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    jaya prabhupada
  2. This is by anon devotee, well I know who it is, but person is bit shy, anyway here you go. ____ Paramatma is within Everything? ___ The smallest number of atoms a human being can see is three. Only God can see one atom or two atoms, when he sees one atom made into two god recognises duality. We can see under an electron microscope that a single electron within the nucleus of an atom is both particle and wave particle being material and wave being moveable energy. God is in every atom, atoms have electrons that are both material and wave. God is purusa, not prakriti. Prakriti being the part of the atom that's material particle, He purusa, the other part of the electron that consists of the energy that causes the wave. Electrons are both particle and wave; wave being purusa, particle being the material part of the electron and prakriti The difference between purusa and prakriti is the same difference we see of electrons with in the nucleus of an atom. one part of the electron is prakriti the other part purusa Seen like this even atoms have dual personality. God is in every atom because atoms are both purusa and prakriti Say that within the nuclues of only one atom there is one electron one proton and cytoplasm surrounding the two. Lets call the cytoplasm the wind god vayu, the electron fire god agni, and the proton indra. From the outside of one small atom made up of these three things the centersome we call purusa or vishnu causes the proton indra to create thunder so loud and shaking it causes the electron agni to move quick through the cytoplasm of the wind god vayu out of the original one atom making it two. Thats the divine nature of the atoms. There is a north and south pole in each atom. The atom with a north magnetic pole reaches towards purusa, and the atom with a south seeking magnetic pole goes towards prakriti or material nature. What's left of our first atom is an atom with a north seeking magnetic pole, cytoplasm of the wind god vayu and the proton that's Lord indra. Of our newly formed second atom is an atom with a south seeking magnetic pole that attaches itself to material nature or prakriti. ____
  3. _________ Prabhupada's Bhagavatam classes are always a treat...like the best sweet ball! We hang onto every word, and he seems to speak to each of us at the same time, personally. After class I would ask others and they would say the same thing. It seems that he addresses everyone's issues and questions, and is able to answer the most prominent issues on their minds. If I wonder about a philosophical point, that day it seems that the verse is focused on that very issue! One morning in 1972 Prabhupada greets the Deities as usual. When the curtains open he pays his obeisances to each Deity at each altar, with everyone following behind. As he relishes the carnamrita on that day something out of ordinary happens. He stops the usual procedures of the ceremony and asks in such a frightening voice that we all cringe in fear, "Who is in charge?I must speak to the head pujari." Someone put salt in the caranmrita by mistake, instead of sugar. The head pujari receives a serious chastisement from Prabhupada. It creates such a heavy atmosphere in the temple room...unlike the usual joyous mood. We all question why he chastises Shilavati, after all she is not the person who salted the Deities' bath water! We are instructed that it is the responsibility of anyone in charge to accept the consequences of actions of those who serve under them. If someone takes the responsibilty to lead others, they must also accept reactions for their mistakes. In Deity worship there is much mercy from Their Lordships, but a certain standard must be maintained!! Anyone in an administrative position must be willing to accept the reactions for anamolies committed by the disciples who serve under their guidance. There have been cases where this principle is not honored and people have tried to blame others, excluding the blame of the administrators. But, Prabhupada's view remains the same. If you choose to accept the postition of a leader, you should be willing to accept the consequences that go with the post. Also, this incident revealed the serious nature of worshipping the Deities without offenses. Sometimes in our conditioned state we may fail to comprehend the level of purity and dedication required in order to please the Deities, and Prabhupada. The class resumes after this interruption--but, it leaves a lasting impression on me. Especially the look on Shilavati's face when Prabhupada asked for her, since she thought she hadn't done anything herself! During one other class I got the opportunity to iron Prabhupada's clothes so they could be ready for him after the Bhagavatam lecture. I listened to him over the PA system in the LA temple sewing room. I hear his transcendental voice drifting over the morning air and as I iron his silk garments, suddenly this cloud of aromatic scents surrounds me! It seems like I have been catapulted into an aura of sublime transcendental sense pleasure. The smells of sandalwood, and mustard oil and hints of lotus flowers creates a feeling of bliss-- and I can feel my heart melting! I have never smelled anything to compare to that, while ironing someone's clothes. It seems that everything about Prabhupada is out of the ordinary! That's the day Prabhupada says, "I guarantee that if you chant 16 rounds daily, and follow the principles you will go Back to Godhead in this life!But, you must chant your rounds or Krishna will not accept your service." Without Prabhupada's instructions we would not be able to do anything in Krishna's service. We are lost without his guidance. We can barely understand the purports he has written in the Srimad Bhagavatam; without his insights we are like fish merely flapping around when out of water. The one thing I really like is that Prabhupada had so much love to give all of us. He could really make us feel welcome in Krishna's World. There is no "us and them" among Prabhupada's disciples, for him. For Prabhupada, Krishna is there for all to love and serve. Even the ones who try and fail, even those can learn to please Prabhupada one day. For Prabhupada, the trying is success...and his patience and love for us is unending! by Pournamasi.
  4. Hare Krsna These are actual notes, taken As they are, Please tell me what I should do more, to improve, Any tips at all will be helpful, Hearing! you. ___ 1.5.22- Everything is amanating from Krsna, Q. From the energy, are more energies emanating? 1.5.24- Gaura says 3 subjects in Vedas 1. Establish relation with Krsna 2. Perform regulative principles of devotional service 3. Thus achieve goal (ultimate) Back To Godhead Previous life son of a maid servant- The boy became self-disciplined, essential to make progress in line of Bhakti-Yoga. Thus to take initiation you have to be nice, before & after. Varna system is therefore essential. Quote 'But before the initiation, he (the boy) became more and more advanced in discipline, which is very essential for one who wishes to make progress in this line.' 1.5.25-Sins/obstacles on the Path of Bhakti-yoga, so less sinful more attraction there is a 'catch'-assocaition of PURE DEVOTEES REMOVES obstacles on the Path of Bhakti {devotional service} 1.5.26- hearing mundane things as pose to krishna-katha, krishna-katha gives spiritual sucess, mundane things one becomes addicted to 3 qualities of mundane nature. hearing is important on all levels, by which one becomes more and more attracted to Krsna. 1.5.27- hearing is given utmost importance again, Naradamuni gained attraction for the lord simply by hearing. gross and subtle bodies are emanating from Personality of Godhead. gross-body- temple worship-obeisances,cleaning subtle mind -hearing-chanting etc 1.5.28-Trancendental loving service is natural inclination of the soul-living being, instinct is there, ignorance/passion cover this instinct, so seems important to rise above these modes. by hearing from Pure Devotees devotional service takes place. Q. Why is devotional service compared to a river? 1.5.29- Serve the pure devotee, strictly follow his advice/intructions, to serve this way is to show you desire to achieve success even in the existing duration of life. (faithfully serve)- serving sins eradicated, become sinless=attraction for krsna, and devotional service. 1.5.30- Gita can be understood only by devotees, Instruction of the lord can only be understood bt devotees, so in other word you need to hear from a pure devotee! hearing is given importance again. 1.5.31- You can understand krsna energies by reading most confidential knowledge or devotional service, which it appears is same? must be! by following Naradamuni you can become KC. 1.5.32- Engage Lakmi (money) in Krsna service, after all Lakmi is Krsna or Narayana's, they be happy-) Perfect! If you can't HEAR Krsna-Katha, all the time engage works in Krsna service i.e sceintist,-establish Supremacy of the lord, don't decry Him, quote ' Try to engage Lakmi in the service of Lord Narayana and be happy'. 1.5.33- Quote 'He can convert spirit into matter and matter into spirit. Therefore a material thing (so-called) is at once turned into a spiritual force by the great will of the Lord.' Q. Does this mean everything is spiritual? If matter is used in Krsna service then its perfect, and we can elevate ourselves that way, thus we can realise Krsna, still this world is 'temp' so no point making plans to stay here, use in Krsna service and go Back to Godhead!!! That is way to treat material diseace. _____ That's is so far, hope you liked it!
  5. I've been reading up on Bhagavatam, not neglecting Gita, but anything new always taste sweet, The Purports of SB are truly amazing, I worte down notes, which I may post here, if thats ok, actaully I may do it now, I am such a show off lol, I hope I get some tips, this note taking is driving my memory to new heights! Ps. I am not participating in forums much, got to get rid of my guru 'persono' .
  6. Hare Krsna, Maybe/maybe not, I don't care for anything, right now. I will from now associate with devotees of like-mind, no arguments about Ritviks etc, stop trying to be Guru. I am actually sick of myself, life in general hardly anybody cares for me, when your rejected by devotees, then the problem must lie in myself. Thats what I need to work on. I have no qualifications to be a devotee, but I have to try, Prabhupada's words, all his lectures I have heard, they have put faith in me, I don't and shouldn't be here, I mean what do I know, how many posts have I done? This is not sentimental its the truth, but who cares right? All this posting is giving me a headache, who do I think I am? Some preacher? I couldn't preach to save my life, I should leave it to the experts, I don't know squat. ~~~Disciple means Discipline~~
  7. I come to this Forum for association as I have NONE, I would rather not come here, until a time when this place become Infected with Great devotees, until then I say goodbye, and good luck.
  8. I'm not a devotee. I need to mix with nice devotees, who can ELEVATE me. I don't know why I talk to you, guess I was just trying to be friendly, you need to associate with devotees on a higher level than yourself, I am not one of those people. Bye, haribol/.
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    Haribol! Nitai-Gaura Haribol!
  11. Hare krsna, I learnt important lesson today about Ayurveda, its not the plants extracts etc, which do the work in healing. Its who 'handles' them, in old days it was mainly done by devotees, or at least spiritually inclined persons. Unless the 'products' and imbined with Trancendental potency they are to have the same side-effects as normal medicine.. what do you think? sounds right?
  12. well well, you said it. what does 'Help' mean to you? Something cheap? Now its your turn to really reply.
  13. You started, I just offered my help. Is this how you treat people who want to help you? They need qualification, some standard? Come on see the light. Let somebody help you. see this: www.vedabase.net Humble from start to finish. Your site? Reflects your own attitude and mind....wait.. ... Flowery. /images/graemlins/grin.gif
  14. Yes your right, you whole post made sense except for this part: Huh? You never apologized to me. Tell me time and date. Its fun with you, I don't mind being offended, but your behaviour seems off, too much time..too little space. I have a site, took me 2 hours.
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