After more than a year of work, a new Hindu temple has opened up in the city of Wmbley. The project, named the Sanatana Hindu Temple, cost a total of 16 million pounds to complete.

The temple was built and designed according to ancient traditional methods as outlined in the shila shastra texts, using traditional materials such as granite and stone. The stone pillars were carved out of limestone in the Indian city of Solapur before being sent to England by ship.

The temple is 66 feet in height, and contains 40 different Hindu deities. The temple is located on a 3 acre parcel of land. The main installation ceremony for the temple was recently completed by priests brought from India. The temple is designed to provide a place of worship to Hindus of every faith.

Ajai Jobbanpura, one of the organizers of the temple construction said, “This temple is a symbol of universal peace, love and harmony. We welcome peole of every faith, and respect all religions. The temple is dynamic and universal. The message of the temple is that all humanity belongs to one family. Anyone who come to the temple can immediately feel peace and tranquility, because the atmosphere is based on peace and harmony.”

The temple pujas begin each day, early in the morning, and continue till evening. Special programs will be held to celebrate important Hindu festivals such as Deepavali, Navaratri, Krishna Jayanti, etc.