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  1. a vaisnava is someone who worships vishnu. some vaisnavas prefer to worship vishnu in his form of the god rama. some worship him in his half-lion-half-man form called nrsmhadeva. others prefer the other forms of vishnu. gaudiya vaisnavas follow chaitanya mahaprabhu. gaudiya means bengali. their favourite form of vishnu is krishna . the term hare krishnas was applied to members of the hare krishna movement after prabhupada took his teachings to the west in the 60s and then founded iskcon. nowadays, not all hare krishnas are iskcon members. hare krishnas are gaudiya vaisnavas. gaudiya vaisnavas believe that krishna is the origin of vishnu. most vaisnavas and hindus believe krishna comes from vishnu.
  2. there's another restaurant now (forget the name of it offhand). it's in a posh new ashram just round the corner from iskson. a bit rich, but it seems clean, and the rotis are good. i think there's a devotee who cooks and does take-aways, pizzas, packed lunches and things like that in the pepsi building. or you could buy a small gas stove and cook your own spaghetti or rice or veggies. it'd be lighter on your tummy. buy dosas in the shop on the lane opposite banke bihari. get buttermilk from near there too. mmmmmm......
  3. sat isobgol is disgusting! if you get diarea, fast and drink cokes for a couple of days.
  4. hmmm. so, do you think this could have anything to do with the fact that certain mantras (brahma gayatri/gopi bhava) are given to men only?
  5. hmmm. it must be really annoying. do you chant the maha-mantra much? sometimes if someone's talking to you and you just keep chanting they get annoyed and go away.
  6. some women have very hard and even cruel hearts. can they chant brahma gayatri mantra to help make their hearts soft? some men have very soft hearts. some men are are effminate, and some are weak. should they then not chant brahma gayatri? is it to do with anatomy? then what about intersexuals (hermaphrodites)? and again: how can any mantra meaning savitur as mahaprabhu (CC Mad 8.226p) dry a heart? what was prabhupada's reason for giving the mantra?
  7. and you, redsox, will have to find your own guru for your questoins
  8. how can any mantra meaning savitur as mahaprabhu (CC Mad 8.226p) dry a heart? what exactly causes these women's hearts to dry up?? what does dry up mean? does this suggest that the other gayatri mantras are to be continued for all time? are they? the maha mantra is, isn't it. why do they say that? maharaja said this in 1992. do his women followers still chant their brahma gayatri mantras 15 years on? redsox: i believe this was a reply to those questions... it was the conclusion of an exchange in which she had previously been instructed about this heart-hardening/drying effect.
  9. my friend's guru wrote to her about why women aren't given brahma gayatri mantra, and her guru tole her: "The nature and constitution of ladies is most favourable to render loving, sweet services, but if they engage in unfavourable practices, the effect will be reversed and they will develop opposite qualities. They will become filled with false ego and the desire to control others, and moreover, they will want to demand respect. If you want to develop all these qualities you may chant brahma gayatri." qu: why can't women chant brahma gayatri? a: because it makes them heard-hearted if they chant it during menstruation! qu: but what about women who don't menstruate (like elderly vaisnavis)? a: qu: when is a human body ever really pure then? what if a man has a sticky plaster on his finger? can he chant brahma gayatri? qu: um. what about prabhupada....?
  10. are you staying in the janakpuri math? do they rent out rooms? where is tirtha maharaja giving class?
  11. so, what's it like being controlled by love and affection? is it nice?
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