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  1. Excuses x300000, In the Gita it says'The devotees are realeased from all kinds of sins because they eat food which is offered first for sacrifice others who prepare food for personal sense enjoyment verily eat only sin' plus vedic cooking has no place for eggs, and why include them, just try it once my friend prepare food-offer to the Lord- and ENJOY- hare Krishna.
  2. But have you got any 'practical' suggestions as to how I can live by the 4 regulative principles of freedom without any difficulty, sorry for any offences caused, Hare Krishna and may Sri Gaura-Nitai shower their mercy upon you.
  3. Hare Krishna to everyone!!! What's the easiest way to live by the 4 regulative principles of freedom, can anyone offer some much needed advice please, thankyou in advance, Hare Krishna.
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