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agents of Kali Yuga (the first 3 days)

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AKY and the Cull Project

an expose by mahaksadasa. c. 2002


Friends of the false ego, the Agents of Kali Yuga, by simple patronization of the masses, have fully engulfed present society on a course of suicide. These invaders are not extra-terrestrial, they are as earth bound as possible. They are at home in the physical body, and they exact their possession of others by the weapons at their disposal, being science, technology, law, sociology, and the rest of the fine and subtle controlling mechanisms.



Day 1 - Storm Watch


This report is a storm watch. We have all been warned sufficiently for over a century, and the culling is well underway. The beings have taken the human form to experiance the rapture, but there is no pie in the sky. Jesus and Mary never asked for empty pledges of alliegance, they needed the wave of tears flowing from our eyes. We are all on the edge of two simultaneous identities, one being a shadow of the other, yet seemingly the strongest of the two. The horror of free choice is what makes us prone to error, but a correct choice shows the false ego for what it is, but an illusion of grandeur.


The illusion that one may rise to a position of dominance is the binding force of the cycle of birth and death. Such illusion is the weaponry of the Agents of Kali Yuga, and is so spellbinding that we happily march to Armageddon like cows to slaughter coaxed by a handful of straw. If AKY decides to "renovate", those about to be culled burn their own shelter and sacrifice their noble sons. A simple trick is all that is needed for such genocide, that is, media creation of a form of animosity. War is never waged on impersonal ideology, for all ideologies are the same on this Death Star. The people cannot be controlled by intellectual stimuli, an enemy must have form. AKY will never "kill" this form, the saddams, ayatollahs, noriegas, binLadens of the world must not die, or the cull project dies with them.


I care not, for the cull project is but a movie to me. I narrate as a witness rather than as participant. Agents of Kali Yuga are real, and I have external bias against these forces for murdering the ones who give me life. But am I but another agent????? Which "ego" composes this report???


Let's get to the bottom of all of this. Spit it out, philosopher!!! Do we report to show aghast? No, it has already happened. See Viswa Rupa. See the Martyaloka globe of Death. We report of the vehicle of the cull project.


Analysis begins on the "culling" fields of Kampuchea with the hero Pol Pot. The 5,000,000 culled human beings in the 1970s was the laboratory stage for our present Emergency Management systems of National Defence structures. Evacuation of the large capital city was the goal, even though known suicidal resistance would follow. Such resistance is deemed "acceptable" as long as the culled have no politics. Gypsies, Abyssinians, and others of no politics are soon forgotton. Pol Pot is an Agent of the West, and the West has great affection for the demagogues they may publically denounce. The West is the inauspicious direction controlled by the AKY, it is their showroom of illusion, and is the common desire for all sides doing mundane battles in the service to AKY. Excuses of "unholy alliance" against common enemies give rise to Stalin love, Shah love, Saddam love, all these love affairs with future demons. WAKE UP CALL! Holy has nothing to do with either side. God does not authorize the culling of Afghan farmers as payment for skyscrapers vaporized.


BREAKING NEWS! I interrupt this expose to report the latest development. The AKY has unveiled their new Subtle Body Frequency Module to combat the fear of supreme beings and their equivalents. All previous instructions supposedly received from within are now transplanted with proof of the existance of the "collective unconscious". This proven theory must be used to re-educate the populace against "ghost-in-the-machine" and individualistic ideas tied to the terroristic results of such superstitious remnants of the middle ages.


The philosopher cries, "We live in this world, but are we a part of it? The fact that we are targeted by the mainstream may not leave us at the seeming disadvantage, and even sympathizers to our cause may not have a grasp on our advantageous position. As one is paroled, he may bid a sad farewell to the prisoners left behind the iron gates, yet perhaps the parolee is the unfortunate one. The incarcerated fully know their bondage, but the darkness of ignorance is surrounding the one in the clutches of illusory freedom. We have not only become the enemy of the Agents of Kali Yuga, we are also considered the destroyers of religion itself. Not only the kings and their soldiers hunt us down, but their loyal slaves as well. We take shelter of the mud, the constitution of the Earth itself. Should we use their roads or huddle in their skyscrapers, we become obvious by our own discomfort."


I know you are not content with simultaneous reality. But monistic reality makes rebels equal to power holders. Though there is nothing agreeable between the parties, and meetings between the two produce treaties and ideals that serve no purpose whatsoever, only requiring future talks to solve the problems of previous "solutions".


Once in a while in history's unravelling, talks that penetrate time and space values have been presented for consideration of the beast-like proletariat, the slaves of freedom's illusory snare. Such a teacher is an expanded being living in multiversal simultaneous reality. No consideration is ever given to philosophies that deny separate and purposeful existance of the individual being. Such teachers have the TRUE, while the AKY will force belief in working for the common as working for the self interest. Common is the Atheism personified, and since no being can accept our service, our service propensity is unfulfilled.


Now, who and what else needs to be discussed before analysis of the Cull Project can take place? This reporter will continue on the subject, and stories of the Third Reich, Planned Parenthood, ZPG, AMA, democracy, all will be shown to be on the same side against the individual spark of the Supreme Lord, the real self being bereft of false egoism. But this late breaking story about the "Collective Unconscious" must first be told, as the culling is at our doorstep, and we may not have time for historical citations.



Day 2 - Unconsciousness


The present was, is, and will be, unpalatable. No one is willing to deal with the here and now. War is waged for unforgettable past offence. Economies are wasted on hope for future betterment that never arrives. But the Future is touted by agents of Kali Yuga as the only hope, the only solution to this depressed state of suicidality. The idea of a "window" to peer into the future has always been a major concentration of the foundation blocks of AKY, medicine, sociology, law, politics, etc. The "fact" of a collective unconscious is a necessary subject for developement for a controlling re-education of the masses.


The new age movement is an important tool of the AKY. New age philosophy is based on positive thinking toward a happy future by ignoring the reality of the present situation on the brink of Armageddon. Activists and prognosticators fill the ranks of new age heroes. Hopes for "divine intervention" (meaning a non-divine intervention by extra terrestrial or dimensional beings) fill the discussion boards of the new agers. The soothsayer heroes are called prophets, but they have only culture robbed the indigeneous peoples' natural "tuned-in" spirit by forming "collective unconscious" theories from a spattering hodge-podge of all things. No divine qualifications have ever been attributed to their Cayces, Nostradamus, or others of this ilk.


The military contribution to this AKY laboratory project is "technical remote viewing", a dicipline to enable psychic powers to be available to anyone. The private sector has advanced this technique by claiming that the protocol enables the technician to enter a field of all-pervasive knowledge to tap needed information. In actuality, the technicial is simply in the realm of random mathmatic possibilities, which is not "knowledge", rather a happenstance phenomenon of sinchronicity. Any "event" accurately forcast by the devout practitioners is a random success full of inconsistancies.


Humankind is ripe for any advertizement that would give them access to inherant divinity. Because the race collectively fails in 100 % of every human endeavor, such a cheap power called divine is acceptable and desirable. But there is no solution to "this moment" in any such process of artificiality. No matter how far a being from this dirt and water plain may find out truth from theory, the final words will express wonderment of things to come. The pie-in-the-sky is due only a few months after each person dies. Our purpose is to forget what seemingly was, and disregard both the optimism and pessimism of what will be, and live in the present where actual progress is attainable, outside the agency walls.


Collective Unconscious exists, but one cannot go there by any means. The shamans, gurus, mystics, and mullahs carefully guard the gates of such a knowledge field to prevent unauthorized access. By permission of these gatekeepers, we get glimpses of future worlds and other dimensional realms, but the information cannot be passed off in any degree to the unqualified, especially "released for public consumption". As far as prognostication and other "mystic powers", toys r us sells these eight balls that are just as reliable an information gathering tool as what the "coffee table mystics" would have us believe.


Playing god is what the dead and dying do. AKY depends on such desire of the masses. Tomorrow, from the wilderness of the survival camp, the horrible crimes of what is known as modern medicine may be discussed, for the majority of the culling takes place in this field in times of imagined and contrived world peace.


Do I take a pill, or does sleep arrive at it's own unconscious pace.



Day 3 - Definition


BREAKING NEWS: The overnight ratings have just been released. Over 10,000 readers have logged into this expose site. Commentary shows that the Cull Project is being understood, but the agency and the terms "Kali Yuga" are not. As the site of the expose of the Cull Project tries to be interactive, we again interrupt this report for background definitions.


The philosopher explains: "Before one can even approach understanding adherants and propagators of a particular lifestyle, the actual lifestyle must be defined. To understand the overpowering influence of Kali Yuga, we must analyze both it's covert and overt characteristics. Kali Yuga refers to the present age calculated by the most ancient of calandar systems. Beginning approximately 3,000 years before the Christian era, this age began with a partial annihilation of all humankind. Weapons of mass destruction were released. Very few survivors of this cataclysm are recorded in various cultural and historical accounts. The Great Flood, Ragnarok, the world war clash of powerful, undefeatable dynasties - these stories have different plots, but the results are quite the same. Only handfuls of human survivors were given shelter underground for many generations. Hints of past great civilizations, some whose accomplishments dwarf our present so-called advancement, are only crudely depicted on cave walls, drawn by injured and tormented mutants without food, water, or access to fresh air and sunlight. Much speculation has been given as to the meaning of the glyphs and cunieform, but it is natural storytelling that is the basis of interhuman relationship and passing lore from parent to child. Animals are mostly drawn from memory, as these generations had no direct experiance of such things. Hunting was depicted as art impossible to put into practice."


"The age of Kali Yuga is characterized by three sociopathic traits. Quarrelling amongst the species, creation of chaos by every social endeavor from government formation to establishment of religious systems, and utter confusion about the simplest of matters. Agents of Kali Yuga facillitate, quite overtly, the quarrel, chaos, and confusion of the age, so an expose is not necessary to describe these activities. Analysis of the so-called standards of excellence in present society clearly show these three items fully represented."


"Kali Yuga is also personalized by ancient science. Residence is provided in four places, where austerity is seen as a primative way of life, where cleanliness is not deemed necessary, where mercy is unavailable from any source, and where disinformation is accepted as absolute truth. Openly, agents have no trouble convincing those who think that the biological form is the actual self. Disregard for spiritual essence of the self is easy to preach in this realm, so it is not hard to make those of hedonistic traits to increase their desire for intoixication, which increases anger and removes all concepts of mercy from the heart. It is not difficult to convince the masses to increase their sex urge by any means, creating an unclean environment. To play games of chance is attractive when the promise of divine lifestyles in the biological form is the lure. And satisfying the tongue, even at the expense of the entire physical form, disregards even the austerity required to keep fit, let alone as working to solve the problems of birth and death.


The overt side of this great conspiracy, as stated, is quite clear. Everything is advertized for consumption based on intoxicating qualities, dishonest gain without endeavor, wanton indulgence, and satisfying the sex urge even when the body ages past the time frame of such practice. The overt side of this war waged by AKY against the common peoples of the world is already won. Only those who have conception of the ghost in the machine, a being that is greater than biology and more powerful than worldly influence, only these people present a problem for AKY, thus the covert war takes place. It is the COVERT side of this AKY conspiracy that is the subject of this expose.


The philosopher cries, "Understanding that we are not these physical beings bound by time and space may not be a very good fortune. This only causes supernatural forces to test our resolve, and such tests may be more devastating than remaining beastlike. There are snares set for the self-realized that will never even be imagined by the commoners, and even discussion of these snares will leave the commoner bored and uninterested. If the world has time, I should cry about these traps in hopes that even one may be aware and know what to do".


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Guest guest



although, when you say "agents of Kali Yuga",

you seem to imply that these agents are somehow

acting independentlly of supervision by Maya.


Is this your belief ? or am i reading you wrong ?


either way, Maya is directing the actions of those

involved in karmic activity.

Maya is an energy under the control and supervision

of the Personality of Godhead.


What is going on , is like watching a movie.


There is a director , a script, and a set.


Nothing happens on the screen that isn't put there

by the director.


Like Krishna instructs Arjuna, the end is already decided,

whatever you choose, the result will be the same,

the purpose of having the devotee who knows

that ALL is directed and controlled by God,

take an interest in dealing with the controlled

ignorant beings, under the haze of Maha-Maya,

is for the glorification of the devotee, the rest is

under complete control, ....


so... "don't worry ..bout a thing..cause..evry likkle

things... gonna be allright.."

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Guest guest

Haribol, thanx for reading the first part of the ongoing saga. No, not a blade of grass bends in the breeze without the sanction of Krsna. This whole AKY is actually a purifying agent for those who do accept the ghost in the machine. We are often fence sitters, but when we see how things operate, that even the good of the world is a horrible binding agent, then we may make progress.


hare krsna, ys, mahaksadasa

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Day 4 - Covert War of the AKY


As previously admitted by this reporter, I have unfavorable bias against AKY. To discuss the covert side of their ultimate cull project, I will discuss my personal disgust in generic terms.


Mankind's spiritual quest is what enables complete liberation from the influence of these dark ages, so the Agents of Kali Yuga prioritize their efforts against any and all spiritual movements by diluting the TRUE with sectarianism, intolerance, bigotry, and systematic moral character breakdown. The same four traits are still applied, but untruthfulness, unmercifulness, uncleanliness, and disregard for self-discipline are more subtly induced.


The philosopher cries, "Agents of Kali Yuga are expert at recognition of false renunciation, hypocracy and other problems of so-called religions. AKY has also been granted residence where material opulence is readily available. Once a religious movement begins to acquire more than is necessary to propagate the faith, the door is open for all the influence of Kali Yuga to become instilled in the process. Because religious adherants have seemingly removed themselves from personal greed, those who desire to prevent actual religious progress from taking place will create the illusion of "spiritual greed", an oxymoronic phrase. Greed and spiritual life are as incompatible as oil and water. So influenced, movements are systematically imploded from within. Expansionism is the goal, and the means to achieve this expansion are all mistaken as "spiritual practice". However, desire to accumulate wealth is singular, and this inevitably becomes the focus, replacing all original spiritual values."


The philosopher explains, "Blood, all Abyssinians cry blood. To be a friend of Lord Jesus Christ, His burden must be taken. His crown must be worn. War is declared by the act of surrender to the Supreme Being. Reaction by the world is decisive, but the victor only gets the shaff. The grain is nowhere in sight."


Agents of Kali Yuga always win their wars, for they battle only their own slaves. Outcomes of such wars are always predestined, arrangements are made well in advance. Benevolence and evil are inseparable mates, much like two sides of the saqme coin. Both can be accomplished by the same act, thus modern language has become meaningless.


Trident Nuclear Missiles, capable of annihilating 24 major metropolitan areas of the world with one key-turn and an electronic impulse, are claaed "peacemakers", and BLESSED they have become. Amerika's slaves to the AKY will gladly donate a quarter of their hard earned salaries to maintain these golden calves of divine protection.


The languages of the world are so much the curse of the Tower of Babel, that even the word "god" conveys opposite meanings entirely. God is fear. God is death, God is tribally partial. God has a viable competitor in the devil. These attributes may be accurate is describing the tribal gods of vast limitation, but, ultimately, because of the Supreme Lord's inherant inconceivability, Absolute God does not exist. There is no ONE there, only an explosion, a chemical reaction of nothing mixed with nothing.


Those outside the influence of the AKY will come to know God. Just as we acknowledge our contemporaries' factual existance by calling their names, the fortunate who have a relationship with the Supreme Being call Him by Name as well. Religion has dual definition, and only religion that establishes factual personal relationship with the Supreme Person has any value to the self-interest of humanity.


Mundane religious movements are prominant in this age, and are useless to those outside the totalitarian regime of the AKY. Kali Yuga religions are simply a method of worshipping the external manifestation of an inferior energy of God, matter. Central figures of these religions may act as if they are mediators between the individual and the Lord, but the buck stops there. More often than not, the leaders of religions conform to the political agenda and culling project of the AKY controllers. Gurus become gods, mullahs become final authority, bishops become popes, ministers become jesus. Everything is easily purchased by the looters of the wealth of Solomon, and the AKY allows religion in such conformity.


Solomon, however, has no use for the wealth he has amassed. He decalres it "VANITY". He is outside the jurisdiction of the AKY by the simple fact that he calls the real GOD by Name. Solomon is always the beloved of God, as described in his Song, therefore, he is known as Earth's last rightful ruler. This realm is meant for service, not development of false mastery. Real religion in this light is the rarest of elements, the most precious of gems.


Kali Yuga religion is just the tool needed to delude awakening souls, to keep the galley slaves intact. The entire budget of the AKY is earmarked for the purpose of strengthening the chains of Babylon, to keep us all in place. Religion is the device used to distribute the "kindness" of the king, the altruism, the philanthrophy needed to firmly establish the false identity of the self as matter. The other side of the "kindness" coin rests bigotry, intolerance, sectarianism, and general hatred of those outside out particular religious tribe.


The philosopher cries, "Do not sing these Names of God, for your life will forever change. The flavor of sweet earth will become bitter, and your hankerings will only increase. You will become frustrated in your desire to obtain that which cannot even be thought of. If you do make this error, and become the enemy of the world, madness will overcome you, and make you believe that this sea of troubles is nothing more than the water left in the hoofprint of a calf. All destined calamities will still come, but with fear replaced by consciousness of the Being with the Holy Name, nothing appears to be lost."


The Agents of Kali Yuga are vigilant to weed out the worms who openly defy their authority. It is a fact that if a religious system has actual potency to deliver one from the bondage of false identification of the body and mind as the self, such a system is surely targeted for infiltration with the purpose to cause self-destruction. AKY is expert at infiltration, especially among those who are loosening the chains. As shakles of illusion gradually disappear, one's trust increases. Benefits of doubt are easily granted because increased actual spiritual vision also increases, concurrantly, humility, respect of others, tolerance, and ultimate positive outlook on the reality of LIFE.


This is not a criticism of self-aware people being rubes of unscrupulous tyrants, but can serve as a warning of a horrible pitfall lying ahead on the path of advancement. We attempt to expose AKY infiltration into so-called religious circles. By citing past plots of recent occidental history, we serve the purpose of mapping this path so the minefields of the declared war can be recognized, thus avoided.


The song of the philosopher continues, "Yes, you who like to hear God's Names vibrating from your heart and resounding from the vocal chord, you have lost your cover. It does not matter if you are in a cave by the beach whispering God's Names to the waves, or if you shout from the mountaintop so that all folks will hear your gospel. Agents of Kali Yuga are moving in. They are alerted, not necessarily by the sound of these Holy Names, but by the thunder of the breaking illusion they had you bound with. FEAR, the great weapon of Agents of Kali Yuga, is useless against you, so they must strengthen other weapons that still may be effective, greed, avarice, and desire."



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Guest guest

The philosopher cries: "Wholesale culling begins as the human beings are all alive, 6,006,006,000 strong. The effect of Martya Loka takes place, the extinction gene interacts with junk DNA, and the cosmic rays invited in by the technology of the Barbarians, the satellite beams, microwaves, ELF, gamma radiation, they lay the human species to waste. The computer chips, when away from the body, kills the form via clee phones, MRI and other healer machines and drigs. We are soon to inject into the physical universe of the human vehicle, to implant our non-sentient, silicon based progeny, and all carbon forms march into history." (from AKY and the cull project, by mahaksadasa c. 2005)

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And I bring this one up. I wrote an internet novella, AKY and the Cull Projecyt in 2002, and it was quoite scary. Now, five years later, I decide to not print so much of it, because it is still quite scary.


So, maybe Ill rename it "The Philosopher Cries". After all, John Cha Viera, the hero of AKY, is really alive, and really crying, and is in isolation (with sad lone wolf, always).


I have a beautiful sign on my lawn, a famous place of nazi signs and bush protests, and it merely states, "Thank You, soldiers, Welcome Home.". But they arent coming home, they are being murdered by the score. The philosopher just cries this song:


<CENTER>The Violence of Time c-1992-mahaksadasa



missles aimed at enemies while submarines patrol the seas

children pray on bended knees but they never hold the keys

will he ever hear our pleas to unlock the mysteries?

we can play upon the sea but we're never really free

social forces rule, they send us off to school

to learn to live in slavery and die just like a fool

we never get the chance to take full control

the violence of time, babylon takes it's toll

but it is a noble concept, this desire to live free

is freedom something you or i will ever see?

but instead of having any fun with herbs, music, life and sun

forced back then to take the gun, lie and cheat, hide and run

i was innocent no more, my brothers murdered by the score

they didn't know what they died for, no one's ever stopped world war

while holding onto tradition and ringing liberty bells

heathen rulers sign petitions sending us to hell

only the violence of time will tell

old age hit, i was forty-one, i can't repair the damage done

skin burned up by the sun, lower back pain, not much fun

i had hoped science told the truth, nectar from fountains of youth

i always thought it strange that their truth always changed

while pretending to be sane though they are all quite deranged

these doctors cannot explain why they can't relieve my pain

all they do is lie about how they make the rain

presumtuous about the violence of time

does ignorance hold me at bay? will depression stay away?

do i have assurances to live another day?

on that final day i'll admit i've had an education

but did i find any love, did i practice toleration?

what did i ever do to heal the starving nations?

did i ever bow my head to the lord of all creation?

his many holy names are truely a sensation

when sung aloud to mystic tones or whispered in meditation

he's the player of the song, he's the keeper of his word

the teacher of the heart who gives eternal life

he's the one to hear explain the violence of time


hare krsna, mahak sad as a ......(fill in the blank)</CENTER>

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