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  • 2 years later...

so if you disagree 'yato mat tato pat' then whats your veiw? one mat and the only pat???


what becomes of the muslims,christians and numerous other sects? they rot in hell,right??do you mean to say that gaudiya vaishnavism is the only path?


doesnt that sound like the medieval christian missionaries who wants to deliver the world?


do you at all have an answer?????????

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All muslims,christians and numerous other sects are welcomed to know all about Krishna Consciouness.


This also welcomes inner city homeboys, central american imprisoned and freed gang members. We also welcome homeless people and aliens and ex-Democratic & communist party members and drug addicts [elderly pensioners].


Bring your pastors.


Opps, they are probably at McDonalds. Let's get their attention some other ingenious way, maybe.



Please Stop confusing medieval missionaries with dopes.

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are their paths absolutely wrong according to your perspective?

[No, all that was created is good (It's a question of how much down-time one is willing to spend on staying in the cycle of birth and death).


Avatara's advent to maintain the welfare of the living entities and thus reveal themselves only to the point of the witness's level of comprehension.


God is an Absolute enitities from whom all other entities emerge as part and parcels.


The Indiviual soul's 'Free-will' to approach this Absolute 'God' is limited in it's ability to do so and is also limited by it's lack of sincere interest [realized conviction to do so] due to considering their Body & Ego to be something of great substance.


Reincarnation is recognized by all cultures & religions yet--few speak openly about the simplest of common-sense philosophical self-evident Truths.


[ie: If their is a personal God then, by definition He is Absolute (not temporaray nor maliable to anyones subjective musings.


If there is a personal God then, by definition His name, fame, form, personality, paraphenalia, entourage & Pastimes would be recorded by .... hmm ... the most elevated Language and culture and Spiritual and oldest know Culture ... and alas ... it is!


Krishna as He was; as He is; and, as He will be is described all along in a country that was overun by Medeviel hordes with their own agendas)]


BG 16.18:

Bewildered by false ego, strength, pride, lust and anger—

the Chaos Mongers (the Un-godly)

become envious of the concept of a Supreme Personality of Godhead,

who is situated in their own bodies

and in the bodies of others,

and blaspheme against Sanatana-Dharma saying it is

something that is not absolute.




A the Un-godly person, being always against God’s supremacy,

does not like to believe in the scriptures.

He is envious of both the scriptures and

the existence of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

This is caused by his so-called prestige and

his accumulation of wealth and strength.

He does not know that the present life is

a preparation for the next life.

Not knowing this, he is actually envious of his own self, as well as of others. . . .



The three progressive stages/phases of Spiritual Enlightenment are:

1st - Karma-yoga (Yoga of Action--the path of Union with God via doing Good Actions and avoiding Bad Actions).


2nd - Jnana-yoga (Yoga of Intellectual Study/Research--the path of Union with God via exhaustively studying Metaphysics/Philosophy/Ethics etc; especially the Vedic Literatures to the point of absolute realisied convictions without misgivings).



2rd - Bhakti-yoga (Yoga of Devotional --the path of Union with God via vocation of body, mind and spirit until continuous remembrance of Krishna is achieved and thus death arrives as a conscious passing of the soul from the present body to return Home Back to the association of God's personal entourage replete with etiquette and exclusive Krishna-Lila Star Personalities replete with idiosyncrasies that where pre-learnt before gaining the audience of God and His associates.


and will that imply that only your path holds the key to gods kingdom ?


The Three progessive stages toward God-realizsation/Supreme Spiritual Enlightenment/Samadhi/Emancipation/Salvation/Liberation/Deliverance/Eternal life in heaven with the spiritual Tabernacle, where the Supreme Being enjoys Himself with His innumerable associates:


1st - Brahman-Realisation = ones own Realised sense that the Void is all-prevading empty space the the cosmic Matter & Energy occupy.


2nd - Param-atma = 'Supersoul' the life-force that is emanating from the nucleus of every speck of creation and thus animating the individual living entities.




3rd - Bhagavan = God, defined as He who possesses all 'PERSONAL' Opulances in-full par-excellance [all wealth, all strength, all beauty, all intelligence, all famous, all renunciation]; The Absolute Truth of the Mystery of life embodied in the self-sustaining Transcendent person Sri Krsna;


who is eternally embodied in His ever-presence, all-blissful, all-pervasive perfected knowledge as the very fountainhead of all prime causes of unending nonbeginning time;


who is the supplying fosterer of all entities, viz., mundane and transcendental;


whose beauty and loveliness of is far more enchanting that that of Cupid multiplied a millionfold;


whose all-accommodating supreme subjectivity is nicely manifested in His eternal form.


Whose concentrated all-time presence, uncovered knowledge and inebriating felicity have their beauty in Him;


Whose external potency Maya [who is of the nature of the shadow of the cit potency], is worshiped by all people as Durga, the creating, preserving and destroying agency of this mundane world;


Who is Lord Brahma worships and adores as the primeval Lord Govinda in accordance with whose will Durga conducts herself;


Whose very transcendental name “Krsna” is known as the embodiment of all the transcendental eternal rasas as well as the origin of all eclipsed conceptions of interrupted rasas found in the mentality of animated beings which are successfully depicted by litterateurs and rhetoricians for our mundane speculation;


Thus, in accordance with the will of Krsna, this world is manifested as the resultant of the union of the efficient and the material causal principles of Maya;


Whose glory ever triumphantly dominates the mundane world by the activity of His own pastimes, being reflected in the mind of recollecting souls as the transcendental entity of ever-blissful cognitive rasa;


Who for those who constantly recollect [in accordance with spiritual instructions] the name, figure, attributes and pastimes of the form of Krsna appearing in the amorous rasa;


Whose loveliness vanquishes the god of mundane love, conqueror of all mundane hearts, are alone meditators of Krsna.


Who is full of pastimes, always manifesting Himself with His realm only in the pure receptive cognition of such persons.


Whose pastimes of that manifested divine realm triumphantly dominates in every way all the majesty and beauty of the mundane world.

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