Vedas, on one hand describe the spirituality, philosophy, nature, devotion and results of actions; on the other hand they also talk about discipline, policies, education, physics, social structure, nation and nationality. Actually Vedas have an impact on every aspect of human life.

The vedic approach towards motherland, independent nation, integrity and building a strong nation are very progressive and practical. Vedas give special importance to the development of a strong character of the person and his responsibilities towards the society.

The Vedas are also a source of inspiration to sacrifice our lives for the motherland.

Vedas are an invitation to abolish irreligious and non-beneficial organizations. On one hand, they inspire us to build a strong nation, sacrifice our lives for protecting the integrity of the nation and on the other hand they inspire us to throw out the traitors without any differentiation.

Indians have also been inspired by Vedas with respect to the nation and today our nation has fallen prey to internal and external conspiracies. In such critical circumstances, the national policies mentioned in the Vedas could prove to be useful and become a source of inspiration for the citizens.

A nation can progress in all stages if seven great qualities like knowledge of truth, brightness, determination, responsibility; devoted nature, understanding and feeling of welfare are a part of man’s life.

Oh motherland! We possess these qualities. You make us capable of nurturing the past, present and future with your protection.

Our motherland provides several herbs and medicinal plants which help in curing different diseases. This motherland is the resource for obtaining fame and respect.

Our motherland is open from all four sides, it is rich in agricultural produce and all people live in harmony, it provides vital life energy and nurtures the hardworking people in several ways. It provides us with all kinds of food and nutrition.

Motherland gives all kinds of source of progress to everybody. It gives us gold, diamonds, ruby, emerald,silver and other precious stones and metals. It gives shelter to all creatures, and helps in the progress of all kinds, it gives all types of luxury to our leaders, learned men, scholars, in other words the people of the nation should help in the prosperity of the nation and utilize the natural resources.

The learned men serve the nation with their abilities and intelligence, the motherland in turn helps in our progress and gives us fame. Our motherland increases the brightness, bravery, power, strength, intelligence and other qualities in us.

In other words, oh motherland! Your heart and your culture is full of truth and abode of god. The task of building a strong nation is influenced by your culture.

Oh motherland! The snowy mountains and hills, forests, flora and fauna gives us immense happiness. people should live fearlessly in this land. The government should strengthen and protect the nation and every citizen should lead a happy and disease-free life.

Oh motherland! You are our mother and I am your son. The king producing food for us and the supreme soul protecting us is our father. They should nurture us and make us complete because sufficient rain at proper time can only help in good yield of food grains, vegetables, fruits and other agricultural produce.

The people of this nation are always ready to perform yagnas. Different types of scientists perform work of progress and charity. The superior people are honoured. Our motherland is a place where sacrificial fires and other rituals are followed for the welfare of the people; it preaches us good things. This motherland should move ahead by us and also take us ahead.

In other words, our motherland should have specialists in different fields in order to implement different programs for the welfare of the people. This could be beneficial for the individual, society and nation.

Those who express hatred and jealousy towards us, those who attack our army and soldiers, those who want to make us slaves, those who want to assassinate us in our motherland should be destroyed completely.

It means those who hate us and want to disintegrate it, such people should be destroyed with the collective effort of government and people.