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  1. Nrsinghadev and Bija, thank you soo much. Thanks for the links Bija for the links...
  2. I already have Bhagavad Gita As It Is, but I want to know if there is another good edition out there. Would really appreciate it. Thanks.
  3. First of all, thank you Astro102 Here are my details. Date, place, time of birth : 6 May 1987 ,... 17:37 (5:37pm) Your gender, current location : Female, London (UK) profession (working/student/which field) : Unemployed, seeking work family details (married/unmarried/divorced, kids details (if any), details of how many siblings, details of parents) : Unmarried, one sibling brother who is younger, and living with both parents. Dad is a civil servant, mum is a childminder and housewife. Your specific question : When will I get married? I am not yet ready for a marriage but I am worried beause I don't see myself getting married ever.
  4. No I do not mind at all. As I said, I don't think there is a problem. But I guess its best to be on the safe side and have it checked out.
  5. I did not realise that chanting has to be done in a certain way. Doing the Mantra silently in my mind works for me. Okay thank you, I will definately read the topic .. I don't think its a medical condition as it only happens when I do the chanting. The heavy feeling doesn't feel bad. I feel there is some sort of energy (good) there.
  6. Yes the chanting is very much silent. When I say shivering, I mean I get chills. And sometimes I also feel something heavy in my heart.
  7. Thanks. But I do it silently in my mind. Is it still possible then?
  8. Just curious. I get shivery when I chant. I just want to know if this is normal.
  9. Well like most parents mines want me to get married. However, I am not ready right now and I've approached the scary age. I just want to know when its going to happen because right now I feel I'll be married after 40. TIME OF BIRTH: 17:35 DATE OF BIRTH: 05/May/1985 PLACE OF BIRTH CITY/STATE/COUNTRY: London, United Kingdom SEX: Female Your current status : Looking for work. Educational background : BA (Hons) Work Industry and current salary : Looking for work. Major events ( Good and Bad ) of your life which you remember : Bad experience in school so left school at 16. Then I decided to return to education at 19 and then went on to gain a degree. Family background : Family are Hindus. Father : Business / Service / Industry etc.. : Civil servant. Mother : house wive / Business / Service / industry etc. Housewife and childminder. Brothers : younger / elders and above mentioned details : One and is younger and is a student.
  10. Is it true that you cannot touch the mala with your index finger while you chant? If yes, what happens if you accidently touch it when you're NOT chanting?
  11. Thanks!! Yes its short and very easy to pronounce so I enjoy doing it but I just wasn't sure of its benefits. Thanks for the mantra.... I think my dad would be interested in this one as well....
  12. I recently met my uncle’s friend who happens to be a "psychic" and he doesn't charge people for doing readings. To be honest, I've always been skeptical of psychics and I don't know much about Hinduism, but he told me to do something and I want to give it a chance. He told me to chant "Om Namah Shivaya" before I go to bed. I don't know why he chose this particular mantra for me. He may have chosen it because, according to his psychic reading, I grew up with a lot of fear in me which has resulted in low confidence and self-esteem issues. As I said, I'm not very familiar with Hinduism because I grew up in a Jain family so I want to know the benefits of this mantra. Please help. Thank you .
  13. That is pronounced as Zack right? If so, झॅक
  14. Well people better do something about the caste system otherwise it really is doomed. I know the caste system is outlawed but people hold on to their views like crazy. It makes those who follow the caste system look like the real enemy of Hinduism.
  15. I just want to say, thank you. Time and time again, when I see products in the shops with the label "vegetarian", it contains eggs. Goes to show I must be more careful of what I eat. These pictures puts things into perspective and I will never eat anything with egg in it. EVER.
  16. I could adopt one and let it go but it would probably not survive out there on its own, because it doesn't know how. It was domesticated, remember? I'd rather take care of the animal than let it go because its chances of survival would be very low. Yes, exactly what I was trying to say . The difficulty is that I know of no animal shelter near by, but I will be on the look out. May be one might come up.
  17. Okay, as a last option, which is also true. Why did I not think of counseling because that is a good idea. Absolutely!! Sorry to the lady if I sounded harsh. (I am not married so I don't know much about these things.)
  18. I know I must have sounded really harsh. But is it wise to stay in a marriage for the sake of kids? My uncle and aunty do not get on and are in constant arguments with each other. They are married but separated. This is what the kid has grown up watching. It does affect the child psychologically. Kids are very clever and they pick these things up. And as they grow up they see these kinds of relationships as the norm. So when they get into a relationship, they think it is alright to be beaten and that it is alright to beat. You can still get the love of your parents while they are separated. It’s completely possible and personally feel it is better. But when parents who hate each other are together, I think it is impossible to get full attention from the parent, especially when they are both so unhappy. Children can sense this unhappiness. Wouldn't the kids want their parents to be happy too? Everyone deserves happiness. I feel that having a kid is not going to solve this ladies problems. This man will continue to treat her in a bad way if she lets him. Sorry if I offended anyone.
  19. But it is actually possible to be both. I am both. It would be a little silly to deny the existence out and out. But I still find it hard to understand, and in the process I can be a pain in the back side for people when they explain it to me and I still don't understand . There may well be something out there who created us, but does this existence interfere with matters on earth? I am not so sure. If I did believe then perhaps I would be a Deist. I am still pondering on these things. I am quite confused.
  20. Wake up. You're husband is beating you and you want to stay in this marriage just because you don't want to go through another divorse? Violence is not okay. If you're husband is threatening you with a divorce then give him the divorse he wants. I think he is making empty threats. If I were you I'd leave him. You don't seem happy and I don't see the point to this relationship. I am sorry if this is something you don't want to hear. Be strong and LEAVE!! My advice is don't have a kid with this man because then it will be too late, you'll be stuck with him forever. What kind of person will dump someone just because they can't have a kid. Doesn't sound like love to me.
  21. I have great respect for Shirdi Sai Baba, but he no incarnation of Krishna.
  22. I appreciate your opinion. If I adopt one, I'd be supporting this industry. I don't know what goes on behind the scenes in this market but I'm told they're treated in a cruel way. The more the birds get purchased by people like me, shops will continue with this trade. So perhaps the best thing to do is not purchase animals. Perhaps I should adopt one that needs a home from a rescue center rather than actually buy one. Thank you for your opinion.
  23. Thank you Inedible. I was actually feeling really guilty of adopting one. But this made me wonder. Thanks.
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