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John D`s Atomic Reactor

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At the age of 12 John Dalton(1766-1844)

became a school teacher-for a salary

of 58 shillings a week. Some of his pu-

pils were very much older than he. It

was not so much love of teaching as po-

verty that made him a school teacher,

but being the sixth child of a poor En-

glish Quaker who made little by his

work as a weaver. Teaching boys and

girls and talking through one`s self

however has its disadvantages, when one

of his pupils challenged him to a fight,

but decided not to do so by locking up

the boy in his room. No one was hurt,

but the boy`s classmates broke the win-

dows to show Dalton what they thought of


Dalton`s chief pleasure in his early

years was the study of weather and the


Starting when he was 21, he kept a diary

for 57 years in which he recorded more

than 200,000 meteorological observations.

These facinated him which made him ques-

tion what was it? A chemical compund?

Is it a mixture of gasses, like nitrogen,

oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor?

This being true, Dalton believed the be-

havior of gasses might be explained as

composed of tiny particles. In other

words of ATOMS. These changes which these

substances went through from solid to li-

quid to gas and back again could be ex-

plained as a re-arrangement of ATOMS of

each element.

In 1808, Dalton published his famous ATO-

MIC Theory. It hel that all matter is

composed of tiny ATOMS, and that all AT-

OMS of a particular element(Oxygen, for

example) are similar and of the same

weight. The atoms of gold and lead are

comparatively heavy, but those hydrogen

and helium are very light.

Dalton never married. He was so color-

blind that when he was dressed in his

role of a Doctor of Laws, he did not

know that he was breaking one of the

rules of the QUAKERS( It was forbidden

to wear red).

So, he went cheerfully up to be intro-

duced to the King, as he confessed that

red exactly looked the same to him

as green.

Inspite of worldwide fame, John Dalton,

remained poor, earning his living by

teaching. When a French scientist came

to Manchester, England to pay respects,

he expected to find Dalton installed in

a great university. Instead after a long

search., he found the English scholar

teaching a small boy(Sri Govinda) in A-



Source: The Book of Knowledge

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I agree with you Bhakta Shakta, but I personally believe Westerners have no accomplishments of their own in the medical field. That's why there are so many dark colered indians in the medical field. In fact, without Indians in America supporting their entire medical infrastructure there would be no good surgical methods here! HAHAHAHA hahaha lahalhal da.

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Yes they are good physicians.But don't ignore the special immigration laws that allow them to stay on in the USA after interning at a local hospital if they agree to set up practice in a low income area that American physicians won't work in.Too low pay.


This works out great for the USA, but is a drain on the countries the immigrants have come from.


They study in India and elsewhere and then leave depriving their past country of their valuable skills.


By the way are you guys twins?

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If an Indian sage really discovered

atomic energy, then maybe John Dal-

ton was the incarnation of that great

sage. But we must give John the recog-

nition he deserved for his experiments

that confirmed the existence of what

we know today as atomic energy.

We should not also take away from the

great sage, Chaitanya, for revealing

to us its secrets. In other words,

what comes first is the idea then af-

terwards, the realization.

Its like the Sri Krishna Chaitanya

Sankirtana movement would have not

been possible today, if it were not

for the contributions of Sanatana Gos-

wami and Rufa Goswami, the six Gos-

wamis of Vrajabhumi, Srila Nityananda,

and the rest of the troop.

We must not therefore deride the peo-

ple who contributed to this ancient

science in making our planet Earth a

better place to live, minus the pol-


Krishna consciouness is transcendental

and those who practice the art may not

have to come from India to earn a mas-

teral degree from IT.

Just because John is an English scien-

tist, does it mean he did not study

during his lifetime Krishna conscious-

ness? Although it was not recorded

that he did, his personal relationship

with God and how he was able to deal

with IT is not anymore our concern. Am

I being understood?

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First of all I would dedicate this

subject to Lord Chaitanya Mahaprab-

hu, who is the source of my wisdom.

Like Ramananda Raya, I can only

write and post messages to you from

what the Lord wants me to do: To

illuminate everyone on the science

of Krishna consciousness as far as

what my mind can do. If this were a

class, I would like therefore the

students to behave and listen well

and not try to make a mockery out of

this sensitive matter.

Try to imagine yourself being beside

a nuclear bomb or reactor. Would you

shout and laugh, while the machine

is running at speeds equal to or fas-

ter than LIGHT? That any noise and

jarring may trigger the machine to

detonate and explode?

You don`t really need to say a word af-

ter you have read its notes because

what you will contribute may only spoil

the broth.

The people I want to post on this page

are those with a degree on philosophy,

medicine, astronomy, mathematics, etc.

Because what we will be doing here

from now on is to construct a nuclear

reactor. Yes, inside this page. Once

we do that, we can power this web site

for, like a spaceship, home, Back to




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