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There are things you do not argue about

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1. Purity of Ganges

2. Chastity of the gopies

3. About your mother

4. About your Guru


..list goes on.


Just 4 from a top of my head - about this things any devotee should not argue if questioned by anyone. If one does argue about this topics he is insulting them.


One's mother may brought one up from the prostitution profession but you never discuss it in public or discredit her. Same with a Guru. Even common riksa-valla will not discuss about his guru who tought him about pulling his 1st riksa. This is common sense.



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if one speaks to me wanting to know something or wanting to help me, i have no problem... in these circumstances if one refuses to discuss, his faith is weak and based only on sentiment..


of course if the purpose is purely to offend, one, as we know, can choose to stop the offence or go away (to stop hearing the offence)

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