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IT Profiles of God

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IT Profiles of God---------------------------


Brahma : Systems Installation


Vishnu : Systems Support


Lakshmi : Finance and Accounts consultant (SAP)


Shiva : DBA (crash specialist)


Ganesh : Documentation specialist


Narada : Data Transfer


Brihaspathi : Chief Information Officer.


Yama : ReOrganisation Consultant


ChitraGupta : Personnel Records


Apsaras : Downloadable Viruses


Devas : Y2k Programmers


Surya : Solaris adminstrator


Rakshasas : In house Hackers


Ram : Hardware Support - single user specialist


Lakshman : Support software and Backup


Ravan : Internet Explorer - WWW


Hanuman : RS6000


Vali : Windows 98


Sugreeva : Win 95


Angadh : Win 3.1


Jambhuvan : DOS


Vishwamitra : Sr.Manager Projects


Hastinapur : Silicon Valley


Arjun : Lead Programer (all Companies are Vying for him)


Abhimanyu : Trainee Programmer


Draupadi : Web server - free access (Shareware)




Duryodhan : Microsoft product written in VB


Shakuni : Bill Gates


Karna : Contract Programmer


Shikandi : Steve Jobbs


100 Kauravas : Microsoft




Madhava Kesava Madhana Gopala /images/graemlins/laugh.gif




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