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  1. Lord Shiva is the altimate god of all and only god in the universe.This is initial form of god and all wise people bring the way of praying the lord of universe or Vishwanadh or vishweswar.So initially the thought was to praying god in female and male form to teach the importance of both to men and women to form family. you can understand the difference.............if you read below. Lord Shiva is described as Lord of universe and stay in Himalayas on Mount kailash............Lord Shiva was lived on the earth .he saved the mankind once with in herotic way this is history.So many descriptions saying this.He is a Great dancer once lived in.He married got children and have family.He respected the wife and with his heroics he is able to form a group of same mentality.so he has Gana.In their group,Veerabhadra,Nandi or Ideal fighters and he is the lead.They used to save their people for long time.Lord shiva never failed to do it thats why we call him .......No Death for him as a altimate . On otherside.........Lord Vishnu is a Ideal character described just with Imagination.Some selfish wel-knowledged people given more desription to the same personality and gave another name Vishnu. Wise people like SriKrishna,Parasurama or Sankaracharya understand the reality and again they told both are same.The personality was same. Sri Krishna is not god or avathar of Vishnu and was a born in Vishwa Brahmana shaiva family and native local of Indus vally civilized family(thats why in so many descriptions in maha bharatha he was recognized as low caste or culture was dominated with aryan culture).With his quality and knowledge he is able to know the fact and he would like to tell the truth to the world.Thats why he gave Bhagavath-geetha menas the lords Shiva's way.Even you can understand the Somanadh (lord Shiva is their God) and Maha bharatha was and is kernal of Shiva faith.Maha bharatha described Somanadh,Srikandam(sree sailam) Mallikarjuna swamy and Vishwa nadh of Kasi (kashi kandam) and so many other temples of Lord shiva.If you understand Srikrishna never told pray Vishnu or Pray Rama or Pray some other form.He told to Arjuna and all other people to pray lord shiva and he himself payed Shiva as Mahadev.Why he was alled as swayam bhagavan is that he again showed the way to pray Ultimate god( or atleast believe in his words instead of Vishnu,myth as god). Parasurama, all people still in myth as he is avathar of Vishnu.But if you understand his way or his pray towards Lord Shiva,ultimate lord of universe.He never prayed other god.He established so many Lord shiva temples and all are in south india mainl in parasuram kshetram(in keral konkan place,andhra pradesh,tamilandu and Karnataka).Why he never mentioned Vishnu...........the myth. Sankaracharya was the vaishnav brahmin....understanding the fact told Siva and Vishnu both are same and they are two names of same god and he tried to clear the myth like they are two different gods. So I would like to tell the world that makka Kaaba temple is Lord Shiva's temple,Tajmahal is also Lord shiva temple.Venkateshwara swami temple is Lord Shiva temple.(Venkata + Eswar temple mean lord shiva temple,can any one show any of Vishnu temples is having eswar name).So know the real god.
  2. Hi to all, I am unable to understand when Shiva made worship for Vishnu.Bhasmasura story,where the story is written.Srikrishna also showed shiva's supremacy in so many times.If vishnu supreme why he not able to take poison and why he cant save Daksha as he is yagna purusha for the Daksha yagnam
  3. all you foolish fellows, God shiva is Lord for all,This is the basic of any veda or purana. Parusurama or Rama or Krishna or Narashimha or Pandavas Or indra or Soma or Yama or any one else had the temples in India,where they worshipped God shiva. In recent times, These Vaishnavism started and they are explaing the older are tamasic vedas and older versions of veda are not having Sruthi or some thing else. You people always do discussions and not get any thing. First know what is avathar and why they needed .They needed for only Sthithi(poshana) .So all these avathars will come into the scene that the balancing Evil and Good powers. Vishnu is doing his work. If Vishnu is Supreme then why He was joined in Sagara Madhana along with all other gods and Demi Gods and Demons.Why Not God Shiva. God Shiva orders and they will go for things. First delete the bad wings or Ideas on God Shiva.
  4. Could you name the oldest temple of god vishnu,and when it built. and the same time could you please let me know the oldest temple of god shiva. I dont understand what is supremacy in vaishnavam.Could you explain.
  5. Sharabha Avatharam is one of the feorocius Avathars existed and which you can still see in some of the temples of shiva like shreesailam and like olden temples of tamilnadu and like that. Narashimha Avathar of God vishnu was destroyed HiranyaKasipu a Demon king, and after that was unable to come back to his normal form,Then he started destorying the universe with his rage .Tostop him,God Lord Shiva had come with a ferocius rage and shape human+bird+Leo ,(2 heads lion and bird and 8 legs and human body) and then even Narashimha also feared and understand that he is god shiva and then stopped his rage by makingspray to god shiva, if any people wants to know much better you can know through browse in google.
  6. Do you people know how Narashima avathar was end. If you know then,ok Otherwise its better know that Sharabha Avathar of God shiva made end of Narashimhaavathar.
  7. You explained well,ok just I would like to ask the question that what is the greatness of Sri Rama,you explained that Avthar is helpful to explain humans how to lead life. Could you explain in which sense this is better avathar to Harischandra,Devotee of Shiva ( Ancient and Raghuvamsa King) to Rama. If you take normal lifes of humanbeing,compare all the activities then expalin which activity is better to normal lifes. All people (atleast 50%) will think of their parents suggesions and orders. All people can go for marriages only some people are trying to leave their wifes with roumers. So dont concider him better life advisor ,no i dont accept blindly all you people and aryans(non locals) explained . Remaining avathars are good.
  8. hi all, Please dont do nonsense here that god shiva or Vishnu is old, What I felt is that you people not have enough knowledge for discussing world's highest science. God Shiva is supreme and shaivism starts before vedic period and spreaded all over the world.Dont give chance to other religion people by comparing with other gods. Hindus soul is Shiva Indians soul is Kasi
  9. Indianism =Hinduism=Dravidism=Shaivism Dravidian culture follows shaivism and Thrimurthi(shiva,vishnu,Brahma) and other demi god system. Here shiva(ardhnareeshwar) is Supreme along with amba and vishnu and Brahma are supportes for creating ,preserving and for destruction. Indra,Surya,Chandra like all are as for perticular work(kryiya or action or direction).Here all of the gods are having temples showing their praise. From Dravidism,indians(now referring as Dravidians)spread their view god as Shaivism (Hinduism) .After that other areas of world started following the Idea of viewing god similarly but not in the exact way as Indians.So because of that reason in all olden cultures indian culture is resembled. After so many thousand of years other breed people who are following hinduism(not exactly as indians) came to our country. In that scenario so many breeds came to India.One among them are aryans.Aryans feel that they are from Demi god Surya's Family (Raghu Vamsam)and they are great and their forefathers are great.and they are gods for them. They started dominance as they are some what strenghtened people.after that they pushed the ancient indians from well established cities to forests and hill areas.Real Hindus were pushed to South India(forests and hills) and hill areas in north india. They scripted in way that Ancient Indians are Asuras, Rakshasas, Vanaras,Tribes.They scripted in a manner that Their "Surya as Surya Nrayana" after that the Sri Rama(aryan king )as mahavishnu.they wrote vedas(as per their political view not in the spiritual view). and they scripted the society as 4 castes Brahmins,vaishyas,Khatriyas, sudhras(panchamas).Who accepted them given first three categories based o their work.the other callled as shudras.So many ancient indians changed to this system for the sake of leading life.But if time comes they are fighting for their nation and culture. Generation gone.Some native kings fighted back if time comes.the fight is continued the generations.The Strongest native indian king Ravana,some of the ancient indian kings who were blind supporters of their culture)are killed by Sri Rama(Aryan King) The aryans Scripted him as the God and other indian kings as asuras. Here the aryans scripted him as Lord vishnu and he is supreme. Generations gone .time changed. still the ancient Indians(some people following sahivism) are living in Tamilnadu,andhra, Karnataka,kerala,some hill parts of north and central India, Srilanka, singhpore,Malasiya. Some people mingled their culture with aryans culture. After that some tamil native strong kings are back and they asked the people convert back to shaivism(Real ancient Hinduism)where shiva is supreme not Sri Rama(aryans scripted as vishnu) but some people are not converted. Some people are still in a feel that Vishnu and aryans Rama are same.So the Tamil kings are ready to destroy our own vishnu temples(vishnu ,brahma are supporters to shiva)for destroying aryan cultuure.The example is Govindaraja Swami temple.That temple is worshipped by dravidians but destoyed for the sake of Primary issue of rcecovering our own culture from misguided aryans's culture. So what I want to say is Our culture is Dravidian culture and our Supreme god is Shiva and Supporters of shiva are Vishnu and Brahma(thrimurthulu).So Vaishnavism,Shakthism are also parts of shaivism. But now in a feel that vaishnavism is aryans (vishnu is supreme) and shaivism is Dravidians(shiva is Supreme).But fact that is vaishnavism ,shakthism are branches of shaivism . Aryan 's culture is to show aryans kings as gods(sri Rama =Vishnu) and he is supreme.
  10. I never feel god vishnu or other gods have notable bhakthas or devotees which are more number than Lord Shiva and The better cause for become vihnu or other god bhakthas. Could you please let me know for what the reason you are praying respective god. Rama(arya king not indian king) killed Ravana(indian king).So you are making pray to Rama.Now you can pray to Mughal and Britishers also for killing our own indian kings. Krishna,think once krishna as inpendent of god vishnu, Krishna is devotee of Lord Shiva and tried to kill all aryan kings and given freedom for all local indians.So you can recognise him.
  11. So many researches saying that Kaaba(mecca) of muslims and Tajmahal of India are old temples of Lord Shiva ,Means that the shaivism is across the world . In Kaaba,Vikramaditya(olden Indian King)'s incrination was found and Taj Mahal is Tejo Mahalaya(temple palace of Lord shiva which is 500 years older to Shajahan
  12. Demi god means the God(power) who is having tasks for wel fair of human beings and are reporting to supreme power,Lord God Shiva
  13. Hi all, Shiva is the greatest archer(Rudra).In recent times,it was Arjuna ,after receiving Pasupathastram from shiva.He got the technology to use Pasupathasram,which will help to restrict Karna. Actually Arjuna was the best archer in Arya Kings.But If you take Ekalavya in concideration Ekalavya is Local(from ancient indian tribes).If you concider all Ekalavya is the best archer
  14. Hi all, Do you people know why we are celebrating Maha Shiva Rathri . Shivrathri is started as the giving light to the cretures(gods or human beings ) who are in feeling that they are alone and first cretures of Universe . Brahma and Vishnu quarreled with one another and in a feel that they are the supremes of Universe.At that time one white light(knowledge) generated and from some audibles of universe they listen that who find atleast one end of light can be supreme. Brahma started as hamsa for finding the top edge and vishnu started as Varaha and started digging the earth for finding the bottom edge of the light.No one succeded . Vishnu realised that he is not supreme. But Brahma cheated and said that he found the top edge then Shiva(lord) came to them and he removed the fifth head (feel of Ego) and given them highest positions of universe for creation and Preserving for both of them. Could you please try to answer God vishnu destroyed so many of the asuras.So can we give the name Destroyer for him. No we cant as he is only preserver. For preserving only Narayana is there.If any universal problem(high risk) happened then God shiva has to be there. In "samudra madhana" also, all gods had their activity along with brahma and vishnu also referred as per vedas.But did shiva had any activity .Why not ? He is the supreme(pashuapthi) and he describes the activity for any one in the universe and as they had risk with Poison he was there and solved the problem along with Godess.(Sri Neela Khanteshwar).
  15. [b]Can you please let me know the Lingarchanam[/b] [b]Brahma Murari Surarchitha Lingam[/b][/html] Do u have any proofs for "God Shiva worshipped God Vishnu or krishna,ram" If any of you know can you explain proofs. You all have to see this website and olden paints.
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