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Bingo Plans Dramatic Exit

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One of his wives said his elder sons will kill him on TV and his 'martyrdom' will release a wave of terror in Washington, London and Paris:




How do so many buy into this jihad excrement? Surely they realize that the last thing we would do if they did destroy all 'infidels' is nuke the hell out of all Muslim nations. These degenerates are not only crazy, they are obviously very stupid.


It seems to me that we need to employ genuinely religious Muslim clerics to get the real message out to crush this nonsense fundamentalism once and for all - even if we have to rewrite the book, making it a little more idiot-proof.


Funding the sane Moslem religionists seems like a cheap way of curbing future radicals. A few billion is a drop in the bucket compared to what we will eventually spend to get these psychotics under control, not to mention the priceless lives that will be wasted on both sides.

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BOSTON - 12.12.01 | (Reuters)


Osama bin Laden escaped the embattled Tora Bora base to Pakistan 10 days ago with the help of Ghilzi tribesmen, a senior Al Qaeda operative and Saudi financier told the Christian Science Monitor on Wednesday.


"Osama bin Laden traveled out of Tora Bora two times in this Ramadan holy month," financier Abu Jaffar told the newspaper.


"He left to meet Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar about three weeks ago and stayed with him near Kandahar," Jaffar said. "He left again just over a week ago and was headed to Pakistan, where he was helped across the border by Pashtun tribesmen."


The newspaper's report of bin Laden's movements, posted on its Web site (http:/www.csmonitor.com), is the first that the Saudi-born militant has escaped the U.S. bombing raids on Tora Bora. Bin Laden is blamed by Washington for masterminding the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States that killed nearly 3,300 people.


A U.S. official in Washington, however, said "every indication" was that bin Laden was still in Afghanistan and that U.S. officials had no indication he had left.


Jaffar spoke through an Arabic-speaking reporter and interpreter in a remote village at the base of Tora Bora, the newspaper reported, and said bin Laden sent his 19-year-old son Salah Uddin back to Tora Bora to act on his behalf.


Jaffar, who said he traveled with bin Laden in a truck out of Jalalabad, told the newspaper: "Osama is my good friend....After Osama left 10 days ago, he contacted us inside Tora Bora to tell us that he was sending his own son to be with us there. His son traveled through Paktia province with 30 Arabs and 50 Afghan fighters.


"Yesterday, Salah Uddin told me to leave, and he gave me money because I will likely need another operation on my leg," the newspaper quoted Jaffar as saying. He said his foot was blown off by a stray cluster bomb.


During the interview, the Saudi financier, who studied in Cairo's Al Azhar University, reached in his pocket and pulled out a wad of British notes to show that he had enough money for his travels, the newspaper reported.


(In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving included information for research and educational purposes.)

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Where oh where? Some have him now in Iran. Some have him retreating up the White Mountains aside Tora Bora towards Pakistan with hundreds of his troops. I quite doubt we'll get anything but lies out of his buds. I got him trudging over the mountains in a small group separate from the mass of his murderers.


I was going to try to put myself in his position and see what I would have done, but I feared I might never get the smell out of my brain.


Last night I said a little prayer for you guys in the U.S. now that Ramadan is over. But these monkeys are more talk than anything, as I remember Omar's big prediction that his sudden troop withdrawal was just setting up the complete collapse of America. Still, keep yer powder dry, and Krsna in your sights.

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