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man without vision shall perish

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Bhagavad-gita 18.58:<blockquote><center>mac-cittaH sarva-durgANi

mat-prasAdAt tariSyasi

atha cet tvam ahaGkArAn

na zroSyasi vinaGkSyasi


mat--of Me; cittaH--being in consciousness; sarva--all; durgANi--impediments; mat-prasAdAt--by My mercy; tariSyasi--you will overcome; atha--but; cet--if; tvam--you; ahaGkArAt--by false ego; na zroSyasi--do not hear; vinaGkSyasi--you will be lost.

If you become conscious of Me, you will pass over all the obstacles of conditioned life by My grace. If, however, you do not work in such consciousness but act through false ego, not hearing Me, you will be lost.



A person in full KRSNa consciousness is not unduly anxious about executing the duties of his existence. The foolish cannot understand this great freedom from all anxiety. For one who acts in KRSNa consciousness, Lord KRSNa becomes the most intimate friend. He always looks after His friend's comfort, and He gives Himself to His friend, who is so devotedly engaged working twenty-four hours a day to please the Lord. Therefore, no one should be carried away by the false ego of the bodily concept of life. One should not falsely think himself independent of the laws of material nature or free to act. He is already under strict material laws. But as soon as he acts in KRSNa consciousness, he is liberated, free from the material perplexities. One should note very carefully that one who is not active in KRSNa consciousness is losing himself in the material whirlpool, in the ocean of birth and death. No conditioned soul actually knows what is to be done and what is not to be done, but a person who acts in KRSNa consciousness is free to act because everything is prompted by KRSNa from within and confirmed by the spiritual master.</blockquote>

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PrabhupAda:<blockquote>Therefore BhAgavata says, "You give up this. You give up this process of speculating." JJAne prayAsam udapAsy a: "Give it up." Then what is next? "Now, be submissive. Be submissive." Then? "All right, let me become submissive. Then next?" JJAne prayAsam udapAsya namanta eva san-mukharitAM bhavadIya-vArtAm: "You just try to understand, just try to hear the message of God."


The message of God is just like Bhagavad-gItA or Bible, any, as you like. Just try to hear, san-mukharitAM vArtAm, from realized soul. Just like the truths of Bible were spoken by Lord Jesus Christ or KRSNa. Any, whatever you like, you hear. JJAne prayAsam udapAsya namanta eva san-mukharitAM bhavadIya-vArtAm. But you must hear about the Supreme Personality of Godhead and nothing more. That should be your profession. Then what will be the result? The result will be sthAne sthitAH. In whatever condition you are, that doesn't matter. "Oh, I am a very poor man." That doesn't matter. "Oh, I am a very rich man." That doesn't matter. "Oh, I am European." It doesn't matter. "I am Indian." Doesn't matter. "I am born very low." Oh, doesn't matter. Anything, unconditional. You remain whatever you are; that doesn't matter. If you simply hear, sthAne sthitAH zruti-gatAm, if you simply give your aural reception to these transcendental words, the result will be that God, who can never be conquered, you'll conquer God. How you conquer? You will conquer by love. God cannot be conquered, but He can be conquered by love.



PrabhupAda:<blockquote> Just like Bhagavad-gItA is scripture. So firm faith... KRSNa says, man-manA bhava mad-bhakto mad-yAjI mAM namaskuru: [bg. 18.65] "You simply always think of Me, Hare KRSNa." Not difficult. Bhava KRSNa has given you the tongue. Every one of you can chant Hare KRSNa. Where is the... You have no expenditure but great gain. You become highly elevated gradually by chanting Hare KRSNa. Now, KRSNa says personally man-manAH: "Always think of Me." Not only that, anyone who is thinking of KRSNa always, twenty-four hours, KRSNa gives him the certificate--the topmost yogi.


yoginAm api sarveSAM


zraddhAvAn bhajate yo mAM

sa me yuktatamo mataH

[bg. 6.47]


So KRSNa says... This is called theism, believing in the zAstra. Any zAstra. It doesn't mean that simply... All zAstras, according to time, circumstances, people, there're different zAstras. The Bible is also zAstra. Koran is also zAstra as much as... They are spoken according to the time, according to the circumstances.</blockquote>


PrabhupAda:<blockquote> Yes, so do it now. Join with us and do it. That is Caitanya MahAprabhu's mission. He advises,


bhArata-bhUmite manuSya-janma haila yAra

janma sArthaka kari' kara para-upakAra

[Cc. Adi 9.41]


"Anyone who has taken birth in India as a human being, he must first of all know the success of life and preach the cult to others, para-upakAra." This is the duty of every Indian, that you should learn Bhagavad-gItA perfectly well and preach it. That is your duty, all Indians. This is Caitanya MahAprabhu's mission. BhArata-bhUmite manuSya-janma haila yAra janma sArthaka kari' kara [Cc. Adi 9.41]. They do not know it. They know that Christ is son of God. They have heard it. Now convince them that "Yes, there is no fighting between Christian or KRSNa-ite. One is worshiping the father; one is worshiping the son. So there is no difference." But IzvaraH paramaH kRSNaH [bs. 5.1]. KRSNa... He says that,


sarva-yoniSu kaunteya

sambhavanti mUrtayaH yAH

tAsAM mahad yonir brahma

ahaM bIja-pradaH pitA

[bg. 14.4]


He is the father. That's all right. He identifies Himself as being the father, and Christ identifying himself as the son, then where is the difference? There is no difference. Either you learn from the son or from the father, the teaching will be the same. Only a minority is Christian only.

Guest: I have a question. I think the...

PrabhupAda: Only a minority is Christian only.

Guest: The majority believe that Christ is also God, not just His son, but he is God also.

PrabhupAda: Yes. No, to... God... God and God's son, they are one and different simultaneously. That you, anyone, can understand, that a father and the son... The son is born out of the body of the father. So if the father is spirit, the son is also spirit because the son is born out of the body of the father. So, so far the body is concerned, it is spiritual. But still, the relationship is father and son. It is called acintya-bhedAbheda-tattva, simultaneously one and different. Anyone can understand. The child is the father's body. In that way it is one. But a child is the son, and the father is the father. So simultaneously one and different. So Christ is God and not God simultaneously.</blockquote>

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