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2 year degree program for REAL MEN

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It's just a joke guys, don't take it too serious. Deep down we love you.


Atma. Posted Image



A new two-year degree is being offered at the University that many of you should be interested in: Becoming a Real MAN.

That's right, in just 6 trimesters, you, too, can be a real-man- as well as earn a MA degree (Male Arts).

Please take a moment to look over the program outline.


First Year


Autumn Schedule

MEN 101 Combating Stupidity

MEN 102 You, Too, Can do Housework

MEN 103 PMS-Learn When to Keep Your Mouth


MEN 104 We Do Not Want Sleazy Under Things

for Christmas


Winter Schedule

MEN 110 Wonderful Laundry Techniques

MEN 111 Understanding the Female Response

to Getting in at a.m.

MEN 112 Parenting: It Doesn't End with


EAT 100 Get a Life, Learn to Cook

EAT 101 Get a Life, Learn to Cook 2

ECON 001 What was Yours is Hers


Second Year


Autumn Schedule

SEX 101 You CAN Fall Sleep Without it

SEX 102 Morning Dilemma: If It's Awake

Take a Shower

SEX 103 How To Stay Awake After Sex

MEN 201 How to Put the Toilet Seat Down


(See electives below)


Winter Schedule

MEN 210 The Remote Control: Overcoming

your Dependency

MEN 211 How NOT To Act Younger than Your


MEN 212 You, Too, Can Be a Designated Driver

MEN 213 Honest, You Don't Look Like Tom

Cruise (or Mel for his fans in this


MEN 230A Her Birtdays and Anniversaries Are



Spring Schedule


MEN 220 Omitting%! from Your Vocabulary

(Pass/Fail only)

MEN 221 Fluffing the Blanket After Farting

is NOT Necessary

MEN 222 Real Man Ask for Directions

MEN 223 Thirty Minutes of Begging is NOT

Considered Foreplay

MEN 230B Her Birthdays and Anniversaries Are

Important 2

Course Electives

EAT 101 Cooking with Tofu

EAT 102 Utilization of Eating Utensils

EAT 103 Burping and Belching Discreetly

MEN 231 Mothers-in-law

MEN 232 Appears to Be Listening

MEN 233 Just Say "yes, Dear"

ECON 001C Cheaper to Keep Her


Just a thought for the women out there.

Ever notice how all of women's problems start with MEN


MENtal illness

MENstrual cramps

MENtal breakdown


GUYnocologist (poetic spelling).....


and when we have real trouble, it's HISterectomy.





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Becoming a Real Woman


First Year


Autumn Schedule

FEM 101 Stupid Combat Techniques

FEM 102 You, Too, Can Build a House

FEM 103 Learn to Keep an Open Heart without Crying

FEM 104 Christmas Stockings are not Santa's Condoms


Winter Schedule

FEM 110 Changing the Laundry Tap Washers

FEM 111 Changing the Early Morning Response.

FEM 112 Parenting Misconceptions

EAT 100 Learn to Live, Get a Cook

EAT 101 Marry a Cook

ECON 001 Hiding whats yours without acting secretive



Second Year


Autumn Schedule


SEX 101 how to fake orgasms without sex

SEX 102 Morning Dilemma: if you wake up happy, dont panic!

SEX 103 How To Stay Awake Before Sex

FEM 201 How to Put the Toilet Seat Down Yourself


Winter Schedule

FEM 210 Remoteness: The Control Factor

FEM 211 Children Are not your Security Blankets

FEM 212 Enjoying Driving

FEM 213 Cleaning the Mirror without Depression

FEM 230A The Importance of Being Earnest


Spring Schedule


FEM 220 Swearing Without Guilt (Australian Lecturer)

FEM 221 Fluffing Feathers after Laying an Egg

FEM 222 Real Women Give Clear Directions

FEM 223 Thirty Minutes of Silence is NOT

Enough Time to Read Your Mind

FEM 230B The Importance of Seduction


Course Electives

EAT 101 Cooking withOUT Tofu

EAT 102 Zen of Less Eating Utensils

EAT 103 The Joy of Burping and Belching

FEM 231 Integrative Listening

FEM 232 Saying Something as You Speak

FEM 233 How to handle a compliment

ECON 001C Sharing Souls


All in fun.

Not meant to HERt anyone Posted Image


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