Text 1

ek-dina nilacale, prasad-sebana-kale,
mahaprabhu sri-krsna-caitanya
bolilen bhakta-gane, khecaranna suddha-mane
seva kori’ hao aj dhanya

O brothers! One day in Jagannatha Puri, at the time of honoring the Lord’s prasada, Lord Caitanya said to all the devotees, “Honoring the khicuri of the Lord in a pure state of mind, may you all become blessed on this day.”

Text 2

khecaranna pitha-pana apurba prasada nana,
jagannatha dilo toma sabe
akantha bhojana kori’ bolo mukhe ‘hari hari’
abidya durita nahi robe

“Lord Jagannatha has given you varieties of extraordinary and wonderful prasada, such as khicuri and a type of cake and condensed-milk preparation. Therefore, take all of this prasada till you are filled up to the neck, and chant ‘Hari! Hari!’ In such a transcendental atmosphere, ignorance and sin cannot remain.”

Text 3

jagannatha-prasadanna, virinci-sambhura manya,
khaile prema ho-ibe udoy
emona durlabha dhana, paiyacho sarva-jana,
jaya jaya jagannatha jay

“This prasada of Lord Jagannatha is worshipable even for Lord Brahma and Lord Siva. Upon the eating of it, love of God will certainly arise within the heart. All of you have obtained such a rare treasure. All glories! All glories! All glories to Lord Jagannatha!”