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Attempt to Crash into House of Commons on Sept 11?

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gHariji: u heard him confess? Not under duress?

Bushmaster & Chainygang are shaking in their coward cowboy boots.

So long people like u keep believing them, they shiver less.

Such is your relief work.

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Right - it was all the Jews. This guy just happened to unfortunately go to England and return the day after the 11th, after having taken pilot lessons. Poor fellow. Duress? Likely. The paper said they framed him for four false charges to keep him in jail until they could get the evidence they needed.


I guess Bush and Cheney and the CIA were able to frame him by then, so he would have to admit to being al-Qaeda. One wonders why the Jews told Bingo about the WTC attacks. Perhaps he got the plan through his CIA cronies.


Funny - Bingo blames the Jews for everything too. The whole thing sounds very tamo delusional to me, dude.

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Now we have British and Australian detectives involved. While police tyranny cannot be ruled out, it seems odd that a fabricated confession would also mention the plans for Indian and Australian attacks. Hopefully the foreigners can get to the bottom of the issue, before he gives his official confession in court on Tuesday.


http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/south_asia/newsid_1711000/1711523.stm<font color="#f7f7f7">


[This message has been edited by gHari (edited 12-15-2001).]

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His account indicates that on September 11, there were several aircraft hijacking squads, totally unaware of each other's existence, with targets ranging from the WTC in New York to the House of Commons in London to Rialto Towers in Melbourne, Australia. At least three additional targets, apart from those in New York and Washington, were short-listed for attack on September 11.


These targets were Rialto Towers in Australia, a 55-floor, 253-metre structure, the tallest in the southern hemisphere, the House of Commons in the United Kingdom, and the Parliament House in New Delhi. It is the selection of the last target that resulted in Afroz being charged with waging a war against the country.


Afroz has told police he was first recruited for the bomb plot by a group of south and west Asian students who used to meet regularly at the local Werribee Islamic Centre run by a Maulana Mansoor Illyas. This was in the Australian state of Victoria, Afroz said.


A group of 31 south and west Asian flying students used to meet at the al-Taqwa mosque, part of the local Werribee Islamic Centre. Among this group, Afroz says, were two of the hijackers of Indian Airlines flight IC-814, Shahid Akhtar and Zahoor Ahmad Mistry, who he knew as Sandy and Zia. Afroz as he claimed was not aware of any outfit called al-Qaeda as he claims that he took orders from Maulana Illyas.


Investigators suspect that Illyas may be one of the lieutenants of al-Qaeda, controlling the youths without their being aware that they were actually working for Osama bin Laden. Ilyas handpicked four groups of five pilots, Afroz says. It was he who instructed them to acquire higher levels of flight training, of the kind that would allow them to fly commercial jets.


In 1997, sponsored by his London-based maternal uncle Mubarak Musalman, Afroz joined Mistry Aviation, a training institute in Mazgaon in central Mumbai. Subsequently, Afroz left for the Royal Victorian Aero Club, run out of the Moorabbin Airport in Victoria, Australia.


Returning to India, Afroz left again in 1990, this time for the Tyler International School of Aviation in Texas. It is a premier institution, and fees for commercial courses run from US$24,800 to $27,800 (around Rs 13 lakh).


Investigators claim that Mistry and Akhtar also attended Tyler School shortly before the hijacking of IC-814. At the end of his time at Tyler, Afroz returned to India, spending several months with his family in the city.


In May 2000, he made a brief visit to Hong Kong to visit Maulana Ilyas. They met at the Pakistan Hotel, a cheap place mostly used by travellers from the sub-continent. His passport entries corroborate his statements of visiting Hong Kong. This is thought to be the place when the final plan was made for the suicide attack on the House of Commons.


In July that year, Afroz was again sent for a training course, this time at the top-flight Cabair College of Air Training at the Cranfield Airport near Bedford, in the UK. Known for its exorbitant fees and elitist class of training, the Cabair College trains pilots for several commercial airlines and charges a whopping UK £47,235 (Rs 30 lakh) for its Integrated Professional Airline Pilot's course.


A pilot trained at Cabair is eligible to fly large passenger jets like the Boeing 757 and 767 that flew into the WTC.


As Afroz and his team received the orders for the London-Manchester flight on September 11, Ilyas had also issued the same orders to the team in New York, said intelligence sources.


According to Afroz, though Maulana Ilyas had given final orders to him on September 9, the tickets were purchased only on the afternoon of September 10.


However, it was the time difference between New York and London that gave the game away, as several flights all around the world, including the London-Manchester that Afroz was to board, were immediately cancelled. Afroz realised that other al-Qaeda teams had succeeded.


Afroz's background gives some insight into his possible motivation. The son of a poor tailor, Abdul Razzaq, he studied till Std 12. His brother, Mohammad Farooq, built a profitable business as a customs agent, but Afroz was drawn to politics.


In the wake of the communal riots of 1992-1993, Afroz toyed with the idea of joining the Students' Islamic Movement of India, which, until then, was a legitimate outfit. Soon after the WTC attacks, all the ringleaders went underground, leaving their foot soldiers in the lurch. Afroz then returned to India on September 12.



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Tomorrow, expect world-shattering news. This story ia about to hit America at last. They've been keeping it secret, perhaps hoping to find a link between the Australian jihadist and Bingo.


In the in camera testimony, Afrroz was given ample opportunity to reveal whether his confession was being forced out of him or not. Since it is proceeding to trial on News Years Day, it appears that the court decided that there has been no coersion.


The UK's BBC website has carried this story a few times, but still no whisper of it in the US media.



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Next Tuesday may prove exciting given this from http://www.chalomumbai.com/asp/article.asp?cat_id=29&art_id=20919&cat_code=2F574841545F535F4F4E5F4D554D4241492F5441415A415F4B4841424152&name=afroz


February 19,2002

Mohammad Afroz's uncle, who is currently in Australia, has close links with Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda, according to a Mumbai police team, led by Joint Commissioner Bhujangrao S Mohite, which returned from Australia on Sunday.


The team, which visited Melbourne and Canberra, claims to have returned with extensive information of Afroz's involvement with al-Qaeda. Police in India have charged Afroz with being part of a suicide squad that was to crash a plane into the House of Commons in London on September 11. Other planes were to be allegedly crashed into Parliament House and Rialto Towers, Sydney.


"The Australian police cooperated with us," Mohite said. Others on the team included Assistant Commissioner Ramakant Padwal and Senior Inspector Dilip Patil.


Mohite said, ''Afroz's uncle, Mubarak, who is at present in Australia, is closely linked to al-Qaeda. Afroz was called to Australia for pilot training along with 50 others, including Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Irani nationals. Only 34 of them were selected for suicide squads. Sketches of the 34 alleged to have trained with Afroz had been drawn up according to descriptions he provided after his arrest in October 2001. "We sent the sketches to several countries where the suspects are likely to be," Mohite said.


Police also procured evidence of Afroz's registration in Australian pilot training institutes, attendance register details and information of the rented house.


Police had said they seized large sums of money from three bank accounts in Mumbai registered in the names of his family members and discovered that Afroz had received funds of over Rs 1 crore in the past five years.


Another police team, headed by Commissioner M N Singh and comprising Deputy Commissioner Pradeep Sawant and Senior Inspector Dilip Patil, is expected to leave for the US and UK on Friday.



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