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  1. You must have used one of the online automated tools to get this. What you have is called Transliteration and NOT Translation. In transliteration, words in one language are written phonetically i.e. as they are spoken using letters from other language. In translation, actual meaning of words is converted to words of other language.
  2. prema = प्रेम dhairya = धैर्य sattvikabuddhi = सात्त्विकबुद्धि
  3. patrilineal = पितृसत्ताक matrilineal = मातृसत्ताक
  4. mother = माता teacher = शिक्षकः friend = मित्रम्
  5. It literally translates to: "We all are one in eternal light of love and God".
  6. यत्र कुत्रापि गच्छामि मया सह चर
  7. Which English word are you trying to translate to Sanskrit? Or is this a name?
  8. pronunciation please? e.g. Micael spoken as 'my-kull'
  9. Addressed to two friends or many? They are translated differently in Sanskrit.
  10. Galaxy in Sanskrit is called आकाशगंगा literally 'river of milk'.
  11. धैर्यवानात्मा मुक्तात्मा
  12. चर मया सह प्रेमप्रकाशे अनंततां प्रति
  13. तुभ्यं जगद्यच्छामि Webmaster-Translations: http://freetranslationblog.blogspot.com
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