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Tarun, my back is behind me.


Well, maybe I had my eyes closed. I hadn't realized how miserable life has been there.


After this quote from the Taliban official I no longer feel sorry that they were caught in the middle:

The Taliban supreme leader, Mullah Mohammed Omar, sought to portray the Taliban's recent retreats from urban centers as part of a larger strategy aiming to destroy America.


"If God's help is with us, this will happen within a short period of time - keep in mind this prediction," he said in an interview with the BBC, conducted over satellite phone. "The real matter is the extinction of America, and God willing, it will fall to the ground."



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Neither US nor Taliban are Vedik.

Then again, each has shadow aspects of Vedik Culture.

As devotees, Religious Freedom is very important, essential.

Right to assemble, free speech, free press too.

Intolerable under Taliban rule.

Exploiters will prefer Amerika.

Renunciants can somehow, by hook or crook survive in Amerika.

I'd have to see & hear that original statement.

I don't trust gov't translators.

They can say any darn thing to further agitate or pacify.

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Ashcraft stated yesterday he doesn't want Bin Laden's video broadcast widely.

He gave his usual lame cowardly excuse.

No need to repeat his snow job.

Real reason is so obvious.

Same as Noriega with Bush Sr 11 yrs ago.

If we here Bin Laden's side, Ashcraft & all his cronies are finished.

"Hey Georgie Boy, can ya pass me back that 4 pound hammer.

I still gotta a few extra 'big ones' (rocks) over here."

Anybody who believes these rascals posing as patriots:

1) knows nothing at all about any US Military branch,

2) has never read any SP purport concerning Kaliyuga politics,

3) ...?

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gHariji: Quote what? Do you know that language?

You don't know what Mullah Mohammed Omar really said.

They give you the translation they want you to hear.

Like mAyAvAdI GItA translations.

You can relate to that, I'm sure.

ISKCON Present GItA Edition 9.34:

"It is not to KRSNa we should surrender, but to the unmanifest within us all."

Even ISKCON is preaching their nonsensically new twist:

GItA 11.32:

Time I am, destroyer of the worlds, and I have come to destroy all people...

Oh really?

To destroy all people?

Are you sure Bushmaster is not an honorary GBC man?

What about tRnAdapi suni-Cheney? Another shoe-in.

Check ISKCON'S latest list.

If not, nominate them both, sure as snuff, next Gaur-purnimA.

Same exact misinterpreted philosophy.

Same twisted lies on brahman/xatriya/vaizya higher/lower level.

Amerika doesn't need Afghan oil.

Amerika needs to be gradually weaned off all oil.

And what to speak of Afghan opium!

Bushmaster et al can't accept these facts.

So-called conservatives who can't seem to conserve energy (so much for their conservative mood) refuse to encourage alternative energy for heating, transportation.

God supplies sufficient energy locally.

All this import/export, morning/evening traffic...

Such a un-Godly, grotesquely primitive, backward, attitude.

These are our leaders? This is our lot?

Killing women & children so we can drive inefficient SUVs?

Every time I see a US flag on an SUV I have to laugh twice as loud.

And cry too.

"Forgive them Father for they know not what they do. Or drive."

Wash DC shall learn soon enough. The easy way or...

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