sense theory is incorrect, because the person with moon in fire would be, let's say Sagittarius (there are 3 fire signs to choose from, Aries, Leo and Sag). Now if the water moon is Scorpio (there are 3, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces), you are correct there will be difficulty in relating because Scorpio is 2/12 from Sag. But if the water moon is Pisces there will not be this difficulty. Thus I don't believe your common sense theory would hold up in practice.
  22. http://www.vedicastrologer.net/answers/astrological_indications_of_migranes.php
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