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I also do not get it.

If you're saying you can't see their faces so how can you tell which is which?

Okay, mildly humorous.

One can also think they're co-wives.

Their one shared husband is calling them all to come home?

To collectively return from marketplace?

Could this foto be foretelling future Amerikan Mall Shopping?

Optometrists, Opthamologists, Opticians beware!!!

Whatever the market will bear/bare?

The customer's always right, right?

What better way to save on 'spectacles'?

What better way to create 'spectacles'?

No more late night TV.

20/20, glaucoma, stigmatism, near-sighted, far-sighted...

Colorblind, veilblind, bat-blind, confined...

AdvaitavAd = it's all one. No discrimination. Whatta Nation!


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Originally posted by Tarun:

Usama bin Laden? Usama bin Long Gone.

Osama Bin Hidin -- ya can run, but ya jus canna hide, least not for long. Course he may have just offed himself a la Hitler...



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Don't get me started with Adolph.

I'll have Mahak on my case in no time.

Some say they saw Hissler as late as 1962.

In of all places? Montana.

PrabhupAd said:

"They can prepare anything in their TV laboratories, but we are not so fool to believe them."

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