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Where Is Haridham?

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It's not like him to be so silent for two weeks.


We need one of Bhakta Chris' Cow polls:


1. He punched out his tormentor and is now in jail.

2. He quit school now that he is rich.

3. He was thrown out of school for surfing Audarya all night.

4. His wife is in Vancouver now.

5. We offended him.

6. He thinks he offended us.

7. Pretty boring here of late.

8. His father kicked him out of the house and they have no internet in the Sally-Ann soup kitchen.

9. He has been banned for all his personalist propaganda here.


If we could choose his fate then I choose number 4, but I fear it is more likely very bad news in the Dhama of Haridhama.


Our soap opera has been pulled from the air, and we may never see closure.

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The return of "As Haridham turns"


I am around, just cant visit a lot, glad to know people are actually thinking about me.


The nine questions were funny.


my reply



1....thought about it but paid someone else to do it

2....not rich enough

3.....school doesnt know yet

4....no...u made me miss my wife even more

5...not you guys, just sometimes this site gets overwhelming

6I might have

7...not boring just limiting my visits

8...father cant touch me, he would be the one getting thrown out

9....They havent got the idea yet, dont give them any ideas.



Unfortunatly its not number 4, however the news is not so all bad.


I have been busy doing the paperwork for my wife's immigration and things are getting much busier. I am working full time and going to school. Looking for another job as well.


Krsna is taking care of me nicely. I felt the need to leave from this website as I thought I wasnt contributing although I did drop by once or twice in the last two weeks and I dont know how often I will come on here. If at all. Its sweet to know that people do think about me though.


I have talked to immigration and I think I have told you but if I havent then I will tell you now that I found out that I dont need 20 thousand in my bank account, just need to be a canadian citizen, a job, and the rest of the stuff I have filled out. Just need to get the papers back from my wife and then I can send them to immigration.


Krsna's mercy and your prayers have helped me get through. I am doing great and I am loyal and greatful towards you all. I am not abandoning you my friends just to many tasks krsna has handed me.


We will meet again, I just have to go write something on that Sai Baba post. Heheheh. See you all there.


Hare Krsna

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Guest guest

Haribol haridham! I am so glad to hear that your life is headed in a better direction! We knew Krishna would guide you in time!

Good luck on the Immigration and getting your wife over here with you. Keep us updated when you can

Hare Krishna!!!!!!!!!

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Guest guest

damn, where did he go.

i think we might have said something to make him feel bad, or something bad has happened...

well good to know all is well in vancouver...


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