pragnaye vacamiraya vrishabhaya kshitinam sa nah parshadati dvishah- Rig Veda 10.187.1

Rishi: Vatsa Agneya; Deva: Agni; Meter: Nichrudagayatri

Word meaning: Kshitinam = lord showering blessings on the people; Agneya= in the form of Agni, used for lord of fire; vacham=our speech, pra eraya = inspired by insensitive; Vah Naha= us; Dvisha= beyond hatred; parshart= give us relief from.

Purport: Oh human being! Do you want that you should be relieved from hatred? Are you fed up hating your fellow brothers and obtaining the same in return? You have developed hatred to wards other considering that they are obstacles in the way of your happiness, the more you hated them they have returned the same, has not the hatred increased in the same degree? The hatred and feeling of vengeance has increased so much that an ocean of hatred surrounds today you. If now you are totally fed up and want to come out of the cycle of hatred then you wake up and extend your voice to the lord of Agni present in the whole universe, the lord who fulfills the desires of all the people.

He is the epithet of Lord Shiva; he is sympathetic and” showers his blessings. You have to just reach him and he would fulfill your desire. If you wish this whole-heartedly then your prayer would definitely reach with full speed. If we are capable of inspiring our speech with insensitiveness then the speech can definitely reach the Lord of fire and get the desire fulfilled, all the wishes would come true. It has the capability of fulfilling our desire – only he can do. He would only remove us from the ocean of hatred. Therefore never hate anybody thinking that that person is an obstacle in the path of your happiness. Pray the almighty God and then see the hatred vanishes. Once you pray God and reach him the hatred comes to an end on its own.