On positive thinking/motivation/attitude, millions of pages have already been written and I don’t want to add any. I would like to bring forth the eternal words of Lord Krishna from the pages of our wonderful Heritage of scriptures. Lord is showing the way to Arjun who has lost hope and faith in himself, like a coward wants to run away leaving behind the duties of this corporal body. Lord tells him to perform his duties without hesitance and without thinking about the outcome. He tells him about the import of Spirit. We are not the body/mind/intellect/ego etc but spirit, so rise above pleasure or pain and abide in the SELF – which is our true friend. As everyone has been sent in this world with limited breath/life span – so utilize them in the best possible way- do not waste them or dissipate the energies.
I will quote only one verse from BHAGWADGEETA which is the crux of whole of teachings in Geeta in my opinion.

This the 5th verse from Chapter VI

Udhretatma Atmanam na ca atmanam avsaadyet
Atma ev hi atmnorbandh
u atmaev ripuratmana.

Meaning : Try to lift/raise yourself by your Own Self. Never ever
grieve/neglect/criticize/abuse your SELF as you are your friend when you
assert/love yourself .But you become your greatest enemy when you curse/degrade
yourself/feel depressed. So never underestimate your capacities and capabilities.
No one can lift you if you don’t want to be lifted, as a sleeping person can be awakened, but not a pretender. You have to exert. You are here in this planet by grace of God with limitless power and energies in the latent form. Only you have to know that/realize that/achieve that.

These words –nay – nectar from the mouth of the Lord form the base of the whole of psychology and philosophy found in the modern world.

There are so many people who could reach the impossible heights only because they believed in themselves.
Muhammad Ali The Greatest was weakling as a child and from a poor family. Once he happened to see and meet a boxer champion (name I don’t remember) and asked him – Can I also become a Boxer like you. Reply came – Yes my child – why not? Of course you can – only you have to make this GOAL of your life and work ceaselessly to achieve it, make your mind strong and resolve. BE confident and then definitely you will be a GREAT BOXER ONE DAY. – Rest became history.
He said – Champions are not made in the Gyms. Champions are made from some-
thing they have deep inside them -a Desire -A Dream- A vision. They have to
make a SKILL AND WILL. But the WILL must be stronger than skill.

Mahatma Gandhi – a very reserved and shy person – was thrown out of First class compartment of a train in South Africa during a chilling night because of his color. For hours he remained like a transfixed on the platform – pondering over the situation and also his thoughts wandering over to his country India which was ruled by the British and the natives were forced to serve them. Indians were made the second rate citizens in their own Motherland. With thoughts his SPIRIT rose and he resolved to become the pioneer to finish this discrimination first in Africa and then try to get freedom from British Rule in his country as well. His Soul/Spirit power became so strong and high – even the World became small.

GANDHIJI said – You must be the CHANGE you want to see in the world.

OH – our own Hanuman – as a child he grabbed the Sun resulting in total darkness. Then he was made to forget himself/his powers by the gods. But when Sita was abducted by the demon king Ravana and to reach to his kingdom overseas, someone was needed –who could cross the vast sea. WHO ELSE BUT Hanuman – HOW – he was reminded of his potentials and – LO – he crossed the sea with least effort.

So only we have to be AWAKE AND AWARE OF OUR OWN SELF. We – The children of God – How can we be timid/coward/depressed/fearful. Lord Jesus said –
BEHOLD – KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN YOU – only you have to stretch and fetch it- and that is possible only when you dive deep into SELF.

A child born to a wealthy person inherits his wealth/business automatically – likewise –we the children of God who are entitled to inherit HIS KINGDOM/HIS ABUNDANCE – HAVE TO CLAIM IT /SEEK IT/ POSSESS IT .
– those who win the matches/games/competitions become HERO
– those who amass wealth in business and trade become RICH
– those who unravel the secrets of nature become SCIENTIST
– those who win over masses and country men become LEADERS
– But those who win over SELF become the MASTERS
– like Vivekananda,GuruNanak,MotherTeresa, Buddha-Mahavir

Sudesh Jain