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Looking for Kalki Avtaar

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I am looking for the Incarnation of Kalki. In my childhood, i had read that incarnation of Sri Krishna - Kalki is in waiting.

Recently, i came across various independent sources which talk of the same thing.

I have listed these below. I am convinced that the incarnation has already taken place.

In fact, my search landed me to one Mr. Kalki in Andhra pradesh. Though this person seemed very knowledgable and apt, yet his inclination towards money(this recently figured in an issue of 'INDIA TODAY' by name 'CULT IN CRISIS') makes one disbelieve his claims.

No doubt the incarnation has already taken place, but i am not able to locate him. If neone of u are aware of ne such thing, please let me know.

I am very desperately looking for Him.




The various pointers to incarnation of Kalki:

1. The book which i read in my childhood specifically mentioned that a S.Indian sage will be the incarnation of Kalki.

2. In N.India there is an organization by the name of Gayathri Parivaar(based in Mathura). Their Guru Late Sreeram Sharma Acharyaji had mentioned in 1969 that Kaliyuga is in end-phase and that by 2000 this end will become evident.(Source:Nav Yug Nirmaan Yojna, August, 2001 - Chapter 'Dasam Avtaar kaa prakatya-the coming of tenth incarnation')

3.Late Sri Yukteshwarji - the Guru of Sri Yogananda Paramhamsa (Author of 'Autobiography of a Yogi') had mentioned in 'The Holy Science - 1894 a.d. that the cycle of yugas is indeed of 24,000 years as against the popular beleif 4,32,0000 years and that the kaliyuga is near completion.

4.Late Sri Gopi Krishna's book 'The Purpose of Yoga'. In the chapter on ancient Mayan civilization, it is mentioned that the Mayan calender ends on 24th Dec, 2011 which according to them marks the beginning of a new time cycle(One can even search on the net -google ' for Mayan + prediction)

4.Bejan Daruwala predicts that by 2011, India will emerge as a super-power and 2007 marks the meeting point of various religions(search the net -google ' for bejan + daruwala + 2011)

5.Some interpretitions of Nostradamus have been interpreted in respect of India. Nostradamus is said to have predicted that there will be devastations when time changes(which we interpreted as when millenium changes- hence the 1999 dooms day theory)

6.Once i was listening to Sri Asharam Bapu on Sony TV, when he said that 'Kalki Maha Purana' has mentioned few pointers to the end of Kaliyuga-

a. Women will have menstrual cycle at an early age of 9-11

b. Women will have to go to work outside the home premises

and there few other pointers which i don't remember now.

7. In my quest i read Bible and Quran too. The pointers to the Final Judgement Day too match the present day scenario(In fact, Christians are expecting a resurrection of Jesus and Lord)

8. Brahmakumaris too are expecting an incarnation

8. There is a very clear mention of this in 'THe Celestine Prophecy' by James Redfield which talks about an ancient Red-Indian manuscript which echoes similar views.

8. Personally i met few mystics in Benares who divulged about an incarnation but were unable to locate it exactly.

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No doubt the incarnation has already taken place, but i am not able to locate him. If neone of u are aware of ne such thing, please let me know.

How do you know the incarnation has already taken place? Assuming the avatar is already born, he will be easily identifiable, by his activites. So you should have no trouble locating him.


Sathya Sai Baba of Andhra is believed to be an avatar of the Supreme, by millions around the world. Their belief is, the Supreme lord has incarnated again after 5100 years [the last avatar was Krishna] to redeem mankind. You can find plenty of web sites which give more details about this avatar. He himself makes statements like "I am much more than this body", "I have many names", etc. He also performs magic.





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Dear Desparate,


I think the 10 avatars of Vishnu (of which Krishna, Rama, Buddha & Kalki are said to be among) more than likely originated with the Satvata tradition. The Vasinava religion is not thought to have arisen from those who worshiped the Vishnu of the Vedas-associated with the Sun. The Satvara tribe worshiped a God they called Krsna Vasudeva. Krsna Vasudeva was considered once as a great cheiftain of the Satvata clan. The religion of the Satvara was a very simple monotheistic non-vedic religion.


The clan was once low down in the social pecking order but had receieved an increase in status through miltary success as Ksatriya-the same caste as Siddhartha (Gautama Buddha). What this meant is now they were allowed to learn Sanskrit. Must have been around 400 BC.


They originally worshipped in a non Vedic manner and did not impressed by Vedic sacrifices nor were they into the Upanishads.


And they did not make any effort to explain the greatness of their God in terms of or in relation to the Brahman of the Upanishads.


After learning sanskrit the Satvata rivaled upper classes in status and they allied with Brahmans serving as priests to the nobles-even converted some of them to Satvata. The Bhagavad Gita by some accounts was written with Brahman editors-some of the teachers they converted- & it was incorporated in the Mahabharata.


The Vaisnava tradition (with the avatars of Vishnu) is thought to have arisen from that. As I believe later in that work Krishna is also refered to as Vishnu. This may be the verse that gives birth to the avatars:


Though I am an eternal unborn Soul

the Lord of Beings

relying on my own materiality

I enter into phenomenal being

by my own mysterious power (maya).

Whenever righteousness declines

and wickedness erupts

I send myself forth, o Bharata

To protect the good and destroy the evil doers

and establish the Right,

I come into being age after age.



To the best of my knowledge the avatars of Vishnu are not found in the vedas. The Mahabharata 12.326.72-82 names 7 of the 10 avatars of Vishnu, but I believe the Bhagavata Purana names Buddha as the ninth avatara and Kalki(Annihilator of Kali or Anihilator of Ignorance) as the 10th and final avatar. If I remember right, the Bhagavata Purana actually names over 20 avatars (think its 22)but says the number is beyond counting. Therefore many great beings are considered by modern Hindus to be avatars or divine incarnations.


I have met with the one they call Kalki Bhagavan and he asked me not to call him or to refer to him as Kalki. He is a great sage that definately has the power to give enlightenment and enlightenment experiences to others, much like the predicted avatar of Vishnu however. That is why some call him the Annihilator of Ignorance. His monastic order has an uncanny ability to help even the densest most fallen person attain union-actually see God and encounter seldom discovered states. But if he is or is not an Avatar of Vishnu or if even an avatar of Vishnu is the stuff of legends is anyone's guess. Perhaps someday we will know.


I am wondering if it is human nature to desire a "messiah". You can see this in the Puranic tradition with the expectation of an avatar. Buddhists have Maitreya, Christians the second coming, Native Americans have their own version.


Seems like instead of working on the mess we have created in our hearts, and working on repairing our shattered relationships it is human nature to hope for someone else-a Great Being to come and clean up the mess we have made!


Like a janitor or cleaning lady or something.



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Guest guest

They say the overlapping period between Dvapara and Kali yuga started when the first arrow was shot in Mahabharat. Then, Kali Yuga officially begins when Krishna leaves. This is thought to be somewhere around February 6th 3560 B.C based on the Julian calender, or something. Anyway, you've got well over 400,000 more years until kalki comes. When he comes, he won't be here to show mercy like the previous avataras.

By then all people will be the size of the thumb, and there will be no hope for spiritual advancement. At this final stage of Kali Yuga, Kalki appears, and with an army of brahmins wielding mantra-type astras, it is said that he will cut down all the miscreants one by one, the way a fire devours a forest, and establish the beginning of Satya Yuga.


Trust me, you don't want to wait for Kalki. By then it'll be too late, and he'll just be here to kill.


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Here is a rendering of part of the temple for enlightenment being constructed by the Foundation For World Awakening for Kalki Bhagavan. Quite a bit of rural redevelopement work and housing projects are being done and already he has given mukti to some of the workers.


I was there a couple years ago and they were feeding people from area villages. Buses were coming in from all around. SO many people there were! The dasas of Bhagavan were feeding the people as well as local devotees working on the building projects. Costs were running more than $10,000 US a month for seva programs. And that was before they started building the housing. Alot of clothing and fund raising drives are going on in the USA.


Some of the villagers, who had very little, donated their watches to the project & to help pay for food for a mukti yajna for some foreigners (at the time the yajans were free to USA, Russian, Sweden and other lands. Some of the yajnas were well over 40 days and food and lodging was no cost). When Kalki Bhagavan found out about it he was so touched by it he willed that those who donated to the building projects would have good karma for several generations.


When I was at the other facility at Satyaloka, they were feeding everyone who came for darshan, the birthday of the female aspect of Kalki. It is August 15, a day of great miracles. About 600,000 people were there (that's the size of 2 Simon & Garfunkle concerts in Central Park). There were people as far as the eye could see. I went into the cooking building and there was so much steam you could hardly see your hand in front of your face! Currently there are over 16 million devotees worldwide.


They live very simply-sleep on the floor-no hot water. At the time the monks were selling vegetables in the streets to help pay for the foreign retreats. Kalki Bhagavan's house is very simple-not so large even by Indian standards. No AC even.


I did not get a chance to read the article, but I will say costs are high for many of the programs offered. There were some growing pains when they started changing for retreats and people were very angry. But in the USA if the retreat is in a comfortable place with decent food even for the charge they are not yet breaking even. Travel, promo, phone, insurance costs, and scholarships factor in. There is not enough to send to India for the seva and building projects.


Anyway here is the link for the facility being constructed.



Will post my first experience with Kalki Bhagavan.

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Here is some writing of my first encounter with Kalki. I was an atheist at the time and was pretty much dragged to a Vara Yajna in the USA by a business associate. It was in Feb of 1997. There have been so many miracles in my life since then-they just keep coming.


Regardless of who he is or isn't he has given enlightenment experiences to thousands and in some instances full enlightenment, as well as the experience of the Awakening of the Antaryamin. He offers something that scriptures and many gurus do not-personal experience.


A following of over 16 million in less than a decade does not generally happen through mere dogma or teachings alone.






The crystal clear bell-like voice of monk, Sri Lena Bhagavad Dasa rang through the large meeting hall.


"How curious, a female monk," I mused, shifting in my seat and glancing at the rapidly accumulating snow outside the window. The 2 day yajna had just begun and I was a long way from home. Already thoughts of the return trip home through such a storm were on my mind.


"Sat Chit Ananda"


I stared at the people sitting on the floor at the front of the room-all Indians-and marveled at how they could sit so still, in apparent comfort, and so close to one another. Some of the women were dressed in gorgeous saris, and they looked like delicate flowers in a winter garden. I felt big and stiff and awkward, somehow alien and out of place in my old, faded jeans, cowboy boots resting by the door. I was relieved to have on matching socks without holes in them, as removing one's shoes was the custom.


I squirmed again in my chair and yawned, turning my attention once again to the blizzard outside."This is going to be a very long weekend," I thought. "I wish I was home"




The Sanskrit chant rose in power and clarity, almost visibly shimmering in the air, considerably brightening and rippling the energy of the room. Suddenly, and with quite a jolt, I realized that I was no longer in the Community Center of Murrysville, Pa, but had somehow been miraculously transported to a very small cave at what appeared to be the very edge of the Universe!


As far as the eye could see-above, below, and beyond, was an infinite, star studded void. I turned around and examined the tiny cave. It appeared to be made of flesh: part of a living, breathing organism, perhaps. Amazingly there was no fear, and I realized that with just one small step forward, I could forever become a permanent part of this glorious starscape.




I turned again, half expecting to see the room that I had so suddenly vacated. There was no change. I was still standing at the edge of the Universe. I began to laugh. Joy came. Bliss followed. My heart was exploding with feeling.


Should I jump, step, dive, somersault, or cartwheel into infinity? I wondered, rocking with laughter. What is proper?


I was delighted.




"No! This can't be real! It's only a meditation. No wait! You're dreaming!"Like a great winged beast, my mind swooped down, cawing and shrieking. Talons flexed, ready to snatch me up to carry me from that place.


The moment fractured into a thousand fragments. The starscape began to ripple and tear. A legion of doubts buzzed before my face.


"Just open your eyes and this will all be gone,"they giggled an hissed.


"Sri Bhagavathi Padmavathi Sametha"


So I opened my eyes. What else could I do? I had to know.


I was still standing in the cave, the Great Beyond before me.


"Sri Kalki Bhagavathe Namaha"


"My God, this is real! I've come home!" And I wept with relief.




And that was the beginning of the journey for me. Much like a blind pig finding an acorn, I had stumbled onto the elusive and seldom discovered Path of Transformation & Enlightenment.


During that weekend yajna, many questions that had been puzzling me were answered. I saw my conception, birth and first seven years of life. Then through a series of chants, prayers, mystical experiences & Divine intervention, corrections were made. Childhood hurts and traumas dissolved. Old baggage was shed, and while some pain was still there, my load had lightened considerably.


I experienced my last death, and saw how I had gotten caught up in the cycle of births and deaths for so long. I discovered what it is that keeps one reincarnating on this plane, and what learning (unlearning) has to occur to enter higher realms.


During an amazing past life experience, I experienced a state of repentance for an incident. As a result, a chronic health problem of 20 years vanished.


We were then taken 50, 500, and 5000 years into the future on an eye opening and haunting vision quest. Mankind must be enlightened. There is no other way.


I saw my destiny and the agreement that I made before coming here. I was sheon the true condition of my heart and while choking back tears of shame followed by relief, I watched as my heart was slowly purified.


And I saw God.


When I left that place, nothing was ever going to be the same. The ground rocked. Single moments became infinite. The senses were clearer. It didn't matter if I was slicing vegetables, cleaning the sink or watching a sunset-there was pleasure. I felt very much alive for the first time since childhood-I had somehow been salvaged. I traveled through the following weeks watching an extraordinary course of events unfold before me.


Life had become somewhat like the George Burns/John Denver movie, "Oh God". Supreme consciousness had taken a form that I could hear, see, and touch, and It appeared from time to time turning the most mundane event into a mystical experience."




Here is a picture of Kalki Bhagavan:


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A quick question,



I have met with the one they call Kalki Bhagavan and he asked me not to call him or to refer to him as Kalki.



And yet you continue to refer to him as Kalki. Why?


You yourself will agree, he does not match the description as per the predictions. If the description does not match and the persom himself denies the link, why are his followers still using that label? Isn't it misleading to other people and also direspectful (for acting against his wishes)?


No offense.




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For the thousands upon thousands who have experienced an awakening of the Antaryamin or received enlightenment experiences or full enlightenment through the grace of Kalki Bhagavan, Heaven has met Earth-the Kingdom has come. The Golden Age is here.


The Golden Age is a process- an evolution in human consciousness as well as an astrological occurence. Anyone is welcome to wait another 400,000 years if they want to.


But would like to remind anyone caught up in calendars or the man made measurings of time, did Krishna not appear to Arjuna as Time? Why would the Lord be bound to a measure of men?

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I do not always do as I'm told. He told me what would happen if I called him Kalki and I'll risk it. Seriously, I cannot easily pronounce the name he is known by in Western nations-Muteswara Bhagavan. So I call him as the Indians do. The Annihilator of Ignorance. For me it is the truth reguardless of predictions. Heck the weather men even in the Arizona desert (how hard a job could that be?) are wrong every other day even with our so called scientific temperament. Don't take alot of stock in predictions. Sometimes phenomena arises contrary to or in spite of predictions. For the most part what's predicted doesn't come down at all. Can't really think of one that came true.-Like where is Krishna in the Vedas?


Just because it's my truth and that of others doesn't mean it has to be yours. Kalki Bhagavan has more than enough devotees. The worst that can happen is if more start following him around.


It is better if people take dikshas for enlightenment from him and find mukti within their own traditions-help their own people. Seriously, enlightenment is very much in danger of becoming just another religion a bbunch more concepts, beliefs and ideals to further enslave man.


Also some use the surname Krishna yet clearly they are not Krishna. And some use Jesus as well. So I do not see the harm. Clearly most folks can determine between the Krishna next door and Krishna in the same manner there is enough intellect in most to understand the name tag on Jesus behind the counter at the Circle K. Do you really feel all that mislead?


He is a great being with alot to offer.


There are 800 or so Kalki's in India 500 of them are in jail.


Here's a great site on predictions. http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Oracle/9941/

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Just to clarify, I have no issues with his followers referring to him as Kalki. The thing is when people hear Kalki, they immediately link it to the 10th Avatar of Vishnu as predicted in a popular list of Avatars. Immediately questions such as, "What about the time period of 432000 years?", Do the names and actions match the prediction?", etc pop up.


I gather, you do not see the present Kalki as the predicted Kalki. No more questions.






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Tomorrow it may be something different, but right now I see the 10 avatars of Vishnu as a man made creation. A way for the Brahmins to gain an in with the Satvatas by linking Krishna with Vishnu.


So no. I do not see my teacher as a man made creation. I do see him as an avatar as he is indeed changing the truth.


I imagine if man en mass become enlightened as a result of his taking birth he will be deemed by the masses as the Kalki avatar. It is hard to see him otherwise (than an annihilator of ignorance or darkness) in the midst of a mystical experience or an enlightenment experience.

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Guest guest

Dear Dharmaji,


I'm Priya from Mississippi. I read your articles about Bhagavan. I wish to let you know that I also didnt believe in Bhagavan until a few years ago.I used to address him as Kalki & not as bhagavan as thats the way i felt then. Only when i had no choice, I prayed to him to grant me a few things that I needed. From then on, i've always got what i needed- mind you, not what I wanted but what I needed. He also made it possible for me to attend the Mukti yagna at LA during feb '03.

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Dear Dharmaji,


I'm Priya from Mississippi. I read your articles about Bhagavan. I wish to let you know that I also didnt believe in Bhagavan until a few years ago.I used to address him as Kalki & not as bhagavan as thats the way i felt then. Only when i had no choice, I prayed to him to grant me a few things that I needed. From then on, i've always got what i needed- mind you, not what I wanted but what I needed. He also made it possible for me to attend the Mukti yagna at LA during feb '03.

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Namaste Coyoteji,


The mukti yagna at LA this feb was really a great experience for me. It was a 7 day retreat attended by Indians, South Americans, Russians & Americans. As per your request, I would like to share some of my experiences with you.


On the 2nd day of the retreat, Raniji performed a homa (fire ritual). All of us were sitting in a circle around the fire .The homa was performed at the terrace of the facility where the retreat was conducted. It was after 6pm in the evening & it was getting dark outside. In the middle of the homa, one of the attendee pointed to the moon in the sky(it was a full moon) & all of us saw a ‘spot-light’ circling around the moon. It was my first ‘visual’ miracle that I experienced . I don’t know how to describe the effect in words. After about 10-15 min, we saw 2 ‘spot-lights’ circling around the moon –one in the clockwise & another in anti-clockwise direction. It was an amazing experience. Being a graduate student & being in a ‘scientific’ world, I spent some more time in the terrace after the homa got over, trying to see if by any chance the ‘spot-lights’ that we saw could in any way be a flashlight/laser light etc being projected from the ground. I would like to say that I didn’t find any signs to doubt that it was anything other than a miracle.


On the 6th day of the retreat, Raniji asked us to go to the terrace to do some ‘sun watching’. Ever since my childhood, I haven’t looked at the sun directly. My eyes used to hurt when I tried to look at the sun. However, on that day, I was surprised that I could clearly see the sun. My eyes didn’t hurt & I clearly saw the ‘outer circumference’ of the sun. It was then that I noticed the sun ‘dancing’. The sun looked like a ball of fire rotating in clockwise & anti clockwise direction. I couldn’t believe my eyes. After we returned from the ‘sun watching’ experience, Raniji asked us is we saw/noticed anything. I shared my experience with everyone. One another attendee said that she also saw the sun dancing. She couldn’t believe if she was dreaming & asked Bhagavan to give her a sign if it was really true. She said that immediately she felt a hand touch her shoulder. She looked around & no one was next to her while she was ‘sun watching’. Raniji then said that she too had seen it & she wanted us to also experience it & that’s why she asked us to go out & look at the sun.


On the evening of the 6th day, we were to do a sweat lodge (temazcal). It was my first experience of being in a temazcal. When we stepped out of the temazcal, we were asked to lie down on the ground & hug mother earth. When I was doing so, I felt a heart beat on my palms. I didn’t know what was happening & wondered if I was feeling my own heartbeat on my palms !!!! I asked Bhagavan to give me a sign if what I was experiencing was really true & I changed my position on the ground. I didn’t feel anything on my palms for a while, then again I could feel a heartbeat on my palm. It was then than I realized that it was the heartbeat of mother earth. Believe me, if I hadn’t experienced it, I don’t know how much I would have believed it if anyone had told me about it. I didn’t know what it meant & shared my experience with everyone in the group.


On returning home, when I was sharing the heartbeat experience of mother earth with my friend’s mom in India, she told me that she had heard that if one experiences the heart beat of mother earth, it symbolizes the attainment of mukti. I haven’t heard of any other explanations for these experiences that I had. If anyone could offer some insights, they are welcome.


I would like to add that the above mentioned experiences are what I experienced. Anyone could debate regarding the authenticity of the experience. As Bhagavan says, “Experience things & it would become YOUR truth”.

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Thanks for telling your experiences, Priyaji.

What is amazing is if you speak to some of the American devotees is they have had more mystical or God realization experiences than any in the old and new testament combined. Then you read some story about an ancient Indian saint and the experiences seem miniscual compared to what has gone on in the lives of many of the early Kalki devotees.


I suppose in the mahavakya of Kalki that reads something like "I shall reveal to you here and now all that I have revealed to every prophet sage saint and mystics throughout time" He really means it. Amazing He is.

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Guest guest

Dear Karna,


Let me tell you something, every avatar of god comes when the evil on earth becomes unbearable and when he comes he establishes religion and then departs. He only comes back when the evil arises again. By the end of the period of 400,000 years the age of prosperity would already have started. Therefore Kalki appears before the start of another age. He comes when the evil rises. Right know the evil is far from rising but its a start for it.


This is just the beginning.


I predict that after the period of 81,499 years Kalki will come and destroy evil. The reason why I say this is because the Jain Tirthankar himself said that the period of 21,000 years equals the 5th era and the same number of years for the last era - 6th. The time cycle then starts ascending where the 6th era and the 5th era will repeat except that the people there will be more powerful and will be worthy oppnonets for kalki. People will have the height of over 14 ft but will not observe true religion - they will use thier strengths to do evil. Kalki would be much bigger in every way. The jain tirthankar would not have become a tirthankar if he lied, yet he became the tirthankar.


The reason why I believe that the stated prediction of mine is correct is because Jainism is the only religion that can be trusted as other books on religion written by other authors in this era has too many faults and mistakes in it and can easily be blamed. Those books can easily be doubted.


You will find proof of my theory when you search for Jain time cycle on google. You need to understand that in order to understand why I predicted the end of Kaliyuga as such.



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Guest guest

On the other hand from an interview with a siddha purusha of Satyaloka Monastery, a direct disciple of Kalki Bhagavan, speaks on the advent of the Golden Age. The South Indian mountain tradition very much corresponds to the Mayan calendar. Following is from vedicshamanism.com-aninterview with an enlightened woman Acharaya Sri Samadarshini on the Golden Age:


Question "If mankind has to be enlightened isn’t it the Golden age or the satya yuga? It is said that we are in the Dark Age or the kali yuga? Can you explain?


Ans. How long the Iron Age is going to last and when the Golden Age begins is determined by the movement of the earth on its orbit. When the star Mulam radiates its complete energy and the earth is at that point where it completely access this cosmic energy then we say it is Satya Yuga. The question is not one of speculation as to when Satya Yuga is going to come, whether it is going to be 1000 of years later, millions of years later.

To put it simple let me tell you this—For instance you go to a doctor and the doctor tells you that your disease is going to be cured within 3 years time. You are very disappointed and sad because you are not sure if you are going to survive and tolerate the pain and live for 3 years. You go to another doctor and he says- Look it is not going to be 3 years, I am going to cure it within 3 months. Are you going to be unhappy about it and tell may be I will rather wait for 3 years? If the doctor were to show it to you that it is indeed possible to cure it in 3 months, then you would say I feel it now.


I think at this point of time speculation is a waste of energy. All that we have to do is observe and see what is happening right now. Mankind definitely cannot last for the next 300,000 or 400,000 years with the kinds of minds they got, with the kinds of thoughts they got, and the kind of suffering they got. I think a few years later if mankind would go the way it is going, this planet will be inhabited by mad people who cannot take on the stress, insecurity any more.


Bhagavan is today saying that the Golden age is going to be ushered within the next 12 years, Man kind is going to be enlightened and by the time it is 2025 you are going to see a different world, then it is for you to judge & see whether it is golden age or iron age. Speculation is of no use here.


Lets go through the process, become enlightened and then see what the world looks like. Regards to the question whether it is the Dark Age or the golden age that’s currently going on, I would say it is the period of twilight where the darkness is fading out and sunlight is streaming in. Now kali Yuga is ending and Satya Yuga is beginning. It will definitely take next 12 years for it to come in and becomes very profound until 2025, and for it to complete it will take 1000 years from now. According to us this is Satya Yuga. The moment Bhagavan began to give this state to man it is Satya Yuga. "


She also speaks:

"We are not here prophesying the doomsday but what is in stored for man is evident. The way man’s thoughts & emotions are structured today; we must know man and nature are one organism and not two separate entities. The ruthlessness, selfishness & brutality we have within us, the amount of violence that is there in our every day life, all this is effected in the nature around us and very soon if man would go the way he is going, the tension he is building up because of the speed, competition and the struggle for survival, we seem to be moving towards inner death if we are not yet already. And if this is what is going to happen then we are going to have severe natural calamities. Mankind is going to have lot of diseases invaded because if the disease is inside that is going to manifest outside. Each one of us should only think, pause and look how am I living and we will know how we are going to be a few years from now, a few months from now. The speed at which the world is moving- what is going to happen to man? And lots of people are going to go INSANE. We can already see it happening. Many families we see, at least 2 people are insane or those who are managing to be sane. They are struggling to keep up their sanity. The world is moving towards disaster. If the pollution is going to increase because the kind of civilization we are in is the product of our mind and greed, then thousands are going to die out of lung diseases.


A large section of human population is going to be wiped out. That is what is in stored for man. It is not that the earth is going to become a dead planet and human race is going to be wiped out, no, but then lots and lots of people are going to die and those who are going to be left behind are going to be living is a huge graveyard and it is not a pleasant experience. Its time that one becomes serious about life, serious about ourselves, serious about our fellow human beings, serious about suffering around us. We got the gift of thinking, feeling, we can’t be dreaming and selfish any more. We have to buckle up. By the time it is 2010 then we are in for a crises. Mother earth is going to revolve. She is not going to take it on any more. The house is burning already we can’t wait any more. Today in India we can see, there is drought and to such places one of our enlightened dasas go, sit down and go into a deep state of love & compassion then it rains. Earth is aching and seeking for enlightened people. That’s what has to happen now. "



I guess my question is how many believe man can remain in this condition causing to much suffering to himself, and nature for 81,499 years?


I guess 2025 it is not that long to wait to see if her words are proven correct.




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Guest guest

One hindu research professor, in his stunning book, claims that

description of avatar found in the holy books of hindu religion is in

fact that of the prophet muhammad(s.a.w). A little while ago, in India a

fact revealing book has been published, which has been the topic of

discussions and gossip, allover the country. Amazingly the author of

this book is a fair-minded famous professor, who happens to be a Hindu. His

name is Pundit Vedaprakash Upadhai and the name of his fact revealing book

is "kalki avtar". The author is a hindu Brahmin by caste of Bengali origin.

He is a research scholar, a seeker of the truth and a well known pundit in

allahabad university. After years of research work, he published this book

and other eight pundits have endorsed and certified his points of argument

as authentic.


According to Hindu belief and their holy books, the description of the

guide and the leader, named kalki avatar, fits that of prophet

Muhammad(so.a.w)of Arabia. So the Hindus of the whole world should look

into this new information not wait any longer for the arrival of

kalki avatar (the spirit) as he already arrived 1400 years ago. The

author produces following sound evidences from the vedas and other holy

books of Hindu religion in support of his claim:-


1. In purana (a holy book of Hindus) it is stated that kalki avatar

would be the last messenger of god in this world for the guidance of the

whole world and all human beings. (according to Islam, prophet Muhammad

(s.a.w) is also considered the last messenger of god in this world who was

sent to guide all human beings).


2. According to a Hindu religion prediction, the birth of kalki

avatar,would take place in an isle which again according to Hindu

religion is Arab region.


3. In books of Hindus, the names of the father and the mother of kalki

avatar are given as vishnubhagat and sumaani respectively. if we

examine the meanings of these names we shall come to a very interesting

conclusion: take vishnubhagat vishnu (meaning god) + bhagat(meaning

slave)= slave of god Allah (god) + abd (slave in Arabic) = slave of god

(Abdullah in Arabic name of Mohammed's father) sumaani = peace or

calmness aamenah(Arabic) =peace or calmness (name of mother of prophet Muhammad



4. In religious books of Hindus, it is mentioned that the staple food

of kalki avatar would be dates and olives and he would be the most honest

and truthful person in the region. Without any doubt the prophet Muhammad

(s.a.w) is acclaimed to possess these qualities.


5. It is stated in Vedas (holy book of Hindu religion) that the birth

of kalki avatar would take place in an honorable clan. This perfectly

fits the quraysh where the prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) belonged to. (very

honorable clan for more details u can read the history of prophet(s.a.w)

to see the qualities that they possessed which made them one of the

strongest clans).


6. God would teach kalki avatar through his messenger (angel) in a

cave. Allah taught prophet Muhammad (s.a.w), through is messenger angel

jibraeel(gabreal) in a cave known as gaar-e-hiraa(a cave in mount



7. God would avail kalki avatar with a very speedy horse to ride and

travel the whole world and the seven skies. indication of

buraaque(horse) and me'raaj (the night when prophet traveled the seven skies).


8. God would also avail kalki avatar with divine help. This was

particularly proved in the battle of uhud.


9. Another dazzling account given about kalki avatar was that he would

be born on the 12th of a month. whereas the prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)was

born on the 12th of the rabiul awwal (Islamic calendar).


10. Kalki avatar would be an excellent horse rider and a swordsman.

The author here draws the attention of Hindus that the real days of horses

and swords have gone and the present time is of guns and missiles. so it

would be foolish on the part of those who still expect kalki avatar, who

should be an excellent rider and swordsman to come. in fact, the divine book,

holy qur'aan contains qualities and signs attributed to kalki avatar

reflecting on the prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). if the author of this book

were a Muslim, he could have been arrested or he could have been

murdered and all the copies of this book would have been confiscated. even a

ban would have been extended on its further publications. a riot and violence would have

broken out against innocent Muslims and their blood would have been

shed. (these are just some of the things that could have happened as Muslims

would be accused of false propaganda etc). however, these facts are

verified and supported by the eight eminent pundits. what the author and the eight other eminent pundits say is that the Hindus who are still

anxiously awaiting the arrival of kalki avatar are simply subjecting

themselves to a never ending pain.


because such a great messenger has come and departed from this world

fourteen centuries ago.


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