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Low blood pressure

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I just came back from the dr.s office and he told me i have low blood pressure. apparently i have always had low blood pressure but today it was REAL low: 88 over 65 i believe he said.

anyways, do you guys know of anything i should be eating or doing to help regulate my blood pressure? any thing i should be avoiding? I am now 24 and have been vegetarian since i was 10 years old and vegan since i was 14. HELP!!


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I'm not a health expert or anything, but I found these links below which may be of some help to you. From what I gather, vegetarians have lower blood pressure to begin with, which is normal. If you have hypotension (the opposite of hypertension, or high blood pressure), then it's possible that the body is a bit dehydrated. Perhaps increase your water and fluid intake, and maybe increase your salt intake. If you're taking any kinds of medications at all, (for whatever reason), they may be causing this hypotension which you are experiencing.






Think vegetarian. Studies have shown that vegetarians have lower blood pressure than the general population--10 to 15 mm Hg. lower for both systolic and diastolic pressures. The strange thing, however, is that nobody knows exactly why.


"But vegetarians do in fact have lower blood pressure," says Dr. Kaplan. "Maybe it's because people who follow vegetarian diets tend not to smoke, drink, or overeat." link: http://www.mothernature.com/Library/Bookshelf/Books/47/16.cfm


At another site, I found this: "Vegetarian Diet - vegetarians generally have lower blood pressure levels and lower incidence of other cardio-vascular diseases. A typical vegetarian diet contains more potassium, complex carbohydrates, polyunsaturated fats, fiber, calcium, magnesium, vit. C and Vit. A which is beneficial on blood pressure."


Additional links (including books which you can order online) can be found via this net search: http://www.searchalot.com/texis/open/search?ss=s&start=10&more=y&page=2&q=%2Bhigh+blood+pressure+%2Bhypotension+%2Bnatural+cure+


Bhakta Dan

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3 Februaries ago, and they found I was very dehydrated. Like dry fruit. They intravenused me. When serum emptied I went home. Soak your dry fruit. More soups. More soupy sales too. Life is serious, but then again we either stuck or blessed with eternality. Don't bite off more than u can chew. But do chew. Don't bolt your food like that North Carolina Swami. Do u use a water filter? Let it flow.

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although LBP can put you in hospital - due to low bloodsugar for instance - it is not lifethreatening. you could increase your salt intake, to bring it higher. if you would give more symptoms of what it does to you, i could prescribe you a homoeopathic remedy, if you feel the need.


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low blood pressure is not a cause, but an effect. try to get a deeper understanding of your condition, maybe from a good accupuncture doctor.


there are quite a few herbs regulating blood pressure. in your case cayenne might be the easiest choice. you can use it with your meals or get tablets that have de-heated cayenne. Hare Krishna!

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my blood pressure used to be so low that everytime I went to the doc and they checked it - they would freak and ask me if I felt ok...They told me I should have been passing out and not able function. Actually, I felt fine and was extremely active - bike riding everywhere, running etc so I could not understand the concern of the doc.


But anyway, about the same time I started using cayenne for a differnt condition and my blood pressure did go up and it has stayed normal ever since.

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