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Jahnava Nitai Das

Who is the founder of Hinduism?

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Who is the founder of Hinduism?

Hinduism actually has no single founder as far as the modern history is concerned. The ancient scriptures of India claim the religion is originally established by God Himself (dharman tu sakshad bhagavat pranitam).


From the scriptural viewpoint, this religion or dharma, manifests after every creation by the will of the Lord. After the present cyclical creation, the Supreme Lord Narayana instructed the first living entity within the universe, Brahma, in the matters of religion. Brahma in turn instructed this same science to his son, Narada, who in turn passed this knowledge on to his disciple Vyasa Mahamuni. In this way the ancient religion has been passed down in a chain of disciplic succession directly from God for countless millions of years.


This Vedic religion is therefore known as sanatana dharma, or the "eternal religion", for it predates all man-made conceptions of time and space. We should not confuse this sanatana dharma with any sectarian religious faith, for the true sanatana dharma is the very function of the soul, as inseparable as liquidity from water.


The modern word "Hinduism" is a term developed approximately 700 years ago by the Muslim invaders of India. There was a river by the name Sindhu, which was mispronounced by the invaders as Hindu. All people living beyond that river, regardless of their religious beliefs, were called as Hindus. Thus some may mistakenly conclude that it is possible to trace out the historical origins of the ancient religion of India based on the historical use of this word.


We should know that in the ancient "Hindu" scriptures we will not find the word Hindu mentioned even a single time, but instead we will find the words sanatana-dharma (eternal religion), vaidika-dharma (religion of the Vedas), bhagavata-dharma (religion of God), etc. This dharma is ever fresh and eternal. It is stated in the Vedic scriptures that whenever this message of dharma is lost, God Himself will incarnate to reestablish it:


yada yada hi dharmasya

glanir bhavati bharata

abhyutthanam adharmasya

tadatmanam srijamy aham


"Whenever and wherever there is a decline in religious practice, O descendant of Bharata, and a predominant rise of irreligion - at that time I descend Myself to reestablish it." (Bhagavad Gita 4.7)


One such incarnation of the Supreme was that of Lord Krishna, who appeared 5,000 years ago to reestablish dharma by speaking the Bhagavad Gita on the battlefield of Kurukshetra.


In the Vedic history, there are countless saints who have come and propagated the ancient teachings found in the Vedic literatures, but none can be called as the founder. Each one was a disciple of another guru, and each one was passing on the same knowledge as had been taught to him by his guru. This is the Vedic system - there is no founder, because everyone is first and foremost a disciple. Dharma cannot be man-made, for it is defined as the direct instructions of God - dharman tu sakshad bhagavat pranitam.


Yours in service,


Jahnava Nitai Das,

Bhaktivedanta Ashram &

Bhaktivedanta International Charities




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Hinduism is un-organized inherently.

There is no single head or authority to bring every Hindu in focus for anything. This is good for spiritual quet (find a truth and prove it is true by living the truth.)

However, it cannot help when there are competing imperfect ideolgies at the door who are up to wipe out Hinduism from the face of earth.


There is nothing wrong for the Vedic people

to act to keep Bharat for the Vedic people and not for agggresive ideologies like Islam. Islamist terrorism is every where, and is close and within Bharat more than any where else.


When the house is on fire, priority is to fight fire and not chant or study Bhagavatam till the fire is extinguished.

Note that Krishna did raas lila in vridavan only after He killed all the asuras and established peace first.


Similarly, when the Islamist are desroying temples (e.g. akshardham and raghunath temples), the first priority for all the vedic people is to unite and fight this mosnter.


The root cause of the terrorism are in their books - Koran and Hadith. The barbaric messages contained in these books need to be exposed to the world before praising Islam blindly. A world opinion has to be formed that clearly says Islam is not a "religion."


A weak point of democracy is that majority rules even if the majority is all fools or asuras. This loop hole is exploited by Muslims to enter a kafir country, like a trojan's horse, and multiply like pigs by keeping four wives who are just sex accessory to them. Onbce they become 10-20 % of the polulation, they ask for separate rules and treatment and cause terrorism. If they become 30% more, them it is very difficult for natives to stay alive or keep their culture alive against Islam. Look at the history of Islam any where, and this lesson will pop up.


Not knowing Islam's nature (not studying Koran and hadith)

the Hindus made a great mistake by allowing Islam to enter in Bharat. Gandhi deluded the Hindus more by preaching absolute non vioence which he utterly failed to teach to the minority Muslims. Just as a hawk cannot give up preying, a Muslim cannot give up aggression and violence.

He can only be subdued or finished by violence.


A Hindu king Prithvij Chauhan defeated Mohammed Ghauri 17 times! Each time after a defeat Ghauri said to Prithviraj, "I am your cow." Now this Hindu king was a stounch Hindu and proud of his strenght to defeat any one any time. So, he let Ghaur go alive each time. Ghauri attacked 18th time (see the Muslim determination) and Prithviraj lost. Ghauri thrut hot iron rods in his eyes and put him in prison without any hesitation, no gratitude that Prithviraj let him go alive 17 times.

That is Islam!

Also note that Pakistan's Nuke missiles are named Ghauri.


The Hindus now have woke up, along with America

to stamp out this terrorism.

No Hindu should count on America for help.

They need to fight their own battle agains this adharma.

Else all aashramas and temples and yatra dhamas would be history, buried under mosques.

I really belive this.


Are there any convincing arguments contrary to this?


Jai Sanatana Dharma!

Jai Sri Krishna!



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Guest guest

Thank you for helping me out with Hinduism, this website was very helpful. But I would like to know this: What is a time line of Hinduism History please? Please contact me a.s.a.p. Thank you, you must be a smart person! THank you,



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Guest guest

Gracias sinorita/senior. Come o estas? mE? Neua been. Porvorvor e favor dose? Gracias, Horhay


Thank you sir or madam. How are you? Me? Good. Please and favor two? Thank you, Horhay (Jordan)

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Guest guest

I would say feel free to visit Harimedia.net where there is much insight given regarding this, acording to my opinion, I would say.


yours in service


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Shri Krishna is the founder of Hindu vaidik dharma. Vedik or santana dharma words are not mentioned in any scripture , as a perticular set of belief or religion . However Hindu/sindu is much older than vaidik or sanatana dharma .


In the form sindhu, Hindu word is mentioned in many shastras.


In Bhagavata Purana , " Sindhu Desha " is mentioned . It is referred to the North Bharatavarsha. ( India) . Probably Hindu word came from it.




Besides , Hindu is not the effect of persian practice . Because both S and H are found in persian languages . This change of H from S has no any proper proof .


Hindu is formed with a close connection with bharatavarsha .


Hindus themselves created the Hindu word .


Hindu word is derived from geological condiction of bharatavarsha . In puranas , Bharatavarsha is described as a region between Himalaya and Bindu water ( South ocean ) . Hindu word is formed by joining Hi of Himalaya and Indu of Bindu ocean .

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