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Do you want to write in Hindi/Sanskrit?

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Hey, I've seen what you do for other people, I wonder if you could give me the Sanskrit translation/symbols for the word "Hinduism". I thought I could find it somewhere on the internet, but...yeah. Thanks!


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maybe a little bit to late. Could you tell me if I'm right please? I tried to write Nomy in hindi and this is my result

Nomy ==> no (o like is 'no')

my (y like 'me')


I hope I got it right.




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Guest guest

Im getting a tatoo of Shiva, was wondering if you could help translate these things in Sanskrit or Gujarati.


First my name: SHEEV (pronouced Shiv)


Phrase: Om Namah Shivaya


Also if you know any phrases in sanskrit or gujarati that U think I should get tatooed that will compliment my Shiva tatoo, let me know I appreciate the help.


Do you think "om namah shivaya" is a good thing to get tatooed under my shiva tatoo?

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Hey, it seems like a lot of people are getting sanskrit tattooed on them in some form or another, and I am one of those people! Its a beautiful language. What I want I haven't been able to find anywhere and am not even sure if it is possible/correct... I would like the phrase "om namah shivaya" BUT.... written vertically, down my spine. I already have the om symbol (underneath the triratna) and just wanted some help breaking up the rest of the phrase so it makes sense...

I have broken it up in this way:






and then it will conclude with a lotus blossom at the base of my spine... Is this correct? Is there a reason it should not be written vertically?

Thank you so much for any insight!


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