My Sweet Guru’s unsaid message, please listen!

Saibaba never asked anyone to worship him although he always scolded those who came to him after leaving their guru. He always said I am the slave of my devotee.

I am not posting this for debate and starting this article by paying due respect to all gurus and saints on this earth. First let’s answer who is a guru. Guru is the one who take care of you, teach you, guide you and protect you from worldly false desires.

If we look at our ancient gurus Dattatreya ji said he has 24 gurus, how!!! Even the animals and birds were included in his list.

Here we all need to look at broad spectrum.

When lord Rama has come on earth no one has accepted him as lord even Goddess Lakshmi took birth as Mother Sita and still she was being questioned by a washer man.

When Yudhisthira came to know Krishna is the incarnation of lord Vishnu, he was surprised. This is the beauty of supreme power. They came and live life like normal people and set an example in front of us how we should live in this dimension i.e. earth.

Our purans are full of examples of meat eaters. I can give examples there are so many but why! We all know. I have seen so many posts where people claimed Kaba has Shiva linga in closed chamber. So that means somewhere we all are originated from one tatva i.e. Shiva and we all will end and merge in him only. But it’s our guru who shows us the path to meet lord.

I am not here to invite more arguments but just an initiative to tell everyone why and how guru parampara came in the picture. Rama and Krishna and even Goddess Parvati took education from gurus. It was always been there look at our purans its full of more than thousand stories. Are they all fiction?

Saibaba ate non veg, yes, but his Samadhi and spiritual practices were never disturbed even he use to eat anything by collecting bhiksha from 4-5 houses. He never demanded any food whatever was given he ate it with love. His tongue was not having any taste (reference Sai Sat charitra).

Saibaba never said he is god but he always maintained I am the slave of my devotee. Why temples have Saibaba idol? Saibaba left this earthly body in 1920 and everyone please look at the dates of idols establishment!!

Now when Saibaba explained brahm gyan (Reference Sai Satcharitra) he clearly said that start with idol worshipping than go to nirakar bhakti. It is easy for Human to concentrate on human form that’s why idol worshipping is being done. Basic starting of spiritual journey.

We all are living in an era where people question even to their parents, they hardly adore them or pay regard to them, parents are the first teacher then guru comes. Saibaba never accumulated wealth and not asked anyone to worship him. He always wore a white choga and head cloth (kafni) that’s it. Devotees used to give costly gift to baba but baba always got angry when he looks at costly items.

In his last days he said now I am wearing old and tatter cloths and I am happy, in coming time when my devotees will offer me silken and costly clothes I will wear them happily as well. This is the beauty of Saints. They love people for no reason. His life is full of so many incidents where he did lot of activities which are impossible for a normal human, am I saying he is God, no what I am saying is we all are born with some capabilities some special power, gradually we all forget and after some time God took human form and again explained this to us. We all have Shiva tatva in us; only thing is required just to recognise it. All dharmas are one we all are one. The main problem is duality, when we start thinking we are different from God, this leads to the path of ignorance. The crux of purans and Sai Satcharitra. Sai never supported any fast or any particular worshipping. It is always been a devotee who did mangal snan, aarti and other activities. Baba never demanded anyone. Even he never said any unpleasant word to those who opposed him. Even he always said never abuse or criticise anyone so being his devotee I am just trying to give some insight about Sai and his teachings in brief.

guru gobind dou khade,
kaake lagoon paay
balihari guru aapne
gobind diyo batay

No one can take place of guru probably that’s why his idols are taking place in every temple to convey this message “Importance of Guru”.

If my posting has hurt anyone’s religion belief I apologize for the same.