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  1. I've never read this before, but I'm really glad I'm a Radharani-Bhakta right about now I have a picture of Her alone in the forest that I always chant in front of, and I always wondered if Sri Krishna was okay with me concentrating on only Her form, and I guess He is Thank you Beggar Prabhu for this beautiful post.
  2. That's terrible. Of course one's guru deserves respect, but definitely not so much that you're casting aside the worship of God for the worship of men!
  3. OMG! I've been eating foods with lactic acid in them for years! I assumed it was a milk derivitive (since 'lact' usually implies a milk-substance)! Jeez, I feel so terrible! I'm so sorry Gopala! Thank you so much bhaktajan and KrishnasGirl!
  4. Is your wife okay with it? I think you should also take her view into consideration (if you haven't already) since if you take sanyasa, you'll become dead to the world, and she'll basically become a spiritual widow. But, of course, in the end the decision is really between you and God.
  5. They're one and the same, so I really don't understand the problem either. Even if one does believe that Lord Krishna is divinity in it's highest form, and one of his forms is Narayana, then I still don't see a problem. There are many people that only meditate on the form of Lord Chaitanya or the form of Lord Rama, and they're just as progressed in love of Krishna (through these forms) as anyone else.
  6. Well, the Gospel of Phillip doesn't include Jesus' words in it (or hardly any of them, it's been a while since I've read it). I don't see why I have to chuck out good teachings. They're good teachings whether he was real or not. I like the character of Jesus. I don't see why people have to insult it. Whether real or ficticious, he has some very wise teachings attributed to him.
  7. Hey guys, I wanted you all to know that I'm radherade1657. I had to do a system restore on my computer, and I forgot my internet password, so now I can't get on my email address. So, I have to start over with a new Audarya account as well, since I had an email w/ my Audarya passoword in it saved on my computer that I (obviously) am now unable to access.
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