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  1. Some time ago, i was reading an article that said the percentage of Christians in India was actually 6 percent with many dalits witholding their faith to get quota. Add together with other hostile elements like the Muslims and the Sikhs and Indian religion is doomed:crying2: Our gurus are more busy fighting amongst themselves unfortunately...Dear Shri JN Das, I know you are doing a commendable job in Orissa, would you please enlighten us on the situation there.
  2. But aren't the "hip and civilized" new generations of (fake) Indians doing just this, eating meat and supporting cow slaughter, infact in the state of Tamil Nadu, cow slaughter though illegal is SO rampant, damn Madrasis :mad2:
  3. Jai Shri Krishna Jai Swaminarayan! Well I know for a fact that the Bhuj santos are some of the most austere tyagis in the WORLD!! In the Vadtal diocese itself I have not had much experience with, I just hope the original sampradaya will regain its lost glory. Pranam and dandvats!
  4. Agreed APJ, I don't know when vegetarianism became equal to Buddhism, except the Buddhism (now extinct) of the Gangetic plains all Buddhist countries and sects eat meat in great quantities, only exception are Chinese Bhikshus. Lord Mahavir Swami is totally underrated by anyone outside of India too.
  5. Jay Swaminaryan and Jai Shri Krisnha to you Daas ka Daas, I too have seen the philosophies of the original sampradaya and I basically agree with it, however can you genuinely say that the majority of sadhus follow their niyam-dharma in the Vadtal/Kalupur? Come on, Daas ka Daas, admitting that there is something wrong is the first step towards making it right, await hearing from you.
  6. Whoever said Shakyamuni Buddha's last meal was pork is following the misreading of the Pali texts, Buddha's last meal sukkara-madava with sukkara meaning "pig" and "maddava" meaning delicacy, so: "in Narahari's Raajanigha.n.tu, among the names of medical plants, there occurs a whole series of compound words having 'pig' as their first element; thus suukara-kanda, 'pig-bulb': suukara-paadika" I cant post url for the source because I don't have enough posts source:
  7. celina12: you silly girl why do you have "Krishnadev" in your avatar:confused: , you will now have the punishment of going to Goloka:eek: . All kidding aside, why do BAPS call Lord Krshna as "dev" I have NEVER heard this before?
  8. I for one used to go to a local BAPS temple, I still go but not very regularily, I have less enthusiasm now. It seems a major thing many BAPS LOVE to do is insult my istadev Bhagwan Krsna in all ways possible. They consider him as ishwar, on par with the devas like Indra etc. They even considier thier guru to be above Lord Krsna! In one of their books they say it was Swaminarayan who was preaching Gita to Arjuna in Krsna's body! Anywhos, however messed up their philosophy is, BAPS is doing very commendable things, their devotees are very focused and devoted to Hindu religion and their Guru Shir Pramukh Swami seems genuine. Anyways while I agree way more with the traditional two diocese, they are WAY corrupt with their so called "saints" abounding in murder, sex ,etc. what a joke!
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