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I need to know I need to know I need to know!!!

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I was under the impression that he appeared at the end of a kali yuga, when king vena and his evil was finally put down and the earth was made nicely wonderful for the beginning of another golden age, but I could be wrong, Ill leave it to the scholars

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SarasvatI: Y do u need to know, u need to know, u need to know?

Sarasvati should know everything.

What was King Vena's father's name? Anga Mhrj, no?

Royal succession seems unbroken till Vena appears.

Something like Gita 4.1-2 situation at Dvapara-yuga's end:

sa kaleneha mahatA, yoga-bhraSTa parantapa

(appears to be lost)

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Definitely not recent. Bhagavatam does not abandon chronology altogether.

Jayadev's DazAvatAr-stotram is precisely chronological.

RAm-lIlA's in 9th Canto preparing us for 10th, Haladhara-rUpa, sequential.

Any particular zAstra's intensity depends on author's antar/bahir consciousness ratio during compo time

That ratio in turn affects, effects & infects author's adherence to KAlo'smi.

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