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  1. I have just written an article on this event, which I hope you will enjoy. The article is at: http://vicdicara.com/examples/chernobyl.php
  2. To anyone who posted details after I made this post (page 2) I apologize. Time constraints prohibit me from doing any more free overviews. I will be updating my basic overview, and have developed a much more detailed overview as well. I also offer basic, full and advanced readings. Please see my website to make an order: http://www.vedicastrologer.net thanks!!!
  3. http://www.vedicastrologer.net/readings/_free/Sun.pdf You should clearly order a reading since you are facing serious difficulties.
  4. http://www.vedicastrologer.net/readings/_free/NgEngChong.pdf
  5. http://www.vedicastrologer.net/readings/_free/Mappyin.pdf yes you are manglik, but getting too old for it to matter. for other info please order a reading.
  6. http://www.vedicastrologer.net/readings/_free/Raks1981.pdf For specific questions please order a reading from my site: http://www.vedicastrologer.net
  7. Vakri generally strengthens a planet. An uccha planet will have more power. It's effects positive OR negative will be more sure and powerful. If the 6th or 12th is benefitted by an exalted planet then you will see flurishing of the positive aspects of that house. And reversals to the negative aspects.
  8. Frankly when you have more than 3 planets in a chart it requires very careful analysis and you should have a personal astrologer whom you trust to work this out for you. Free forums are hit or miss, and much more likely to miss when something is complex, like more than 3 planets in a house. Note that 4 planets in a house form pravrajya yoga, particularly in the 12th. Do you have any spiritual accumen or desire to follow up on this? You should have a real reading done. Pay for it. It's worth it.
  9. Dear Everyone, Thanks for your response. If you've posted already I *WILL* reply with your overview. If you've given your email I will send it there directly instead of posting the link here. If you have NOT ALREADY POSTED, please go to http://www.vedicastrologer.net and fill in the request form there. I do not guarantee that I will be checking this thread for new requests on a regular basis. Thank you, Vic
  10. Parashara's light has a palm os version, i believe.
  11. http://www.vedicastrologer.net/readings/_free/HareKrishna20.pdf Mercury/Venus in libra... i've seen this in various houses for like the 8th time today. Looks nice.
  12. Rajib bhai, is this July 8th or August 7th? And by 12:48 you refer to 48 minutes past noon, correct?
  13. http://www.vedicastrologer.net/readings/_free/Manoj.pdf I don't want to answer specific questions, these are just quick overviews. Specific questions require thorough readings. However, you are the third person in a ROW here on this thread to have one of the panch mahapurush yogas, for you it's Venus - "Malavya Yoga" this should tell you something already about marriage! This recurs from Chandra Lagna. Sun is exalted and has a very nice yoga with Mercury in Surya's 2nd and Venus in Surya's 12th!
  14. http://www.vedicastrologer.net/readings/_free/SwaroopBhandary.pdf Similarly, a lovely Sashi Yoga for your lagnesh which recurs from the Surya Lagna as well! you and I have several interesting similarities!
  15. http://www.vedicastrologer.net/readings/_free/Kaveri.pdf Kaveri - VERY NICE hamsa-mahapurusha-yoga!!! (Great Personality: Swan) This yoga recurs from the Sun and is also involved with a parivartana.
  16. Elsewhere I noted that you were correct about the combustion of the moon. I wish to repeat it in this thread. Escaping combustion is indirectly recognized in Jyotish in the form of the lunar and solar yogas veshi and vedha I believe are the names.
  17. Each planet has an inherent prakrity as listed. Each rashi also, and each bhava - inherent. The combination of the three - especially the planet and the rashi - produces unique effects - planets and rashis are are more or less "combatible" - if you were a little less beligerent you would see that i agree with you. In fact I just made a post about why the moon is exalted in Taurus which is almost entirely talking about this. I really don't like you. I won't check this thread anymore. If there is a way to block you I will. I've met a lot of beligerent people, but you take the cake. May you learn.
  18. It's their ROOT of power. Their are two houses where they are at home, in Mooltrikona they are in the root triangle... it's like their office. they behave more efficiently. The soon and moon only have one house so it is divided up.
  19. Rahu and Ketu don't own anything. They are imposters and enemies of the sun and the moon. The sun and moon GIVE property to the planets. Mercury being quick asked the sun first. The sun said "sure, take Gemini, next to me" then he told the moon and she didn't want to be outdone by the sun, so she said, "ok, I will give you the plot next to me, take Virgo." Venus being desirous also wanted land. She followed mercury's lead, asked the sun first and got Taurus, the sun explained "I already gave the next plot to mercury, but you can have the one after that, Taurus" - The moon next did the same and thus Venus got Libra. Mars then got interested, he obtained the next plots, Aries from the Sun and Scorpio from the moon. Jupiter suggested that he should have something as well, the sun and moon gave him Pisces and Sagittarius respectively. Finally they gave the furthest plots to Saturn, but this gave him the largest combined area, and thus indirectly quite a lot of power: Aquarius and Capricorn from the Sun and Moon respectively. Rahu and Ketu get NOTHING because they are demons. With all due respect and bowed heads. I admire Rahu greatly for without her there is no sense of revolution and no impulse to change things. Rahu will be a very powerful force in the comming ages as we move up from Kali yuga through dvapara to regain satya. I pay obeisances to Rahu and beg her forgiveness for discussing this. I am her follower. Also to Ketu i offer thousands and thousands of dandavats. Without him I have no insights whatsoever. I rely on Ketu's blessings incessantly, and he is my patron and I his servant. I beg his forgiveness for recanting this story. Nonetheless Rahu and Ketu don't own any sign. We have been trying to THEORETICALLY give them ownerships, mooltrikona's etc. etc. for thousands of years. But it will never really work because they don't really have a place in the heavenly cabinet excpet to fight with the powers that be. Shri Krishna has Ketu in Taurus and Rahu in Scorpio. I consider this a powerful position for the nodes since I adore Sri Krishna. I think the nodes are to be treated with a different set of rules than the original grahas. You should see their speed and the nature of their dispositer and not try to treat them like the original grahas. I think this will please them as well. Nonetheless please understand that you nor I nor anyone will ever come to any agreement on this, because THEY ARE RAHU AND KETU and will not permit themselves to be clearly known! that is their very nature!!!!
  20. Every planet has an inherent prakrity and element. For example the moon is water / kapha, as are Jupiter and Venus. (Jupiter is also akasha/ether) Sun and Mars are pita / fire, as is Ketu Saturn is Vatta / Air, as is Rahu Mercury is tri-dosha prakrity / balanced, and his elemental nature is influenced exceedingly by his associations. ``` I am not happy with myself for answering your question. You should first apologize for the insults you have bestowed elsewhere.
  21. you have no desire to understand me. bas.
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