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Jahnava Nitai Das

Where is God?

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Dear Sri. Kannan,


Thank you for writing with your questions.



Where is god?



God is situated within the hearts of all living entities. This is confirmed in the Gita as follows:


ishvarah sarva-bhutanam

hrid-deshe 'rjuna tisthati


"The Supreme Lord resides in the hearts of all living entities."


This form of the Lord in everyone's heart is known as Paramatma. It is from Him that we receive knowledge and remembrance.


In addition to being situated in the heart, God is also situated everywhere and in everything. The all-pervasive form of God is known as Brahman. The Vedas describe this as follows:


sarvam khalv idam brahma


"Everything is a manifestation of God."


Yet, there is also a form of the Lord where He is situated in the spiritual realm of Vaikuntha as a person. This form of the Lord is known as Bhagavan.


Thus God exists everywhere by these three forms (Brahman, Paramatma and Bhagavan). These are three features of the same absolute truth. They are all simultaneously one.



If he is present here then why are there problems arising in all religions.



God's form as Paramatma functions primarily as a witness to record the good and bad we perform. He does not interfere in the activities of the living entities. This is because He does not want to interfere in our free will. Yet he still incarnates from time to time to provide us with proper guidance. Even then He does not force us, but requests us to follow the path of dharma. Evil arises from our own imperfections. Lust, anger and greed are three forms of evil existing within all of us. Spiritual life begins by removing these evil tendencies from within our heart.



Why do different religions fight between each other (such as fighting between hindus, muslims and christian).



The fighting between Hindus and Muslims is due only to ignorance of the true self, the atma. We are neither Hindu nor Muslim, for these designations refer only to our bodies. In the Gita Lord Krishna says He is the father of all living entities:


aham bija-pradah pita


"I am the seed giving father of all living entities."


Thus all living entities are brothers and sisters. The fighting between Hindus and Muslims is due to not understanding our common father, God.


Someone may call God as Allah, and someone else may call Him as Krishna. These are just two names for the same Supreme Personality. Those who see all living entities equally are called as learned according to the Bhagavad Gita. They possess equal vision for all, panditah sama-darshinah.


A father possesses many names according to who he is relating to. His son calls him as father, but his wife calls him as husband. Should the mother and son fight over whether he is actually father or husband? The fact is he is simultaneously both. Thus God possesses unlimited names, some call him as Krishna and others as Allah. The Vedas state:


ekam sat vipra bahudha vadanti


"There is one supreme God, and the learned people describe him in various ways."


If we understand this principle there will be no fighting among humanity. It is foolishness to break a mosque or to break a temple, for they are both the house of God. A true Hindu will see Krishna in the mosque, and a true Muslim will see Allah in the temple.


Yours in service,


Jahnava Nitai Das,

Bhaktivedanta Ashram &

Bhaktivedanta International Charities


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When some one asks where is god,

we can ask him: "Why you want to know?"


The possible answers are like:


- There is no god, and you cannot show it to me.

- I want to see him and talk to him.

- I love him or hate him.

- I am just curious.


The conversation content after this depends upon the background and realization of the two people comunicating.

Many saints and aacharyas have already answered such questions.


Jai Sri Krishna!





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Guest guest

If our father is one(the supreme lord Krishna) and it is us who compares him as saying Allah or Krishna but two of these is the same one supreme,then why is it that the scriptures of religion of Hindu is different from those of Muslims and Christions??

Forexample: We Hindu are not allowed to eat meat,but muslims are allowed and also wrotten in their holy book of Quran same as Christians

For us Hindus COWs are prrayed and Sin to eat its meat,then why Quran is allowed to Eat its meat??

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who wrote the bhagvad gita? as it was spoken on the battlefield of kurukshetra by krishna bhagvan himself, who and how could they have written the exact words spoken by god himself

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is the god relating to hindus, as krishna as ram or vishnu the one true god however we mite refer to him?did god known as what we have learnt create us. so is every other religion and duties within other religion false?like muslims and wearing scarfs? or do they have a different god? i thought there is only one god, y do people convert to islam?

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