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  1. namaste i dont know if any of you remember me for i am writing after a very long time. i am 21 and a hindu, my mother passed away two monthes ago. she was a very religious hindu and a very good person who helped, gave alot and never took. she had cancer for 2years and then god took her away. i am deeply depressed and devastated for my world seems pointless without my mother. however i do pray and read and try to expand my knowledge about god and i know my mother is in the best place. but what has become of my mother?when she was dying we were told her all her karmas were complete, she had helped all she could have and now it was her time to go. we were then told her soul was in brahman lok until the 13th day where she had reached devyoni(told by a very knowledgeable shashtri)but i know my mother has no body and eternal peace but where?and how?i can honestly say my mother never harmed a soul, during her illness she read the gita over and over and alot of other religious texts. coping without her is the hardest thing i have ever experienced. please help me if any1 knows the ans to these questions i will be so grateful. i know her suffering was due to her past karmas, and there is no reason for her to be bought back to earth, but for me and my sister who have lost the most precious thing in our life, was id due to or karmas that our mother was taken away from us? also does my mother know of our existence?we dont know our past lives, when we pray to her in the morning to give us strength, does she even know we exist?what has become of her soul?
  2. hey i cant make him suffer!! thats well unfair! he is human! although he is a muslim. today tho i think he decided it best if we remain friends n dats all. its the hardest decision ive ever come across. n its going to get harder! he is a great person, he doesnt preach to people and has many different cultural friends, however i know he only preaches to me cos he wants to marry me. but then he is just a normal person like u n me just the religion thing really comes in the way for him, not so much me as many hindus marry christians for e.g and still keep their religion. the evidence of the bridge built by shree hanuman really took me by surprise that it still exists in some form. i emailed that page to my "mate"!! but talkin like this(cos u people dnt really know me!!) really helps. i am a bit depressive and today i think made things a bit worse. but my muslim friend claims even tho we are not together he will still be my friend(as we were at one time). but i am unsure. thankyou tho to every1 who has given me advice, i have taken it all into consideration and really appreciate those who are helping me. thankyou and ill probly keep postin queries for my thick mind to take in!! priya x
  3. to harekrishnadas, namaste all thankyou for all that information u gave me. i am not a vegetarian but i would really like to be, i am so weak willed i cant do it!having a non veg fam doesnt help either.(also i have numerous life threatening allergies that even sum veg can nearly kill me!!) i have tried on numerous occasions but failed. i couldnt get ur email add, but i have msn and hotmail and id love it if u could answer my questions personally. i am part way thru the bhagvat gita, but i am soo depressed. i only feel good when i read it and then back to reality and this gloomy world. i would love to advance on my spiritual knowledge greatly but feel i cant do it alone. the muslim guy has been my rock thru the toughest times ever and that med us closer. now its very hard, he doesnt talk much bt relg now cos he knows it upsets me but i know sum day soon it will crop up again. i would love it if he accepted me for who i am but he wudnt. i really want to become like all these people in the forum. i do seva when i can but nobody in my fam is bothered. they r all ritualistic as u sed. my mother in fact is spiritual and believes and does seva but then again living in this country(i live in england, near manchester) its very difficult. after u hit a whole lot of hardship in ur life, u never seem to feel content and i feel like im taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back. and i suppose my muslim friend is the only one who ive had to approach and hes helped me. i know i wont be a muslim but either way i really dont want to be hurt, im still at uni and after uni its going to be me myself and i. i would do anything to feel content alone and know i need nothing but hare krishna. at the moment i feel far from it. thankyou for taking ur time to give me all this information, i will definitely research and try to defeat this problem. i mean i use to see hindu girls with muslim lads and think god u stupid girl wat r u doin???(as u all probly think!) n neva think that one day i cud feel the same. priya
  4. to gopidust and gary and really any1 namaste, and thankyou all for pointoing me in the right direction. however i was wondering is there any point in answering all the questions he proposes to me?of course i am not intelligent enuf to know these answers but you(any1)mite be! i would love to have explainations for all his questions he proposes. but then again i suppose it wouldnt really change much. thing is i am never disrespectful towards muslims or allah and he can be and at the moment i cant ans anything. i am very resistant to arguments(and because its him it meks things worse) he quotes and references everything. so if any1 is willing to take this challenge let me know!
  5. namaste and thankyou. this man does want to marry me and is oing out of his way to make me a muslim. however as much as my material nature loves him, he thinks i am blinded by faith. i cannot explain anything he imposes on me, and simply back things up with weak arguments like it was meant to be! his next claim is hindusim is full of flaws, all the man made books, which to follow? i have been raised with beliefs and prayers all my life so i cannot change. recently tho i think he has given up with me! do u believe our destiny is already written? or we make it?he asks me questions like y dus shiva always engage in sexual activities, i ans with the difference between sex in this world and in the spiritual world. any believer wud understand but then again i cannot agree with 72 virgins allah proposes in heaven. we are bascially going round in circles. but it meks me sad to think nobody accepts people for what they r all because of religion. i mean hindus can marry christians and never ask them to convert. y do muslims have so many restrictions. i think when you come across numerous "black holes" in your life u dnt know where to turn. and material desires definitely make you feel better. but this is not what i want!just contentment. i am ashamed to say i actually doubt sum things in hinduism he proposes.until now i have never questioned my religion and accepted everything as it is. i just pray krishna gives me the strength to never give up my religion.
  6. i mean has anybody actually read the korna and found flaws? i found a few but then again i hate doing this. i only do it to prove a point because i feel so weak and useless. opinions dnt work here he is full of quotes and things people like ghandi and neru av sed. it meks me sooo sad. but then i am not strong enuf to ridicule the koran even tho i do not believe it and it is full of terrorism and material desires. i am going deeper and deeper into this big black hole. i think maybe it is best to just leave it and live life as every1 else dus. ii really dont know.
  7. i cant marry him anyway, he ses only if i convert. its a shame because he is everything i suppose. but then that is wrong and a material desire. i am soo confused and definitely not content. only feel content when i am with him. he ridicules hinduism, and these man made laws dont help.neither dus science. the deeper i go into this the more difficulties i find.y is that?i am sooo depressed, i suppose this is a test of faith. but i seem to be going into a world where no god exists.hes taken things out of books like ayodha kandam?ive never even heard of that, apparantly it ridicules the way ram treated sita. i hope the one above can give me strength to get thru this. all i want is to feel contentness. so far i have not achieved. i am ashamed to say i actually ackwoledge what he ses and it meks me think as he has quotes. priya x
  8. jai shree krishna. thanku every1 who has given me info. thing is i think sadly im am going to have to give up. my friend is taking flaws left right and centre out of the vedas, puranas, upanishads. for i have only read the gita and these anti hindu sites do not help. i cant disrespect his religion its not me i feel rude and nasty. although i dtn believe it i dnt question it. he claims krishna killed a shudra purely becasue he wa s shudra. he has lots of things like this, dus any1 wish to tackle every situation he gives me? he claims he Can give me a mass of info veryfy it and then the choice is mine. to me its a great loss because he is such a gud person but conflict arises.(i think he wants to marry me!) but i am not sum1 to prove a religion wrong. i am distressed! i dnt believe krishna was perveted by what he did, but then thats because maybe i am blinded by faith. can any1 answer every question he poses? itd be great if one could. im not debateful and cannot argue esp not with him! so please if any1 is knowledgeable or knows what i shud do then help me!!!!!xxxxxxxx
  9. namaste he(muslim mate) is taking things out of the vedas so he ses and flaws left right nd centre. i mean the brutal code of manu for example. dus any1 know of any flaws in the koran? he has been talkin to a hindu convert. he is my friend dnt get me worng he isnt a bad person at all(quite the opp!) but i am hindu and shud stick up for the dharma i believe. however the offensive stuff written is mekin me cry!!!! help and i really appreciate what u have told me sooo far. sorry to be such a nuiscience(cant spel1!)
  10. thankyou for that. i am sooo distressed, now he is teliing me that it is written krishna lila was a game krishna played, it was perverted and he took away women clothes as fun. i thought lila was a dance wid his beloved gopis. he is quoting from the rig vedas which i do not have a copy of. please help.
  11. do u know i think the muslim friend is trying to convert me. he printed loadsa stuff about brahmans n how they were, i sed that is not the word of god tho. then as they dont believe in a form of god he quoted something out of the gita that sed god is shapeless and formless. but then this contradicts. to me it doesnt i accept it as it is. then ma muslim mate goes shiv chopped off ganesh head, how can god all knowing and all powerful do sumthing like that? i say it was meant to be(my weak argument!) please help me people.
  12. namaste and thanku for ur reply but y would mohammed be sent to preach islam? when the teachings of islam are different to those of sanatan dharma? so mohammed was an avatar, to bring people to god conciousness. does that mean if i (hindu) followed the path of islam id still be able to reach god conciousness? this non form of allah, dus it exist? or is it just another name for krishna(wat i think).
  13. namaste who was mohammed?i read the prediction of him from the bhavishya puran but then i thought he was an abode of lord shiva? how did islam come to be? was it just made up by mohammed. i think i am playing with fire too but i have alot of faith, i really want to become alot more religious n rid of these material desires i have. bascially i want to tell my muslim friend about this wonderful religion and also help him reach god conciousness.
  14. namaste its me again boring u all with very similar questions! i need help and answers! basically was every book by the sages? except of course the gita, my friend argues that the books written by the rishis cannot be 100% accurate as they r not the word of god. also could any1 tell me then is the muslim religion man made?and not eh word of god?r they just mohammeds interpretations, is there any proof of this? thanku priya
  15. namaste. how do u convince a muslim krishna is the absolute truth. apparantly my muslim friend read that shiv bhagvan got cursed by a saint and his srgument was how can shiv being a demi god be cursed by a human? and so we do shivling pooja as now shankar bhagvan became a rock for puting his pleasures with mata parvarti before seeing to this saint. also who were the people shrila prabhupada preached to? dus any1 know more? priya
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